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    WindClan’s main home is still with the rolling hills and grassy meadows they’ve always loved. They keep a distance between themselves and the ocean, but have also chosen to live near a small lake, which they frequent on hot summer days.

    WindClan have found themselves a cozy home in an abandoned two-leg cabin. While many of the other clans think them crazy for it, the cats find that while the walls provide shelter, the roof that fell many years ago (due to age and weather damage) gives the WindClanners the perfect, safe spot to sleep beneath the stars.

    ▸While the building may be slowly falling apart with time, most of the brick structure has stayed intact, completely safe from the wrath of wind and rain. A small hole in the main door is guarded 24/7, and used as the camps entrance. Once inside, you’ll find that nature has certainly run its course. Thick vines and flowering bushes have taken over the once brick and wood decked cabin. Dens are made inside of these bushes, or in the two rooms still accessible by small entrances in the floor. A kill pile is kept in a place free from rain or wind, underneath a small Overhang that once was used for extra storage. This nook is where the Leader makes their announcements and sleeps. The Medicine Den is located at the back of the cabin where a kitchen once was. Herbs are stored in old drawers and cabinets. A path has been carved out of the floor and out the back of the house to provide safe, running, clean water for the cats.

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