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    Thunderclans Peachy Princess 

    Yuck All this mud is so gross!! Mud surrounded the She cats paws, sloshing around with every step. Her pelt weighed down by the water, blue eyes tinted with a red layer from lack of sleep. The pitter-patter of tiny paws trailing behind her, two kits from the nursery had been coughing restlessly for two nights straight, their mother refusing to let Peachpaw take them until she saw just how bad they were, Poor little things. Peachpaw had a certain soft spot for the young kits, their tiny mews of complaining that they were too tired to walk, stopping the feline in her tracks. A sigh escaping her lips, for a normal cat it wasn’t a long walk to her den but for the small sickly kits it must have seen like miles with all this terrible weather. She stared at the kits for what seemed to be forever her mind trying to figure out how to carry both the kittens she surely couldn’t leave just one out here in the cold alone.

    With the rainy conditions most felines were huddled up in dens together for warmth or out hunting for what little food the forest would offer them at this time. Accepting defeat Peachpaw went to the only cat she knew was still in camp, Kass, just the thought of the smooth talking rouge was enough to cause Peachpaws blood to boil, shaking her head quickly the molly pushed any negative thoughts aside Now is not the time. Her pale pink nose touched the small heads of the kits, “Wait right here, I’ll fetch someone to help carry you” Her quiet voice was always a soothing feature for her patients and hopefully would be enough to reassure the young ones as her paws swiftly carried her stunt frame into the leaders den, bursting in without hesitating, “Kass, I need your help!” hoping the She cat would follow her, her tail turned as she raced out.

    Returning to the kits she pulled one close to her, pushing the other one to Kass once she arrived, “Carry her!” Peachpaw voice was stern, she wasn’t asking. It was common knowledge Peachpaw didn’t like Kass but she knew she could count on her when it really mattered. Without another word the molly trotted away to her den, setting the kit into her own nest which was the driest spot in the den.

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