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You owe me an explanation.

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    Rainysky slipped into Wisteriastar’s den as prompted by her summons, which had taken the form of a very nervous apprentice. The little cat had choked out the message and needed a moment to take a breather before turning to their duties.


    Fresh raindrops gilded his silver fur in a shimmering translucent veil which threw light in many directions upon the den walls as he entered. The brief light that he erupted when his body parted the overhang of moss cut off sharply as it fell back into place, plunging them into a gloomy darkness. Unease crept up The Medicine Cat like ivy. What news did she have that was only for him?


    He glanced around the small nest room, trying not to recall just how unfortunately their most recent one-on-one had ended. He’d paid his dues, surely no more punishment would come?


    I’ve been trying my best lately.


    “You asked to see me, Wisteriastar?” His voice came out unusually high, but otherwise even.

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    – W I S T E R I A S T A R –

    She had been waiting. Not for too long, though, since the RiverClan leader had asked of a warrior to fetch Rainysky for her. They did not ask her any questions as to why she wanted to speak with her Medicine Cat, after all it wasn’t particularly uncommon for leaders and healers to speak privately with one another concerning certain matters. Time had not passed for too long before the trilling voice of Rainysky came from the mouth of her den. One of her tattered ears flicked at the sound. Was his voice higher than it usually was? Was he perhaps nervous to speak with her? 

    Not like she could blame him, given how their last conversation had ended. 

    “Come in,” she told him, though she remained unmoving from where she laid comfortably in her nest. After all, the expecting queen figured that her medicine cat would likely deem her kits’ comfort above polite protocol. She waited as she silver tom entered her den before she met his green gaze with her sharp amber eyes. Deciding that there would be no point in stumbling around this talk, she went straight for the punch. “I wanted to speak with you about our last encounter. What was it that happened with you? That episode, I mean.”


    She was direct, he’d give her that.


    Rainysky sucked a quickie breath, as if he’d been punched, as her words targeted the unspoken discomfort that lay between them. It recoiled from her probing like a night-dwelling creature exposed to light. Making his insides squirm and his paws shake. He desperately wanted to turn and flee rather than explain himself…and yet, where could he go?


    He decided he was being silly. Knowing this, however, did not lessen his anxiety.


    “I…” His mouth had suddenly gone dry. “I was scared.” The tom admitted finally, in a small voice. His tone was young sounding. Like a kitten caught red-pawed.


    “I was worried I’d…I’d get in trouble about what happened. I don’t know why. But I thought I should hide it.” Suddenly he could not meet her gaze. The shame clawing at his belly was unlike any he’d ever known. Before, for his father, he had only ever experienced fear. It was never anything but terror that had driven him to achieve the highs he had. Though he found now that there was…something else. Something warm and soft prompting a newfound desire to be better for Wisteriastar. It’s lack of harshness was frighteningly enticing. It had to be fake, this gentleness. He dared not trust it. “It’s…it’s how it’s always been, I knew it was wrong but I was more afraid of how you’d react. I was being stupid. If you’ve decided a punishment, I’ll gladly take it.” At these words he lifted his pale sea foam eyes to her fiery ones in a desperate plea to be back in her good graces, if indeed he’d ever been there to begin with.


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