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Unexpectedly Heavy Steps [Smoke & Auburn]

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    Smokewisp shuffled about the camp, finding herself surprisingly out of breath.

    Starclan, what’s happening to me,‘ she silently despaired. She thought she’d healed well from her injuries. Or, at least Hareflight had said so. Faize had tended her wounds well, and his quick actions spared her the worst of infection. She had some new fractures, which still ached from the cold. But that was nothing new, especially considering her gnarled, fox-bitten leg. Although, she’d put on some weight which exacerbated the typical aches and pains.

    She’d given herself the day off from patrols, not wanting to be embarrassed. Frankly, she couldn’t have kept up. Not with her limp and unexpectedly heavy paws. ‘I should talk to Hareflight again’ she worried silently. She couldn’t afford to rest, not in leaf-bare. Not when the clan was still reinforcing the new camp against the cold.

    She bent down, grunting slightly with the effort as she wrapped her maw around a bundle of dried greenery. She silently thanked the apprentices, who she’d asked to collect dried materials from the forest floor. It made her work significantly easier. And, she supposed it gave them a much needed break from their mentors to frolic in the snow. Today, she would help reinforce the nursery’s walls. The queens and kits needed more warmth, especially as the howling winter winds bared down on the camp. She shuffled towards the nursery, sight masked by the great bundle of foliage as she navigated by scent alone. The warm, milky scent of the den enticed her across the clearing until she nearly bumped into someone. “S-Sorry,” she mewed a muffled apology. “Can’t see, too much brush. Here to help warm the nursery.

    Courtesy of Mairu Doggy, Deviant Art
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