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    “they say times are hard for dreamers, but they won’t be hard for me!”


    Gender | Pronouns | Birthday | Sexuality

    female | she/her | february 14th | heterosexual

    Allegiance | Rank | To-Be

    tribe of rising tides | cave-hunter | open


    • Mother: a short-furred white molly called Little Daisy At Water’s Edge (Daisy). She lost her vision due to natural causes.
    • Father: a small, dark ginger tom with a white underbelly and muzzle. His name is Eagle at Cliff’s Edge (Cliff).  He was the runt of his litter but it never held him back.
    • Other relatives: Anyone can make her some siblings if you’d like to, so long as it is discussed beforehand! I am probably going to create a brother for her too.




    Tulip is a lithe, long-furred molly with a fluffy, cloud-like tail. Her legs and underbelly are white, but her tail, back, ears and part of her face are a pale ginger. She has bright blue eyes and a calm, friendly demeanor.


    Tulip often seems to have her head in the clouds. She is a dreamer; idealistic, positive, and full of endless hope. She tries to see the good in everybody and seems to be endlessly patient, even when faced with very difficult individuals. As a hopeless romantic, she falls for people very easily. Tulip is the type of friend who will pour everything into her friendships, even if her loyalty is not returned. As a beacon of love and warmth, it is easy for her to gain the trust of those around her.

    Tulip is open, honest, and true. You will find no falsehoods here; she wears her heart on her sleeve, and admits to all her faults. When she is happy, she is sunshine, radiance, and love. She can get caught up in her own head a lot – being a daydreamer has that effect – but she has a good understanding of other cats, therefore she can read them well. Above all, Tulip wants three things: happiness, adventure, and love.

    Voice Reference

    Adult – Laura Bell Bundy

    Younger – Pinkie Pie


    Tulip carries a subtle, fresh scent. She smells like wildflowers on a crisp spring morning.


    They say times are hard for dreamers
    And who knows, maybe they are
    People seem stuck, or lost at sea.
    And I might be a dreamer
    But it’s gotten me this far
    And that is far enough for me.

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    It looks good but could you please add scent and any relationships/ lack of relationships please? ^-^


    Done! Is that okay? c:

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