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    ThunderClan have made a home smack dab in the middle of the five clans. They share SkyClan’s towering oak trees, and part of WindClan’ rolling moors. They mainly use the forested side of things, but occasionally train near the flat-lands where the land is safe for young cats.

    ThunderClan’s home rests in the heart of their territory, in a small clearing where the trees have long since fallen and begun to rot away. A fungus or parasite must have overtaken the trees, as they’ve all fallen in erratic positions. Nevertheless, the cats have build a camp in the logs, using the hollow ones as dens and reinforcing them with various shrubbery and vines.

    ▸Two standing trees guard the entrance of the clan’s camp. The two have both leaned into each other, their main branches twisting together to create an archway. The camp has been lined on the outer edges thickly with rose bushes, to keep out unwanted predators. A large log sits at the back of the camp, and is used as a den and announcement spot for the Leader. The kill pile is placed a short ways away. Hollow logs are used for dens by most cats, with bushes and vines reinforcing them. The Medicine Den is off the side, where a small stream cuts through the camp. A garden rich in herbs and flowers is next to the den, which sits inside a hole in a stump, probably once used by an owl.

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