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    T I N Y F L A M E

    strong and reliable

    Age★36 moons(3 years old)
    ApprenticeRobinpaw(deceased), Thistleheart (mentored briefly while Wolfstar recovered)
    ParentsGoldenflame(deceased), Tunnelface(deceased)
    SiblingsSagefrost, Forestmask, Foxspice, and Coppercloud (half, TunnelWist kits)
    Kits★Daypaw, Pinepaw
    Skills★A strong warrior and sturdy mental fortitude
    Personality★Heavily opinionated and loud mouthed, can be short tempered — prideful, stubborn, determined and loyal
    Appearance★Ginger tabby with white accents and blue eyes, smaller physically than most cats


    Tinyflame is abnormally smaller than most full-grown cats. Even some apprentices are bigger than she is. However, don’t think that just because she is smaller, that she’s a push-over, or you’ll be in for an earful. As a warrior, she’s more than capable of serving her Clan. The Warrior Code is incredibly important to her, and she strives to be the best warrior she can be.

    She has half-siblings in RiverClan, though she has never met them since they left to live with her father. While she loves her father dearly, Tinyflame’s loyalties always stayed with her mother in WindClan.

    This past year, Tinyflame became mates with the Clan deputy, Owlbelly. It took him a long time to come to terms with his feelings for Tinyflame, as he was mourning his late mate. The two of them were happy together, very briefly, before he fell ill with Greencough. Her mate fought hard against the illness before his passing and ironically enough, Tinyflame found her in a similar position as she develops feelings for a tom by the name of Hailgaze. Shortly after getting involved with him, she realized that she was pregnant. Now, she struggles with her personal morals as she mourns Owlbelly and juggles her romance with Hailgaze, all while expecting kits whose father she is not sure of.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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