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    Snarlingbadger ~ ThunderClan Warrior

    He kept his forehead gently rested against her own, Peachpaw’s sweet and tender scent making its way through his flared nose as he purred. Her voice was soft when she spoke, her temper was still flaring as her cream and peach colored pelt was flared with unease, however she didn’t pull away from him. This somehow made him calm and lighten the heavy weight in his heart as he slowly opened his pale yellow eyes to find that her own were closed for the moment. Once her head pulled back in order to peer up at him, her eyes were glazed with worry as she spoke.

    Snarlingbadger had never seen Peachpaw so upset, or worried for that matter, over anything, least of all him. Seeing this made him smile softly as he gazed down at the small molly, she certainly had a soft place in his heart. Giving a nod and rough grunt, he leaned his face to gently stroke at her face with his nose, flattening the fur that stuck up from her temper. Do not worry so much, my little peach. Everything will be just fine. He wanted to comfort her with his words, however without a tongue his words would be muddled and confused, lifting his head from her face. He was drastically taller than Peachpaw but some reason he just loved that about her, with just how different they seemed to be. 

    Upon hearing her speak about how she needed him, his purr got louder and just that much more rougher as he lowered his big head and gently nuzzled his face into the soft crook of her neck floof, a soft sigh being released from his parted lips. He wasn’t sure how Peachpaw had meant it, but she had no idea what exactly she was doing to him. She was two years younger than her was and she already had him wrapped around her tail without even realizing it. Slowly he lifted his head back up, shoulders taunt from leaning down for so long; lifting a big paw up as he gently pressed his paw pad against her fluffy chest, touching where her heart would be. Then moving the same big paw as he gently pressed it against his own chest, over his heart. You mean a great deal to me as well, Peachpaw. He grunted, eyes soft but sad. 


    Thunderclans Peachy Princess 

    The shirt molly giggled as the tom fixed her fur, it was such a small gesture but to her it spoke a million words. Peachpaw knew deep down the tom would be alright without here but she still couldn’t help worry, what if the tribe can’t understand him? He needs me, I’m the only one who can translate exactly what he means. Even to herself she thought she sounded crazy but the apprentice couldn’t help it, she wanted to be needed by the tom. 

    Her eyes were soft, breathing finally slowed, her mind calming down. Their future would be fine, they would make it work. Peachpaw purred loudly as the tom touched her heart then his own, again small gestures go a long way when it comes to them. Swallowing hard the molly pressed into him again, “oh Honey, I don’t want you to go but if you absolutely must I’ll be here, waiting. Always” Peachpaw words were true, it didn’t matter how long he was gone, the apprentice would wait for his return. 

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