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Time for a Rest ((Hare+Wasp))

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    – W A S P P A W – 

    The sun had set to what felt like ages ago. But unlike the usual calm that typically fell upon the Clan when the sun’s heat left them, the night did not greet them with serenity and peace. The sun had left them but the moon did not take its place. Silverpelt remained empty as it had been for the past few sunrises. Clanlife had gone on, despite their leader remaining comatose but time was not being kind to them. More cats continued to fall ill and, along with Smokestar, Saplingskies was now unconscious for an unforeseeable amount of time. The calico tom paused in sorting the herb stock as he glanced over at his mentor. She hadn’t left the small brown tom’s nest in quite a while now. Though it wasn’t as if he could blame her. The retired healer had taught her everything she knew. He was as much a father to Hareflight as he had been to Wasppaw. The apprentice finished putting away what they hadn’t used for the day and he quietly approached his teacher.

    “Hareflight,” he murmured gently, his tail softly touching her flank, “you should get some rest. You haven’t slept for days.” Truthfully, neither of them had. But Hareflight especially had been working herself ragged. He had guessed that perhaps she felt responsible for watching over Saplingskies like the tom had once done for her in her younger years. However, she didn’t have to do all of this alone. She had Wasppaw’s support and he would assist her in taking some of the weight off her shoulders in any way that he could.

    Hareflight [Mel]

    『 H A R E F L I G H T 』

    What a disaster… would be the understatement of the century. With Smokestar, Saplingskies, and countless other cats falling unconscious or ill, Hareflight’s confidence was beginning to falter. Not in Wasppaw – no, she knew he could do this. He was more brilliant now than she had been in her entire life. It wasn’t even that she was worried she didn’t have the skills to keep looking after these cats. The fact of the matter was that this job was draining. It had never been easy, but lately it had felt like it was one thing after another. She missed the days when the worst thing she’d see was a cat coming in with a cold or a thorn in their paw. Being responsible for her clanmates’ lives and having to make life and death choices every day, watching the cats she cared about die or come in seriously injured.. It was exhausting. Especially lately when there was so little she could do for these comatose cats. That didn’t stop her from staying by Saplingskies side, though.

    Hareflight tended to him as best she could and while she did, she told him stories of their adventures when she was Wasppaw’s age. She thought about how much easier things were when she had Saplingskies to guide her and she wondered if Wasppaw felt that way about her. She wondered if she would ever see Saplingskies awake again and she wondered how many times she would have to go through the pain of losing him.

    When Wasppaw spoke to her, Hareflight almost didn’t hear it. She slowly turned her head to glance his way, giving him a weary smile as he suggested she rest. “N-Neither have you, W-Wasppaw. I-I-I’m fine. I h-have to keep looking after everyone. I-If you need some rest, g-g-go ahead. I can s-sleep later.She did her best to give him a reassuring smile, although she wasn’t sure she managed it before she was glancing back down at the body of her mentor and sighing.I…. I’m s-sorry this is what your apprenticeship h-has been like, Wasppaw. I w-wish I could make the j-job easier on you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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