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    {Whisperingkit, Whisperingpaw}

    ~Meaning of Name~

    Whispering: The night she was born the breeze was whispering past the grass and leaves, which caused her mother to name her Whispering.

    Howl: Due to her abrasive and aloof attitude.




    May 17th, 2017

    {25 moons}



    ~Voice of Reference~

    Katniss Everdeen (Jenifer Lawerence)







    {Former: UP for grabs}



    Honeysuckle and dew grass


    Fast reflexes




    ⇑is a turtle (introverted type). She enjoys her solitude, preferring time alone in the woods to crowds and prolonged social interaction.  She spends a lot of time inside her head associating objects or settings with memories and impressions. To her patience and knowledge is key when it comes to survival as well as relying on her clan mates, but maybe just not for socializing. She would rather take a step back and observe those around her than be in the center of attention. Would rather claw her own eyes out than stand before others never mind talk to them

    She tends to have a dry sense of humor, a defense mechanism when she feels exposed or when she is anxious due to a situation. Whispering is also a realist, not a dreamer. She likes facts; not opinions. She is able to distance herself during certain times but there are times even she can not control her emotions; which results in outbursts before she regains herself once more. Likes to see the bigger picture and loves to do things herself unless it can not be helped. 

    With her not being the warmest when it comes to social interactions, her weakness is perceiving emotions of others when she barely reveals her own. With her being quick on her paws and able to remain calm during stressful situations gives her an edge if she were ever needed to go into battle to protect her clan. she is concrete and realistic and willing to achieve her desired results using the most effective means available, whether or not socially approved. Yet those who break through her defenses on befriending her will learn that she is caring in her own way, just maybe in a form of tough love.⇓


    ⇑Whisperinghowl is a medium sized she-cat with a slender yet muscular build. Her pelt is thick and long-furred. The main color covering the feline is ink black with an off white along the bridge of her nose, chest, and tips of her toes. Her eyes are a haunting apricot orange.⇓



    ⇑Mother: {Open for grabs}

    Father: {Open for grabs}⇓



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