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    The setting sun cast a glow across the rolling hills, blanketing the snow with a golden shine. At the top of the sky, Silverpelt was already starting to show, twinkling down at the Clan’s. Wolfstar stared up at them. I hope you are happy, Cremefur. His heart no longer ached for his former mate, but he still thought of her every now and again. Did she still look down on him? The WindClan leader blinked and turned his attention away from the sky and towards a black tom standing beside the camp entrance. Toxicshard had been chosen to guard the camp for the night, and Wolfstar dipped his head in a greeting to his friend before bounding out of the entrance to their camp. His paws took him towards the largest part of their territories; the moor. The purple and yellow flowers of the heather and gorse bushes gave the moor a dappled pelt. Snow only dusted the top leaves. Wolfstar couldn’t help but let out a purr. WindClan was beautiful.

    It had been a long time since the WindClan leader had been able to be on his own. He relished the time he had to himself, feeling free to think and feel how he pleased. Usually, he would head to the lake and swim around the shore, which was quite unnatural for a WindClanner. But, despite his enjoyment of swimming, his paws lead him to the secluded tree that grew in the middle of the rolling hills. He sat down underneath it, wrapping his fluffy tail around his paws. A gust of wind brushed against his gray and white fur, forcing his long coat to tangle a little. Wolfstar observed their territory, his blue eyes content. 

    Now that he was by himself, he let himself worry a little at the events happening in the Clan’s. Despite voicing his doubts and worries to Hollystar, the ThunderClan leader still declined to change her choice for deputy. Kass used to be a rogue, and had no respect for the warrior code. How could Hollystar love someone like that? Not only were they in the same Clan, but they were also mates. Wolfstar couldn’t imagine the sharp-tongued Kass pressing against another cat lovingly. He let out a shudder. He was grateful to have Goldenrose as a mate. She was kind, loving, and caring. And is now a great mother to their three kits. Wolfstar purred at the thought of their kits, feeling a little antsy to see them even though he had needed some time away from camp.

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