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    Coppercloud wouldn’t say that today had been particularly horrible, though he wouldn’t say it had been pleasant either, for his front left leg was throbbing. He felt so embarrassed, having gone out to hunt, something he was adept at.

    Perhaps one of the very few things he actually had skill in, and he had to go and mess up by slipping on some rocks in the river. Falling face first into the water, and slamming his leg against some of the rocks. He’d hobbled back, without any prey, and made his way into the Medicine Cat’s den. The den still smelled of Hickoryroot, with Rainysky’s scent slowly encroaching upon it, and chasing it away.

    Coppercloud avoided all curious stares, as he’d limped through camp, not wishing to disclose how he’d ended up injured. All he needed to do was get treated by Rainysky and then take what happened to Starclan, no one would ever have to know. “Hello?” Coppercloud mewled as he poked his head into the den, “Rainysky… are you there?”



    Rainysky came sweeping into the den with unusual grace for the former-Warrior. He seemed to move with a calmer sense of purpose these days, but as soon as his eyes fell on the handsome orange tabby he flubbed and tripped- catching himself luckily, lest there be two injured toms therein.

    “Coppercloud! O-oh stars, your leg….um! That’s dock leaf…I-I think? Erm- what happened exactly?” He turned to avoid the toms leaf-green eyes and rustled through his stores. He knew where each and every item was, of course, but he needed to buy time as to truly compose himself. Coppercloud was one of the toms he liked to watch come in from patrols, especially on days when they’d been fishing, drops of water dripping down their broad shoulders….


    Coppercloud turned himself towards the sound of approaching pawsteps, they were light and soft but, he didn’t need to hear Rainysky or see him to know whom it was.

    “Ah Rainysky, there you are.” He shifted his weight off of his injured leg, as he stared deeply into the new medicine cat’s eyes, his ears twitching upon the questioning. He averted his gaze, his tail flicked as he stared down at the ground.

    “Well the thing about that is…” He muttered, feeling a flash of heat spread through him. For the love of Starclan this was so embarrassing. If anyone else found out about his hunting blunder they’d never let him live it down.

    A grin suddenly appeared upon his maw as he got an idea, perhaps he’d embellish the story of how he got injured, only a little bit.

    “Well so you see,” He straightened himself up as best he could, on three paws, “there I was at the river, hunting! I was determined to catch a large fish for the fresh kill pile. I wanted to get the biggest fish of them all, I wasn’t going to head back to camp without it. So when I spotted a huge one, I struck out at it like so—“

    He paused in his riveting tale to slightly lepa forward, making certain to land on his good paws, keeping his injured leg up on the air.

    “Alas the fish saw me coming, and I crashed into the water, but all the same I caught the fish. I was thrashing against the fish and the current, trying to get my jaws around it. I would have had it too, if not for the rocks.”

    He puffed out his chest, flashing Rainysky a confident grin. He hope that his tale was atleast somewhat believable, he was after all not only limping but visibly soaked.

    “And there you have it. I injured my leg trying to take down a large fish for the clan. It was a good sized fish, it up a grand struggle. I hope to one day see it again, I’ll catch it for certain next time.”



    The younger tom was no prepared for the lengthy tale of his this injury had occurred. Nonetheless, he patiently endured it while he scraped together the necessary supplies. It sounded mild, at least. He was thankful few of the cases he’d treated had been very grizzly ones. He had no idea how he was going t handle it when that changed.

    “So you’re telling me….a big fish hurt you?” He did his best to sound non-judgemental, though a dubious air edged his tone. He then gave a shrug of his small-framed shoulders, deciding the true origins were of no consequence.

    “Well, go ahead and lie down on the spare nest for me so I can take a closer look at your leg.” The silvery tabby meowed, setting side the poppy seeds and other remedies.

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