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    W I S T E R I A S T A R

    • RiverClan Leader •

    Art by Jetstreamdraws

    Parents★Jetstream(father), Poppyblood(mother)
    Siblings★four, deceased
    Life Stock (★★★★★★★☆☆)
    first life: protection, given by Blazemoon (lost in the flood)
    second life: patience, given by Mallowleaf (lost in childbirth)
    Apprentice★Sloepaw//Crabshell(previous), Fishtail(previous)

    Birthday★November 2nd
    Age★5 years old
    Mate★Hornetstar // Tunnelstar(previous), Brightfoot(previous)
    Kits★Forestmask, Foxspice, Coppercloud, Sagefrost, Pantherstorm, Koipetal, Sorrelember, Fennelkit, Rowankit, Waspkit,
    Scent★sweet, floral
    Personality★Wisteria is strong-minded and strict– she bears an overbearing sense of presence, leaving her to be a fierce and commanding figure to her Clan. She also holds immeasurable sensibility and compassion for others, giving her a strong sense of kindness. While she is generous, she has a high distaste to those that cannot follow her commands and usually regards her clanmates with the highest of her expectations.
    Skills★A strong warrior, clever fighter and fierce in battle.
    Appearance★Calico, thick-furred, predominantly white with splashes of color. Her eyes are orange and her body is sleek and muscular in resemblance to her rogue parents.
    Voice Reference★Yoko Somi, Olivier Armstrong

    Other Relations★Rainstar(former RC leader, close friend), Heronflight(RC deputy, life long friend), Kass(TC deputy, acquaintance) Saplingskies(SC medicine cat, best friend)


    Wisteriastar is the sole surviving kit of Jetstream’s. She abandoned the life of a rogue and took to RiverClan, wishing to live her life peacefully with her Clan. Although she is haunted by her family’s history, she chooses to use her battle strength to protect the ones she loves. She was made deputy under Rainstar’s leadership and later succeeded them in leadership of RiverClan. Her first act as leader was guiding her Clan through the hardship of the storm that flooded their camp, which resulted in their temporary evacuation of their territory. She lost her first life rescuing her daughter, Sorrelember, from the floodwaters.
    Then, she began an affair with the ShadowClan leader, Hornetstar, which later left her pregnant with his kits– knowledge that was left very limited within their circle of close friends. War had been declared on the Clans and battle was coming, at the stake of the life of her son, Pantherstorm. She was unable to be there for him in his final moments, as she was giving birth to her next litter, one that cost her one of her lives. 

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