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    mahon [owl]


    Blinking in shock as Nettlenose gave them a rushed command, the feline nodded and nudged the leader with her muzzle, turning him over to his belly. The pretty molly took a few steps back so that the medicine cat could have room to help the leaders. Giving a side-glance to Toxicshard, the tri-coloured feline watched silently, heart beating quickly against her ribcage. Though the feline had witnessed death, both in battles and sickness and more recently in Coalpaw, she had never seen a leader lose one of their lives. Despite the knowledge that they would come back, it was still frightening. Her eyes wandered up to the thunderclan cats before landing on Briarstep. He was a young tom, probably recently made into a warrior, so Palebriar couldn’t help but feel the need to comfort him. Hoping he would catch her eyes, she gave him a comforting blink before returning her focus back to Wolfstar. The feline flattened her ears when their leader gasped wildly before returning back to his previous state. He’s losing another life!? She opened her jaws to speak but nothing came out.

    A mix of anger and surprised rushed through the pretty feline when Kass pushed the medicine cat out of the way. “Insult Nettlenose one more time,” Palebriar growled, her fur bristling in anger. She could not understand why thunderclan would allow such a disrespectful rogue to stay with them. Though there was some truth to Kass’s words, the flowers being the cause of death, Palebriar could not accept such rudeness towards their medicine cat. The feline hesitated when she noticed the rogue’s sadness towards her leaders’ death, realizing there were some true feelings there. She doesn’t know. Unwilling to speak up about the case of the nine lives, Palebriar could only watch as Kass began to walk away.

    Jumping in shock, the warrior glanced down when she heard two voices. They both warned about the flowers, causing her pale blue gaze to turn and stare at the bush to two leaders had fallen into. Glancing at the thunderclan warriors as they spoke, Palebriar nodded along. “Good idea.” She murmured softly, glancing at Nettlenose. With Wolfstar weak and exhausted, the medicine cat would be the one giving orders. “Toxicshard and I can carry him back to camp.” Palebriar offered. Though she wasn’t the strongest feline, she would do anything to help her clanmates and that gave her strength. Wordlessly, she blinked a goodbye to the thunderclan warriors, purposefully avoiding Kass’s gaze before turning to Wolfstar and nudging his side with her nose softly. “Goldenrose will be glad you’re okay.” She whispered, unaware the two were officially mates.



    Everything seemed to freeze all at once as Wolfstar gave a far different reaction from what she was expecting of him. Rather than vomiting and showing signs of sluggish improvement, she saw the pain that tightened in his limbs as something seized within him again, the weak mew of pain from Hollystar behind her whistling through her ears and chilling her to her core. Her veins ran cold as she realized something she had done must have been wrong, though in this moment of panic she could not muster what it had been, her round green eyes staring down with horror at the fading look in her parent’s gaze.

    The medicine cat did not have long to stand in terror, for she was shoved aside by Kass, and this was perhaps what she needed despite the action being rude. The cream colored molly blinked, her eyes flashing to the vomit that Wolfstar expelled as he seemed to recover from the second jolt, and croaked out what had been the cause of his relapse, confirmed by a hoarse crow from Thunderclan’s leader. The plant. The thing she had given to cure them had instead worsened their condition, brought upon a wasted life, two leaders wasting a precious breath due to her incompetence.

    Oh…Oh, Wolfstar, I’m so sorry…” Nettlenose croaked, her voice cracking softly as she forced back tears, horrified that she had brought such pain upon her own kin. She had failed at her job, at her position as a healer for her clan, failed to protect their own leader, rushed herself and been caught by something that had seemed so obvious to everyone else. The feline opened her maw to give some other apology, but couldn’t find the words, stepping forth and pressing her nose into the tom’s fur, drinking in the scent his pelt gave off and taking in the warmth that signified he was still alive and here with them. Slowly, she turned to face the warriors that had come along on the patrol, their mixed expressions of anguish, anger, and concern. She couldn’t imagine what they must think of her in this moment, but knew she had to push forward. For, despite this mishap, she was still the medicine cat, and had two weak cats at her paws.

    Water.” Nettlenose instructed, keeping as firm a tone as she could, for she wasn’t sure if they would even follow her orders after she had just poisoned Wolfstar and Hollystar. “I need someone to collect water, and someone to keep watch over these two. The rest can accompany me to quickly gather some herbs that will ensure their strength until we can get them safely back to their camps. For now, I need to be certain they’re in stable condition to move about, they’re both very weak after such an experience.” 

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