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Unburn the ashes (Dark and Lightning)

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    Warrior of ThunderClan

    How long had it been since she had last seen her brother? Logic told her that it had been a moon or more but her heart was certain it was a lifetime. Things were certainly different now that he was no longer part of her daily life. She missed him but she couldn’t take back her reaction or her words to the sudden news he had dumped on her. She knew she had reacted poorly but she couldn’t help but stand by her thoughts, although it would never change that she loved her brother. Sadly she was afraid that it had been enough to push Tigershadow to leave ThunderClan. Where he had gone she wasn’t so sure and as far as she could tell no other male warrior had left with him, so clearly the tomcat he was interested in wasn’t within the clan. She didn’t have anything she could tell Nettlepaw when she was questioned about his fathers real whereabouts. Even she didn’t know.

    Softwing didn’t appear to be too concerned with his disappearance, now she was free to raise her son without Tigershadow confusing things. Which Darkberry didn’t appreciate, her brother had been trying and was making progress from what she could see. One thing was certain, Tigershadow and Softwing were not meant to be mates. Dark orange eyes lifted as the molly gazed up towards the tree tops that were towering above her, shadows casted down upon her pale cream calico pelt. Rootpaw and Smokypaw were growing like weeds and learning as much as they could every day with their apprenticeships and she couldn’t be more proud, she knew that Tigershadow would’ve been proud of them too. Darkberry’s focus was elsewhere, she didn’t want to hunt and she hadn’t participated in any patrols for today, today she wanted to be lost in her thoughts.

    Every cat had different views and just because of their differences it didn’t mean they were horrible or rotten. But she knew it hadn’t helped matters and it must’ve made Tigershadow feel alienated. She regretted it deeply but more than anything she just wished she knew that he was at least okay. Darkberry could live with him not speaking to her if it meant that she at least knew he was alright. Soft pinks nostrils flared as she walked along the well walked path, soft chirps of evening crickets keeping her in her thoughts.


    Thundeclan Apprentice 

    The pale ginger tom ventured out into Thunderclan territory, his tail waving slightly as his dark blue eyes was scanning the area with a pout on his lips. He had been looking for Indigo for the last few days, but he couldn’t find her just yet. The apprentice couldn’t help but be slightly anxious at the thought that something happened to her, and he would travel across the whole territory all day if he could. He stopped for a moment when he smelled the familiar scent of Darkberry nearby and he opened his mouth to determine how far she was but then he saw her in the distance looking lost in thought. The tom debated his next move, not sure if she wanted to be bothered but the pale ginger tom released a small sigh and moved forward towards her.

    Lightningpaw had noticed that the molly had seemed down ever since Tigershadow left. No one seemed to know where the tabby tom went, Wildstar had sent plenty of patrols to search for Darkberry’s brother, but he was no where to be found. He had overheard from the more older warriors that the two siblings had a big argument before Tigershadow had ran out of camp, never to be seen or heard of again. There was some word going around that perhaps the tom had been hit by a monster, others had said that a twoleg must have picked him up and took him away to the town that was nearby. No one knew where he was, and he felt bad for Nettlepaw out of everyone as they handled the loss of their father the hardest. Lightningpaw had hoped that wherever Tigershadow was, that he was okay and found peace. Soon Darkberry had came into view, as she was sitting and watching the water that was running through the river and the tom soon was next to her and sat down.

    “My mother used to bring me here when I was younger, she told me that if I didn’t behave.. Riverclan’s flying fish would come after me” Lightningpaw said quietly, remembering his mother who passed away just a couple of days ago. It was from unknown reasons, but he heard from his father that the molly may have stepped into black liquid but she was practically clean by the time she stepped back into camp. No one knew what really happened, but his mother was at peace now. He looked over at Darkberry and was quiet for a moment, something must be bothering her if she wasn’t joining any patrols for the day.. She must be missing Tigershadow greatly, even if they still had a fight and he ran off it didn’t mean Darkberry stopped caring. Lightningpaw tilted his head for a moment before speaking in a soft tone “Are you doing okay Darkberry?” He questioned her. The apprentice always was a good listener, it’s probably why his mentor enjoyed having him as an apprentice since he never had to be told twice on anything.

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