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    Snowpaw was well aware that she shouldn’t be out and about by her lonesome. Especially when the moon was ascending into the sky, and when the shimmering lights of silver pelt, were gracing themselves into the darkening sky above. It was nearing dusk, and being out alone, especially when one was as white as the snow that blanketed the earth in leaf-bare, was a dangerous gambit.

    More so when you were as petite as Snowpaw, for she could easily be lifted off into the sky by a large bird of prey, such as a decently sized owl, but at the moment she could care less about such perils. She had gone to seek out her mother, when her mentor, Goldenrose had proclaimed she was going to have kits. Snowpaw was gripped in the throes of excitement, and she couldn’t wait to relay this wonderful piece of information to her mother.

    However no matter where she looked within the confides of the camp, she couldn’t find her mother. She had spoken with many of her denmates, and they had helped her search, but to no avail. Eventually they grew exhausted and retired to the apprentice den for the night.

    Leaving Snowpaw on her own to search, she hadn’t bothered the other warriors, or spoken to the deputy, or to Wolfstar or even Goldenrose about not being able to locate her mother. She figured that her mother might just be out for some late day hunting. However as her clanmates began to turn in, and she was left in her nest too worried to sleep, she slipped out and left the camp.

    As she searched, she called for her mother into the chilly night air, “Mother!” She weaved through the grass, standing out against the green blades, her pelt harshly contrasting against them. So much so that in this light one might mistake her for a Starclan cat, prowling through the territory they once walked upon while they were alive. However a closer examination would reveal she is indeed flesh and bone, and still very much alive.

    As it grew darker, she called out more and more frantically. Until something caught her eyes and she went over to investigate. Once she arrived at the object that caught her attention, her stomach churned, her blood turned cold, and she felt as though her heart had stopped. Her mouth went dry and her eyes began to burn with tears.

    Before her, illuminated by the silvery pale light of the moon, was a dark red stain, long since dried, and clumps of fur scattered about, she even discovered an ear tip among the balls of fluff. It bore the same color as her mother’s fur and though it was faint, she could smell the scent of her mother as clear as day.

    Snowpaw let out a grief stricken wail, as she crumpled to the ground, and curled up in a shivering ball of sorrow. She cried for her mother until her lungs ached as if they’d collapse too. Even though she couldn’t see any traces of her mother’s body, she assumed she must be dead.

    There was just so much blood. She was certain that given the fact there was just so much, her mother must be deceased and in Starclan with her father. She was alone now, her father and mother were gone. Through her woes, Snowpaw was blinded to one odd striking piece of information, she didn’t ever pick up on the scent of what killed her mother.



    Goldenrose ~ WindClan Queen 

    Silent as a night owl, the feline stayed to the shadows as she followed six feet behind the young feline that had caught her attention. Goldenrose had noticed the small white and grey apprentice slipping out of camp, her bright pelt didn’t exactly help camouflage herself. Bright green eyes were trailing every move the young she-cat made, even though Goldenrose would soon be heavy with kits.. she was still the mentor and now guardian of the young she-cat. Her apprentice. Her responsibility. Snowpaw was the only one who knew about her being pregnant, since Snowpaw and Goldenrose had grown very close in the past few moons it wasn’t difficult for Snowpaw to notice her own behavior changing. However.. tonight was not to be celebrated. Snowpaw’s Mother has recently disappeared, it hadn’t been a shock to a lot of felines.. she had grown distant, even from her only kit. 

    Goldenrose did not like that the search had been called short, but everyone knew that Frostfall was close to leaving, if not physically but spiritually. Nostrils flared as she took in a deep breath, of course her apprentice made of fire and ice would not stop the search for her mother. She was stubborn but brave. Snowpaw was much too small to be out and about on her own at night, owls would particularly find her appetizing. Although.. Goldenrose did not want to ruin the courage that Snowpaw was currently displaying in continuing the search on her own, even though she disobeyed her leader. For now.. Goldenrose would keep an eye on her apprentice from a distance. Dainty paws were carefully placed as she kept quiet, making sure to gently part the grass with her snout, her paws gently digging into the sound ground. Rain and the humidity that clung to the air had made the dirt soft, although dark clouds were gathered in the night sky, threatening to hide the stars and moon from sight. 

    Rumbles of thunder caused the white and rose gold patched feline to sigh inwardly, the rain was a bad omen. The scent of Frostfall would be completely wiped clean from the land of the moors.. giving Snowpaw no hope of finding her mother. However, her scent glands suddenly caused the fur along her spine to stand up, the metallic tang in the air was recognizable. Blood.. and a lot of it. Soon after her ears laid flat against her head at the high pitched scream that left Snowpaws delicate mouth, causing her steps to quicken to a jog. Please let Snowpaw be alright. She thought silently to herself, silently cursing herself for letting Snowpaw get so far ahead of her. Hurriedly slipping through the tall grass, she spotted Snowpaw four feet to her left, standing in a small clearing where the grass had been disturbed and flattened. Ears pinned back against her head as she slowed her pace to a slow walk. Snowpaw was fine.. Frostfall was not. The scent was weak behind the stench of blood and death, but the tenderness of Frostfalls scent was still evident. 

    Snowpaw’s wails were tearing at her heart and stomach, but she knew she needed to let the young she-cat grief on her own for a few moments before she would be faced with her mentor. Bright green eyes shifted from looking at the pained expression of the other young feline, but staring at the blood stained grass and the blood soaked dirt. So much of it.. and yet there was no body. A massacre. The breath seemed to be knocked out of Goldenrose’s lungs, her pupils narrowing with the realization that all of what she was looking at was the only evidence left of Frostfall. Slowly her chin turned for her face to force her eyes to look at Snowpaw, hesitating slightly before she slowly took a step towards her apprentice. “Snowpaw.. Snowpaw look at me, honey.” She spoke softly, Warriors were used to war and death. Apprentice and kits were not.. it was a gruesome life. “Shhhh… Snowpaw I’m here.” She smiled softly, keeping her voice soft and calm, while slowly moving towards Snowpaw. She didn’t want to spook the young she-cat, nor did she want to be pushed away.. Snowpaw needed her, even if she didn’t know it. 


    Snowpaw didn’t startle at the thunder over head, nor did she even wince at the sound of an owl’s distant hooting. She was too absorbed in her grief to notice much of anything.

    Her mother had gone and left her all alone. How could she just go and leave her like this? When she wasn’t even a warrior yet? Her mother was supposed to be here and watch her grow into a warrior, but she wasn’t here anymore.

    She hadn’t even noticed being followed, so when a voice reached through to her in her grief she flinched. Her fur becoming ruffled and her head snapping up out of her paws.

    She hadn’t been expecting to hear a voice, yet even though it did startle her, she found it soothing. It didn’t take her long to figure out why, when her eyes located her mentor Goldenrose, Snowpaw stared sorrowfully at her.

    Snowpaw’s body trembled as she shakily pushed herself up, she then rushed over to Goldenrose without hesitation and buried her face into her side.

    “She’s gone! Mama’s gone…she left me. She left me all alone…” She whimpered muffledly into her fur. “Why? Did she really miss daddy that much, that she wanted to be with him, more than me?” 




    Goldenrose ~ WindClan Queen 

    She blinked in surprise as she watched the small bundle of grey and white furred apprentice rush towards her without a second thought, her small face pressed into her white and rose gold patched fur. Frowning faintly for a moment as her bright green eyes flickered towards the bloody mess of grass that lay just before them. “Oh Snowpaw..” She whispered softly, looking down at her apprentice while her long tail curled to the side, gently resting along Snowpaw’s back. “Your mother… took the loss of your father pretty hard.” She whispered softly, her voice gentle and soothing as she lowered her chin and gentle rasped her tongue over the smaller females forehead. 

    “Others take the loss of a loved one differently, your mother tried so hard to be strong for you. But I don’t..” Goldenrose hesitated slightly before she turned her chin for her eyes to glance towards the bloody grass before she started speaking once more. “I don’t think your mother planned on leaving you anytime soon, Snowpaw.” She said softly, her nose gently lowered to press against the small ear of her apprentice. Pupils narrowing faintly, “Your mother was clearly attacked.. we need to get back to camp and report this to Wolfstar.” She said softly, lifting her head to where she was now looking around, ears perked upright while her whiskers twitched, becoming fully alert to their surroundings. 


    Snowpaw wept onto Goldenrose’s soft, warm and comforting fur. It was so inviting and soothing, close to how the fur of her mother felt. She could almost imagine that this fur belonged to her mother, almost.

    After weeping for what felt like moons, but in reality was only a few minutes, Snowpaw craned her head upwards to stare into the gentle green eyes of her mentor. 


    “I… I don’t smell anything else except her. I don’t know what could have…” She swallowed thickly, keeping down a sob.


    “I don’t know what could have done all this, especially to my mom. It’s not fair Goldenrose, she didn’t do anything bad.” She sniffled and brushed a paw over her face, feeling lost and confused.


    It was then that a distant, ghastly sounding noise echoed across the moor. A choked up and strangled, yet subdued cry of fright ejected from the apprentice’s vocals. She pressed herself as closely to Goldenrose as she could.


    “W-What wa-was that?” She whispered breathlessly, with a fearful mew.


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