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    Wolfstar could not get to ThunderClan fast enough. It was not only the last Clan they had to visit before finally going home, but after hearing about the battle between ThunderClan and RiverClan from Wisteriastar he didn’t want to waste any time. Unlike with the other leaders, Wolfstar felt a connection to Hollystar that was almost like mentor and apprentice. He was older and wiser with more experience, but she reminded him of himself and it made it easy to get along with her. They also met once a moon to talk and keep their alliance, but their next meeting wasn’t until the next moon. Therefore, he wouldn’t have heard about the battle until the Gathering of the Clans. 

    The WindClan leader looked Nettlenose over as soon as they got to ThunderClan’s territory, hoping she was doing alright and still alert. Their journey had been a long one, and now that they were finally close to the end, he began to feel his own exhaustion. He was pleased to see his daughter was still doing alright, and he gave her shoulder a comforting lick. “I know talking about that horrific omen so many times is tough, and I’m proud of you. You are a fantastic medicine cat, Nettlenose.” His blue eyes blinked with love for his ginger daughter who looked so much like her mother. She also had the sweet and caring side that Cremefur had.

    Once they were at the ThunderClan camp, Wolfstar and Nettlenose pushed through the entrance. He looked around, spotting Hollystar instantly. It was obvious the ThunderClan camp had been invaded. Most of the cats were injured like the RiverClan warrior’s, cobwebs covering their wounds as well as poultices. A couple of warrior’s were patching up dens and part of the border that surrounded the camp, no doubt from the battle. It was a good sign, however, to see the black-furred leader in the camp which meant she wasn’t too injured. He felt relief and he padded towards the she-cat, dipping his head in a greeting. “Hollystar, hello. I heard about the battle with RiverClan.” He looked around to see if Kass was nearby, wondering how she had fared during the whole thing as well. After Goldenrose had yelled at him for judging the rogue she-cat too much, he decided to give the rogue another chance for judgement. His mate was right in the fact that Kass, now apparently Bluefire, probably needed a little more time adjusting to the ways of the Clan’s and their behavior. “I hope you and everyone else is well. If there’s anything you need don’t hesitate to ask. But for right now, there’s something urgent we need to discuss. Can you have Peachblossom join in your den to talk? It involves all the Clans.” He hoped the she-cat would agree without hesitation, not knowing how she felt at the moment after being attacked in her own home.


    Nettlenose had found a rhythm in their journey, the way her paws hit against the earth resonating its own tune with nature’s own sounds. The melodic sounds around them as they traveled were nice, as they gave the medicine cat an almost hypnotic opportunity to think, her mind preoccupied with numerous things as they traveled what was almost the last leg of their journey. She knew that this was the trip her father must be looking forward to the most, as he showed a closeness to ThunderClan’s leader that didn’t compare to the other clans.

    As they paused outside ThunderClan’s camp, her little trance broke, a smile forming on her lips as she felt her father’s tongue swipe comfortingly against her. She took the chance to look the tom over as he gave her praising words, equally impressed with him. Though the tom was growing older in his years and this journey must be a pain for him as well, she knew the leader would never let it show. “Its thanks to your guidance.” She hummed in response to him, gently butting her head into his shoulder.

    Head holding high, she followed Wolfstar as they entered the camp, and her round emerald eyes trained curiously around. She was looking to see if they were injured as RiverClan had been, since they had apparently recently battled, and found that this was indeed true. Several cats around the camp had wounds, though as they approached Hollystar she found that the she-cat wasn’t in terrible shape. But…

    Her chest gave a small pang as she stared at ThunderClan’s leader. Instantly she was reminded of the time she had accidentally poisoned both her and Wolfstar  by giving them a false herb, but she forced herself away from the thought. They weren’t here about that. Instead, she dipped her head in a friendly manner to the she-cat, hoping she would receive no judgement of the omen she would deliver based on her former mistakes. 


    A day had passed since the battle with Wisteriastar. Hollystar had gone to Peachblossom for her initial treatment, but hadn’t decided to go back yet; she wanted to make sure the rest of the clan was healed before she was. She had eight lives left- her clanmates only had one. Her shoulder ached immensely, probably due to the fact that she still went out hunting earlier in the day. Most of the clan had injuries, some minor, some more involved, and Hollystar felt like she personally needed to make sure the fresh-kill pile had some food in it. 

    The Thunderclan leader was momentarily resting on Large Log, when she suddenly scented something foreign. Initially, panic swept over her. Was Riverclan already back for more? She wouldn’t let Wisteriastar overpower her this time! Antlercreek’s death would be avenged! But the intruding scent was that of fish and water. It was of the moor. Windclan! she thought. Relief swept over the molly. Wolfstar was always welcomed in her camp. The black she-cat leapt from her perch, cringing slightly as she landed and pain shot down her leg. 

    Hollystar made her way to the camp entrance to greet the tom and his patrol when they arrived, but it was just Wolfstar and Nettlenose. “Greetings, Wolfstar!” she meowed, “and hello Nettlenose,” she meowed. Flashbacks of losing her first life played through the leader’s mind. The Windclan Medicine Cat had fed Hollystar and Wolfstar the wrong herb, and both of them lost lives. However, Hollystar didn’t hold anything against Nettlenose for what happened. “Thunderclan is doing well after the battle. We have some injuries, but most of us will be fine by the end of the moon,” she meowed. The only serious injury was Dreamfeather. A pang of sadness hit the she-cat And Antlercreekshe thought sorrowfully. She would inform Wolfstar of that in private. “Thank you for your offer, though. Of course we can talk in my den,” she meowed, looking around for the Medicine Cat. Peachblossom has been very busy since the battle, but I will try to find her and see if she can talk. I hope everything is okay,” she meowed nervously. It involves all the clans? What could it mean?


    Round paper thin ears twitched as the sound of her name reached them, “Hollystar?” She mewed. Nose poking out from her den to see what all the comotiom has been about. The familiar pelts of Windclan falling into her gaze, Nettlenose! During their stay in Thunderclan Peachblossom had grown rather found of the Windclan healer and her apprentice Startledcrow. Finding her second wind the short molly bounded towards the group of higher ups, “Nettlenose, Wolfstar.” Greeting the two felines, taking notice that Startledcrow wasn’t among them, probably stuck on camp duty for doing something stupid, she snickered to herself.

    Getting over her initial excitement about seeing another healer Peachblossom took a moment to read the air, sensing something much more important needed to be discussed.  Her gaze shifting to solely Nettlenose, “What’s wrong?” The tone in her voice dropping.

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