It all began with an accusation against the ThunderClan deputy, Bluefire– also known as a former rogue by the name of Kass. The RiverClan deputy, Heronflight, scented fish remains on the RiverClan side of the border with her scent on them. Upset by this find, he immediately reported this to Wisteriastar. What he did not know was that these prey remains were planted by a warrior of their own ranks– Pantherstorm.

Wisteriastar believed in Kass’s innocence and was against the idea of accusing her of stealing RiverClan prey. However, she knew that if she did not go to speak with Hollystar herself, that her warriors may take it into their own paws. So, a small patrol went to ThunderClan camp so that the two leaders could talk peacefully with one another. But peace did not last, for a verbal accusation from a RiverClan warrior by the name of Sootstain caused a physical brawl to unleash in ThunderClan camp. This battle resulted in the death of Antlercreek, the retired ThunderClan deputy by the paws of Wisteriastar as well as a RiverClan warrior named Brightstream. 


Bad blood began to run between the two Clans because of this incident, each blaming one another for the casualties. 


However, ThunderClan and RiverClan were not the only two Clans to become at odds with each other. For Hornetstar, the ShadowClan leader, had gone to SkyClan to speak with Firestar, who had succeeded Blazestar in leadership, to claim an old favor that SkyClan owed him. Firestar found his behavior to be not only unreasonable but also insufferable. Because of this meeting, Firestar planned a patrol to intercept a ShadowClan patrol and a battle erupted– Firestar was determined not to let his Clan be overshadowed by the others. The fight between Firestar and Hornetstar cost the ShadowClan leader one of his lives. 


After these series of events, the five Clans of the Sea were to meet for the Full Moon Gathering. It was one full of tensions before it even began, for it was becoming evident to the Clan Leaders that their Clans were dividing. ThunderClan and RiverClan were at odds, and somehow, even though SkyClan and ShadowClan had just recently fought, the battle resulted in respect between the two leaders, leaving the two Clans closer than before. Wolfstar, the WindClan leader, decided that it was time to propose a change to Warrior Code. He wanted to allow Medicine Cat apprentices to have a mate and kits if their mentor was still able to work in their role in the Clan. Hollystar did not hesitate to agree with him, as ThunderClan and WindClan had always been close, but Wisteriastar was not so placid. She loudly disagreed with him and what was supposed to be a peaceful suggestion resulted in a hostile argument between the WindClan and RiverClan Leaders. The gathering soon ended on bad terms.


Once they returned to their own homes, the Clan Leaders understood that peaceful times were coming to an end and it was time to form alliances against an inevitable war. Hollystar and Wolfstar met with their deputies, Bluefire and Desertrose to discuss the relations that were clearing rising between the ShadowClan leader, Hornetstar, and the RiverClan leader, Wisteriastar, as well as Firestar’s involvement in what they may or may not be planning. ThunderClan and WindClan were quickly beginning to figure out that something, or someone, was planning wrongdoing in RiverClan and that something must be done before it was too late.


Having made up his mind, Wolfstar made his way to RiverClan to speak with Wisteriastar. In their discussion, he told her of his suspicions of her son, Pantherstorm, and that he was likely trying to cause chaos for the Clans. But Wisteriastar did not want to listen to the possibility that her own kin may be scheming to destroy the foundation of their lives, and had rejected Wolfstar in a fit of rage. The WindClan leader reacted to the outburst with one of his own– a declare of war.


Things were moving fast, far too fast for any of them to really understand. Wolfstar did not have time to plan a proper battle strategy for WindClan or ThunderClan, for Wisteriastar ambushed his dawn patrol the next sunrise with a fleet of RiverClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan warriors. Clearly outnumbered, Wolfstar called for his alliance with Hollystar to come to their aid. 


The war raged on, with many casualties. Warriors were wounded, battered, exhausted, and some even dead and missing. Smokewisp, the ShadowClan deputy, was among one of those who had not been found. Hollystar, ThunderClan’s leader, pushed herself to the brink of collapse in all of the fighting and Wolfstar lost one of his lives to the claws of Hornetstar, who was desperate to escape the battlefield in search of Wisteriastar. 


The battle came to a screeching halt once the RiverClan leader returned to the battle grounds in horror, laying her eyes upon the dead body of her son Pantherstorm. Having lost her will to fight, Wisteriastar called the war to an end and demanded they disperse. The five Clans did so, and although the source of what had initially caused all of this was now gone, it would not be so soon that things returned to normal.

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