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Warm Welcome (Rook/Saff)

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    Rookfall – SkyClan Deputy

    Every morning, Rookfall liked to check up on the Clan. He didn’t have to. It wasn’t really part of being a deputy, but as the leader’s second in command, he liked to have an ear on every cat. He wanted to hear their concerns, their fears, their joys…He wanted to be the kind of cat everyone could rely on, like Firestar and Blazestar. He felt he had so much to learn with so little time. That morning, he assigned everyone their patrols and duties for the day, and he led a border patrol. He needed to get out of camp. He wanted to feel something familiar. He used to love border patrols as a warrior.

    The patrol got his blood pumping and cleared his mind of the stress impeding on his new life. Tomorrow, he would have lunch with Firestar. It scared him to death. What would he do today? He could go visit the Queens. He could see Ashenkit while he was at it. Then, he stopped short. Ashenkit was Ashenpaw now. That was right. How could he forget? He just wasn’t used to seeing her all grown up. It tugged at his heart and smiled sadly. No, he couldn’t visit the Nursery today. Elders? They would nag his ears off. Finally, his green eyes skimmed over the medicine cat’s den.

    Was Saffrongaze awake? Would she even be happy to see him? Nerves swarmed his heart, but eventually, he took the leap. Rookfall’s black and white fur blended into the darker, warmer space as he slipped into the rocky outcropping. It was dry in here and smelled strongly of herbs. He had only been here a pawful of times, and each time was due to injury or illness. “Saffrongaze?” Rookfall called into the den. He stood by the entrance, the milky morning light streaming in behind him. His green eyes were bright and searching for the she-cat. “It’s Rookfall.”

    “Destiny isn't a path any cat follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks loudest. Listen to your heart, because that's where your true destiny lies.”
    - Leafpool


    Saffrongaze sat within her den, teaching her newfound apprentice, Speckledpaw, the ways of the Medicine cat. She then noticed her den needed a good cleaning so, after the lessons, she and Speckled got to straighten up. It took some time but the medicine cat’s den was spick and span. Saffrongaze gave a small purr then dismissed Speckledpaw so she could get a break and something to eat. She noticed Rookfall at the entrance of the Den as Speckled left then padded over with a smile. “Rookfall, blessings upon you! Come, join me, Speckledpaw and I got some fresh water from the stream.” She offered, her tail swishing behind her.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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