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    It had been a very difficult couple of days. RiverClan’s camp had been flooded by the ongoing storm, the relentless rain that pelted down on them had not only driven them from their home, but it had also taken the last life of their beloved leader, Rainstar. How ironic it was that their very namesake had been what ultimately caused their death. Not only their leader was lost, but so was their medicine cat. Her dear Fishtail, who she had mentored herself, who had been called by StarClan to be their medicine cat after Ashfeather’s abrupt death, was also taken from her. Drowned as well in the storm on their way back from the Mooncave. And that wasn’t all. This horrid storm took the life of her mate, Brightfoot. Unable to save him in the rapids due to the aggressive swelling of the river, she blamed herself for his death. 

    The battered calico feline was in a state of hollow grief, but she knew that her duty now was to follow in Rainstar’s pawsteps and protect the Clan they both loved and nurtured. She owed her dear friend that much. So, in spite of the pain she suffered from the deaths of many of her friends and beloved Clanmates much too soon to one another, she traveled to and back from the Mooncave and received her nine lives. She had seen many of her past loved ones in the ceremony and that much she was grateful for, they gave her the strength she needed to keep going on, to lead her Clan in this desperate time of need. 

    Wisteriastar took a deep breath and sprinted down the now marshy flats of RiverClan territory to return to her Clan where she had left them to shelter behind a cave-like structure far into their territory, so far that they were almost at their limits of remaining in their own territory. She joined the mass of cats that huddled there and climbed the big rock structure to address what was now her Clan. 

    “Let all cats old enough to swim gather here beneath the cave to hear my words!” She called, “I have received my nine lives from StarClan and from now on, I will be your leader!” Wisteriastar gave a pause to allow her clanmates’ congratulations to reach her. “It pains me to announce that Fishtail drowned on the way back from the Mooncave. I was unable to rescue him from the harsh currents the rain has brought. I am deeply sorry.” There was yet another lapse, as she allowed the Clan a moment to grieve, then with her tail she beckoned forth a grey tom within the front of the gathered cats that she knew quite well. ” I am going to ask that Heronflight be my deputy, I couldn’t imagine anyone else by my side for these moons to come.”  

    After that, the calico warrior’s fiery ember eyes surveyed her clan once more and the state they were all in. Tired, hungry, cold and wet. Her heart ached, mostly in anger than in pity. The passionate warriors of RiverClan did not deserve to have their home stripped from them by this storm. And yet, she was powerless to stop it. Wisteriastar took another pause to collect herself before she announced, “We will have to abandon our home.” The cries of shock was less than she expected, perhaps the majority of her Clan already knew the damage the storm was doing to their home and that at this point, it was no longer salvageable. “We’re going to have to ask our nearest neighbors in ThunderClan if they have the room and kindness to shelter us until the storm settles. Prepare to leave immediately! Senior warriors, gather the queens and their kits, as well as the elders. Once everyone is ready to leave, we will set out at once!” And with that, Wisteriastar jumped down from her makeshift ledge and joined her newly announced deputy at the foot of the cave.


    Coppercloud had never felt more numb in his entire life, not only had their leader perished, but so did his second father, but on top of all that, hearing Fishtail had drowned on the way back was the death that took the stars for the Riverclan tom. A hollowness swelled rapidly within his heart, he yearned it to not be true, that Fishtail hadn’t left them too.

    For a while now, Coppercloud had been gazing at the medicine cat from afar, admiring him in secret, hoping that one day he’d have the courage to tell him how he felt. Yet now, here his mother was, standing before them, telling everyone the somber news of his passing. Not only had they lost so much, but now they were to lose their camp as well? It was just loss after loss, and Coppercloud wasn’t certain if he could take anymore grim news.

    Why? Why had Starclan taken so much from them? Especially their wonderful medicine cat, it wasn’t as if Coppercloud didn’t feel immense sorrow over Rainstar or Brightfoot, it was just the loss of Fishtail was far more agonizing. He stood there, rooted in place, as if his paws had grown roots and latched themselves into the earth. It took him a few minutes to compose himself enough to gaze up to his mother, their new leader.

    “I-I’ll g-go help the queens and kits, m-mother.”

    His breathing hitched as he called out to her, despite doing his best to keep his emotions in check. Now wasn’t the time to break, he could do that later when everyone was safe. With that he turned away, dashing towards the temporary nursery, to assist frantic queens with their trembling and terrified kits.




    The ginger she-cat voiced her dismay loudly along with the others as each piece of bad news was delivered. She had known that if her mother would be leader one day it would mean Rainstar had passed, but to lose such important, grounding things in a quick succession like this left her feeling raw and vulnerable in a way Foxspice had never felt in all her moons. Brightfoot was dead, Rainstar would no longer be there to guide them, they had no medicine cat, and no home. Where was Starclan!? How could they allow these things to happen!?

    Her wide green eyes scanned nervously across the throng of cats around her, searching for the familiar pelts of her siblings. She desperately needed the support of her family now, but knew that their mother would be busy with the new responsibilities she had. The apprentices! She blinked, remember her younger half-siblings and trying to find them in particular– she couldn’t imagine how they were handling this– when the familiar pelt of Coppercloud hurried past her.

    Quicker than she could respond to, he was already across camp at the nursery. Looking after him ruefully, in the end she just sagged in on herself, trying to summon the inner strength she would need to start helping her clan… leave.


    Suppressing his own distresses at the disastrous news, the grey warrior dipped his head slowly in acceptance of his new position. It would be lying to say he hadn’t thought– often, even– of someday attaining the honour of this position. However, there was no joy to be had in a personal gain that came from such a huge loss to his clan. The situation they found themselves in was bleak– dismal even. Everything would need to be rebuilt from the ground up, in more than a metaphorical sense.

    Remaining fixed to his spot until Wisteriafl… Wisteriastar began towards him, Heronflight moved to meet the calico halfway. He pressed his nose to her shoulder for a moment, silently offering his support and encouragement in a way that would allow them both to keep face while surrounded by the others who would be expecting both of them to be composed examples that they could look up to in this disaster.

    We’re a good team. We can make it work, he told himself, swallowing the bile that was building up in the back of his throat. We’ll figure out what to do.



    Crocuspaw stood, wide eyed, looking up at Wisteriastar. Congratulations were on the tip of his tongue, but bitter tears rushed forward before he could speak, his ears pressing to his head as he tried to wrap his head around what his new leader had just said.

    Dead? Fishtail’s dead? But- Fishtail had always been so friendly! Crocuspaw never felt uncomfortable or nervous, because Fishtail had always been so welcoming. The large grey tom found himself feeling a cold, hollow feeling-sadness, he realized. He had heard that Brightfoot had died, too, which must’ve been devastating for Wisteriastar.

    The apprentice yearned for his mother, Morningwhisker, and craved the warm timbre of his father’s gravelly voice. His father, who now rested among the stars after falling into the river in an attempt to rescue a kit’s moss ball that’d fallen into the river.

    By the time Crocus had shaken himself out of his thoughts, the camp was alive with activity as cats began to rush around. In the chaos, the apprentice could feel his heart racing in his chest. It wants to break out… He thought distantly as he stumbled and slipped on mud, falling awkwardly before scrambling to right himself. He was clumsy already, with all the mud and slick surfaces it just made the tom a safety hazard.

    “Wi-Wisteriastar!” He cried, tumbling over to the leader. “I’m, I’m looking for- I can’t find- I-“ The apprentice finally gave up on words, instead staring imploringly at his leader.

    “I can’t find Puddlepaw.” Yes, right, Puddlepaw. Crocuspaw knew his mother, and he knew his siblings. They could care for themselves, they didn’t need him butting in. It was Puddlepaw he was afraid for, even though his friend was equally as capable and would probably chastise him for worrying about him instead of Crocus worrying about himself or the elders and kits.



    Fallowcreek dragged himself out of his nest, fur dripping from rain and whiskers seemingly reflecting the tom’s mood. Try as he might, Fallow hadn’t been able to get up these past few days, anxiety only making the emptiness in his chest grow wider and wider. Finally, though, the storm (at least in him) had broken and Fallow had been able to get up this morning. But now, here he was again, slowly clambering out of the comfort and safety of his muddy nest of moss and feathers.

    Weaving his way sluggishly, the tom stopped to see Wisteriastar. He had made it in time to hear of Fishtail’s death, and found himself frowning. The young tom had been a joy to the clan, and he could only guess how much he’d meant to Wisteriastar. Of course, there were bigger things to worry about, and so Fallowcreek made himself busy by turning in search of Pebblepaw.

    Find Pebblepaw, help kits. He thought, stumbling past a large grey apprentice as he slipped and fell before he leaped up and raced to Wisteriastar. Everyone was in a hurry and that was just enough to get the cinnamon tom to pick up the pace as he tried to match the panic everyone else was feeling. The emotion was a distant thrum in his blood, but Fallowcreek could feel enough of the adrenaline to know he was panicking.


    The sound of his mothers voice echoed through Riverclans make shift camp, the urge to run to his mother in congratulations was overtaken by the realization that this meant Rainstar was truly gone. Koipaw adored his mother and even though he wasn’t particularly close to him, Koipaw did mourn his real father, Brightfoots death, but Rainstar passing hit the tom cat harder than anything. The mostly white tom admired Rainstar and looked up to them for advice in many different fields. He took to the leader for training help and they even sat and spoke with him about his crush on Fishtail, helping Koipaw learn that it was purely a feeling that would pass over time and if it didn’t he could come speak with them again later. The announcement of Fishtails passing rang deep into the felines ears,

    How many more am I going to lose.

    Forcing himself to his paw the apprentice trudge our of his corner, his blue eyes resting on his mother, There will be time for congratulations later. “I need to find Sorrelpaw and Pantherpaw” His words weren’t aimed at anyone in particular as his eyes scanned the area for his littermates. The three siblings had their fair share of issues but in the end they always worked better together than apart and now the clan needed their combined strength to get through this time. If Wisteriastar had passed down any of her personality traits it was her undying determination to help her clan.


    .. Puddlepaw ..

    The move out of the camp was rushed and abrupt, crowded pelts slick with rainwater meshed together, hardly a whisker of breathing room. The river – their livelihood, their source of food and comfort and strength – has pushed them out of their home by force. Never in Puddlepaw’s young life had he seen a storm like this one but by stars did he want it to end.

    He didn’t stop running, his paws flying ahead of him until he could see no one else. The white and dark tabby tom came to a halt and ducked down, heavy paws deep in the mud, chest heaving while he hung his head. Puddlepaw didn’t fair well with tightly closed spaces, the sound of so many voices shouting out had become too much.

    After a moment of only heavy rainfall and rumbling thunder, the apprentice rose shakily and peered over the grasses from whence he came. His clan-mates were gathered there and the deputy’s voice rang clear. He flattened his ears as he began to trudge back; more death, more loss. He had no family to mourn, all lost before he started his apprenticeship. It was just him, and his clan, and–

    “W-Wisteriastar!” His bicolor eyes widened, head spinning to look over the sea of pelts. Crocuspaw! He bounded through the open marsh, trying to catch even a hair of his sole companion, claws tearing the wet grass underfoot. Puddlepaw didn’t slow his pace, not in the slightest, until he nose-dived into a wall of gray fur. He latched onto the other tom, slinging him into the mudbank without a care in the world. Not yet noticing he may have body slammed another apprentice right in front of the new leader and deputy – but he was reunited with his dearest friend and that’s all that mattered right now.

    He struggled to speak, a hard lump in his throat, like swallowing a stone from the riverbed. Relief washed over him but the realization that he could have lost Crocuspaw… Puddlepaw couldn’t bear the thought of never seeing him again. “I’m here,” he choked out, muscles tensed under his now muddy pelt.

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    Sorrelpaw ~ RiverClan Apprentice 


    Pain in her slim chest was all she had felt for the past few days since her father, BrightFoot had drowned in the rapids. Sorrelpaw had clearly been a lot closer to her father than she had been with her own mother, Wisteriastar. However, she had been finding it hard to root herself to reality, firey orange eyes slowly scanned the many pelts of RiverClan cats that were beginning to gather in the middle of the makeshift camp… none of those pelts belonged to BrightFoot. Her throat tightened at the thought as it’s harsh reality hit her once more, eyes watering slightly before she swallowed the knot that had begun to form in her throat. Sorrelpaw kept to the shadows as she stayed under the brush she was taking shelter in, staying slightly dry with the occasional drip of water slowly moving down her spine. She could hear her mother’s voice ring about the makeshift camp as she called the meeting, but her eyes didn’t move towards the molly. 

    Wisteriastar had been gone for long enough to receive her nine life’s from StarClan since Rainstar had passed away. They had been a wonderful leader, although she didn’t know them all that great, they had still been her leader. The loss had been great for many cats of RiverClan as the swelled storm kept pelting against them, battering them down over and over again. Lips parted as she breathed in a ragged breathe as her mother’s voice continue to echo around her, eyes widening in disbelief when Wisteriastar delivered the news that Fishtail had recently drowned on the way back from the moonstone. Fishtail… no… She thought to herself, her breath hitching. Ever since she had been a small kit the strange tomcat had always been there, an extension of their family. She had counted the tom to be like an older brother. “Oh Fishtail..” She whispered softly to herself, head lowering as she gently pressed her muzzle against her paws, her face hidden as her expression broke with that of a broken heart. She had lost their medicine cat and a brother. Tears swelled within her eyes, but she took a few deep breathes to calm herself, heart beating from the ache of loss, but she was trying to control her grief. She couldn’t grieve right now, the clan was in danger and needed every cat to be their very best. 

    Clearing her throat she lifted her head, sniffling slightly as her orange eyes finally scanned the crowd for her gaze to laid on the grey colored pelt of Heronflight as he was named the new deputy of RiverClan. Congratulations. She thought sourly, pupils narrowing slightly as she refused to look at her mother. Ear twitching as the news of having to abandon their camp and even leave their territory spread throughout the crowd like wildfire, but no one seemed surprised. Most of the camp was under water and everyone was slowly loosing the hope of staying dry and fed. Slowly her chin tilted as she caught sight of CopperCloud as he hurried towards the nursery to busy his mind, causing her frown as she could only imagine how her older brother was feeling. The pelt of Foxspice had also caught her attention, her older sister seemed unsure how to comfort her Littermate.. but Foxspice would find a way. She always did. Sorrelpaw had yet to see the pelts of her older brothers, Sagefrost and Forestmask as she looked among the warriors.. they seemed to usually be around each other. Although she tried to clear her mind when the meeting ended, her eyes immediately searching for Sootstain but she quickly told herself the tomcat did not want her around at the moment. Instead she began to looked for the black spotted pelt of Pantherpaw and the golden patched pelt of Koipaw. Her brothers and Littermates. They may not have always got along, but they were family and in desperate need of one another right now. 

    Slowly she pushed herself out from under the brush she had been hiding, her richly colored calico pelt instantly becoming drench and flattening her fur to stick to her body. She was skinny and hungry, the flash floods killing most of the prey and the fact she had lost her father had quenched her hungry for the past few days. Ears perked upon her head as she listened to the roar of the wind as it pelted rain roughly against her, eyes squinting as water got in her eyes clouding her vision. Although she spotted the white and golden patched pelt of her brother Koipaw moving through the crowd, his eyes wide and searching with a purpose before they landed on her. He was looking for her. Silently she began moving towards her brother, paws numb as they splashed through puddles and sunk in mud. Water dripping endlessly from her chin and whiskers as she made her way towards Koipaw, head lowering as she pushed her way through before reaching the Tom and pressing her muzzle against his cheek. “Are you okay?” She asked instantly. Koipaw and herself didn’t always get along, but he was still her brother and she cared for him. “Have you seen Pantherpaw?” She asked after a moment, looking around for the black Tom. She lost her father already, she couldn’t afford to loose a sibling. 



    Crocuspaw scrambled up, blinking away the beginning of tears. Sure, he was even colder now, half of his body soaked in mud that pierced with icy cold claws but at least Puddlepaw’s familiar face was there.

    “Puddlepaw!” The grey tom grinned, pressing his face into the shorter tom’s shoulder. Pressing up against his best friend, as if he were trying to assure himself of the other’s existence, Crocus turned to Wisteriastar, his smile still plastered to his face even as he spoke with as much respect as possible.

    “Is there anything we can do to help? We could find the Elders and lead them out!” Really, the tom didn’t care what they did, as long as he got to do it with Puddlepaw he would be happy enough to do anything. Puddlepaw had always been such an important pillar in Crocus’ life, his family practically adopting Puddlepaw (though Puddle always resisted, choosing to think he was completely alone which never sat right with Crocuspaw) and the two of them growing up side by side in the Nursery. Wherever Crocuskit went, Puddlekit had been there, ready to pull his friend out from any trouble he got into (or to chastise him whenever he did something stupid). It was no surprise that, as apprentices, it was the same way. If Puddlepaw went missing for too long, Crocuspaw became cranky and jumpy, desperate to return to that familiar black and white pelt and gold and blue gaze.

    Even now, Crocus couldn’t help but scoot as close as he could to Puddlepaw. Oh, sure, the tom was okay with Crocus’ constant presence at his side, but rarely did he let him get this close-and in front of crowds, too! Crowds… Crowds! Ears perking up, the apprentice glanced behind him at the pandemonium around and beside them. Leaning down, the apprentice whispered softly to his friend. “Are you alright? It’s pretty crowded here, crowded and noisy.”

    Puddlepaw hated crowds and though Crocuspaw constantly joked about this, teasing the other incessantly, he couldn’t help the pang of worry he felt for his friend. Crocus knew a lot of apprentices and was friendly with all of them, but he’d always been more biased when it came to Puddlepaw. Especially after the loss of his father, Crocus felt like he was floating with nothing connecting him to the world. The need to be close to Puddlepaw had been increased by Crocuspaw’s need for someone familiar, and someone he could protect. Crocus hadn’ t been able to protect his father, he’d only been able to watch his big hearted father walking to the river’s edge to grab a ball of moss for a wailing kit. Crocuspaw didn’t remember who the kit was, he couldn’t tell you their name, much less what they looked like. All he could see was his father’s familiar white coat being dragged down by the greedy claws of the river that had once been a warm, gurgling sanctuary where he could sit and chat with Puddlepaw. Now all the tom could think of was the frothing, churning waters and the last cry of fear before his father was lost to Starclan.

    That won’t happen to Puddlepaw. The reassurance bounced around in his head, echoing and becoming louder. The voice sounded like his father. Nothing will happen to anyone. Crocus thought, already trying to run a mental list of all the apprentices, warriors, queens, and elders he could think of.


    So much had happened in the last few days, it wasa bit overwhelming. From being forced out of camp, to the rivers flooding, to Rainstar’s and Brightfoot’s deaths, now to Fishtail’s death… The situation looked bleak, Forestmask would admit that much to himself (but never to his family, only optimism for them). Now that his mother had her nine lives and official name, he was certain she, and her new deputy, would be able to pull RiverClan through this. However, even knowing she was strong – so very strong, he couldn’t help but be worried about her, couldn’t help but want to offer whatever support he could.

    When the meeting came to a close and his mother approached her newly named deputy, Heronflight, he instantly found his paws moving towards her. Of course he was worried about the rest of his family, his green eyes fitting from Pantherpaw to Koipaw to Sorrelpaw to Coppercloud to Foxspice to Sagefrost even as he moved towards his mother, but he could only handle one at a time. Especially with everyone so spread out right now, trying to help wherever they could. Seeing them trying to push through the shock and grief hurt his heart, but he was so darn proud of them.

    “Mother,” he purred as he finally made it to her, bypassing everyone who had gathered around her to press his forehead to hers. A move that hopefully helped ground her a bit, to soothe some of her infinite worries. “Though the times could be better, congratulations.” Somehow, he managed to flash a genuine, bright smile at her. In such bleak times, it looked like the sun finally peeking through the grey clouds that had been present forever now.

    He turned to Heronflight, dipping his head to other tom. “Congratulations to you as well. I’m certain you’ll do a wonderful job, even if StarClan seems to be testing us all,” he huffed.




    The broken-hearted tom kept his emotions all turmoil at bay, helped the Queens corral their kits.

    Coppercloud couldn’t even bring himself to look at anyone around him. He focused on the task at paw, counting up all the kits, making certain that not a single one was unaccounted for.

    He could hear the howling winds picking up the pace, and his fur rose up to ward off the chilly winds. It wouldn’t do much to protect him from the cascading rain, however the water never bothered him.

    As a Riverclanner, being soaked through was a day to day occurrence, so he didn’t take any notice to just how soaked he was.

    He felt like the entire world might just be ripped apart, because of how fierce the winds had become, and the rain grew ever heavier.


    mahon [owl]


    The usually calm and collected grey tabby had started to show small signs of nervousness; his tail was flicking anxiously and his amber eyes darted from the entrance of the camp to the apprentice’s den. Sootstain had found a stone high enough that it didn’t get his paws wet and settled himself there, watching over the camp from a distance. At the first sign of movement, the young warrior perked up to see the new leader. Though, when he noticed she was alone it felt as if the ground had begun to shake underneath them. 

    Moving in closer as a clan meeting was announced, the tall tom looked around. In his heart, Sootstain knew he was looking for a calico apprentice, but his mind was still unable to admit it. At Wisteriastar’s announcement of the fallen medicine cat, Sootstain dipped his head in respect – the two never really got along but the grey tabby knew that Fishtail was talented and skilful. His cunning eyes fell unto Heronflight, though Sootstain never had a full conversation with the new deputy, the tom knew it was a good and popular choice.

    The next words the leader said came at a complete shock to Sootstain, though it was something he should have expected. Hiding any sign of fear, the newly made warrior listened intently to the molly’s words. Nodding slowly to no-one in particular, the warrior turned around and began to think of what to do. He watched warriors flood to the nursery and the elder’s den, ready to do their duty to help those in need. Though he wanted to follow, he couldn’t help but hear Koipaw’s words. Sorrelpaw. Amber eyes followed the young apprentice until he saw the two siblings reunite, causing him to let out a quiet sigh of relief. 

    “Wisteriastar-” The tom paused, allowing others to speak to their leader before he had a chance. He found himself staring at the two siblings, noticing that there was one missing. “I’ll watch over the apprentices.” It was difficult to look the leader in the eye for some reason, maybe it was because of her newfound responsibility or maybe it was because of how similar she looked to her daughter. Without waiting for a proper response, the tom made his way over to Sorrelpaw and Koipaw, keeping his gaze on the former. 

    “Wisteriastar asked me to watch over the apprentices.” It was a small lie, hopefully, nothing too noticeable. “Are you okay?” The grey tabby asked. Realizing the question was focused on the pretty she-cat, he turned to Koipaw, “How are you two handling this?” The tom was being surprisingly civil, he wondered if they would notice. Would I like them to notice? “Let’s go find your brother and see if any other apprentices would like some help. ”



    Once Coppercloud had done his assigned duty of helping the Queens and Kits, he moved along towards a small log that was stuffed with an assortment of herbs and the like.

    Fishtail had brought along these herbs for the clan, grabbing as much as he was able, bringing and depositing them here.

    Someone had to gather them up, because Starclan knows that some cat from another clan, could be in desperate need of medical aide.

    What if their Medicine Cat hadn’t any herbs to treat them with? It what Fishtail would have wanted them to do with the herbs, instead of letting them become washed away, lost to the torrential downpour.

    Though, seeing as he was no medicine cat, he honestly hadn’t a inkling as to what he should take from the piles of herbs. In the end Coppercloud reached in and scrounged out as many as he could carry.

    Now he just needed to figure out how to carry them. As he stood there, wondering how he should go about carrying the herbs, their scent reminded him of Fishtail.

    Because he always smelled so sweet due to the floral scent of the herbs he worked with.

    His dejected gaze sweeping over all the cats in the vicinity, he kept expecting to see Fishtail out in the crowd of cats, yet he wasn’t there. 

    He walked among Starclan now and he wasn’t ever coming back. He trusted his mother’s word completely, if she had spoken with such conviction that Fishtail had drowned, then there was no doubt that he had.

    “Could a few clanmates help me with these herbs? We mustn’t let them go to waste, Fishtail won’t have died in vain, if these herbs can help save the life of another cat, that might desperately need medical aid.”




    “I can offer my assistance.”

    A white and black molly with dark sea-green eyes approached Coppercloud.

    Her distinctive marking upon her face, that bore a striking resemblance to a seashell gave away her identity.

    It was Frostedshell, a loyal and humble warrior, much like Coppercloud himself.

    “I can carry a few herbs, but I won’t be able to carry them all. Fortunately, I’m certain that we will receive help from our clanmates, Fishtail was a fine Medicine Cat.”

    She used her right paw to pull a small collection of herbs towards her, as her share of the haul.

    “No doubt, they will want to honor his spirit, by taking these herbs with us, if they can be used to save a life.”



    Pantherpaw || RiverClan apprentice

    The ever present, seemingly endless rain didn’t bother him at all. The dark-furred tom’s slick pelt clung to him and weighed him down and yet the sensation did not appear to completely connect with him. He watched at the edge of the gathered cats as his Clanmates scurried along each other, panicked, desperately trying to make sure everyone was present and yet Pantherpaw could care less who was here and who wasn’t. The announcement of the deaths of Rainstar, Fishtail, and even his own father, Brightfoot, didn’t elicit a response from him. Strangely enough, the dappled apprentice found himself feeling spiteful as he watched his mother standing atop the roof of the cave, ahead of all of them, her new title as leader ever profound to him suddenly.

    His yellow eyes were piercing and cold as they watched his siblings scatter in search of each other, Sorrelpaw and Koipaw in particular as they called his name. A feeling akin to annoyance greeted him first. Their voices rang in his ears and he wished they would have just silenced. The tom rose to his paws, finding that he had grown significantly since he had begun his apprenticeship and now he towered over his siblings in height as he reached their side.

    “Be quiet.” He told them unforgivingly, “You’re only making things worse.” His empty gold eyes flickered from Sorrelpaw to Koipaw, unaware of how solemn and distressed the pair clearly was. Though, Pantherpaw’s attention was redirected as Sootstain approached him and his siblings, talking of how their mother Wisteriastar had asked him to watch over the apprentices specifically. Weird, seeing how he didn’t recall his mother saying anything of the such in her addressal of the Clan. He spared a glance over the grey tom’s shoulder to catch an eye of the calico leader and then back at the young warrior, who was only a few moons older than them. “You’re not fooling anyone.” He told the other tom bluntly, dismissing of however his sister felt in regards to Sootstain’s blatant attempt to rile the situation up, Pantherpaw was not fond of his approach. “You’re not interested in how Koipaw or I are doing at all. Don’t act like a dependable warrior to us like you genuinely care how we’re doing.” 

    Wisteriastar || RiverClan Leader

    Wisteriastar watched her Clanmates disperse from where she stood along side her deputy, Heronflight, finding herself feeling surprisingly nostalgic and proud of her Clan and especially of her own kits, Coppercloud, Foxspice, Forestmask, Sorrelpaw, Koipaw, and Pantherpaw as the two litters gathered and separated and took the liberty of collecting the Clan together for them to leave. She nodded to Coppercloud and Foxspice and two headed off to tend to the queens and their kits. They had certainly grown to be strong and reliable warriors and she was proud of them. Wisteriastar would have to check on them later, she told herself. 

    The newly named RiverClan leader was dragged out of her musing thoughts at the abrupt cries of Crocuspaw as the apprentice blundered towards her, pelt on end and eyes rounder than the moon. Puddlepaw’s missing? She thought, immediately swiveling her head up and catching the glance of Fallowcreek in the process as the warrior joined her by the apprentice. “Don’t worry, we’ll find him.” She assured the apprentice, however, she found that she was relieved to know that they didn’t have to really search far, for the mentioned apprentice came haring toward the huddled Clan as they spoke. Wisteriastar gave a sigh of relief and parted from the apprentices to give them their space. Then, she gestured with her tail to Heronflight, beckoning him forth. “With Fishtail gone, we don’t have a medicine cat anymore,” She spoke to him in a hushed tone, as not to alert the rest of the Clan to this obvious, yet unspoken problem, “We need to be careful of sickness and stress among the Clan. Please be alert and check on them later for me.” 

    Next, the voice of Sootstain reached her. Her sharp ember eyes watched him closely as he approached her, how he avoided meeting her gaze, how carefully he stepped around the conversation and how evasively he placed it upon himself to tend to the apprentices, one of which was her daughter, Sorrelpaw, she noted as the young warrior ventured off without waiting for her answer. “I’ll leave you to it.” She called after him, her voice loud and sturdy, as if letting him know that she wasn’t naive and that the young tom wasn’t pulling feathers over her eyes. She noted that as the young warrior tended to her second litter, that something seemed off– something was wrong, and yet from here, she couldn’t quite place what it was. Her immediate instinct was to go over there, however, as her son Forestmask came to greet her after that feeling was dismissed. Her stiff figure relaxed immediately at the sight of him, a sleek tabby tom with emerald green eyes that reflected the very image of his father. Tunnelface was one of the most dependable warriors she had ever known and she was beyond proud of her son to have become someone as worthy as his father.

    “Forestmask,” She purred, nuzzling the tom, “Thank you for being here.” It wasn’t often that the calico warrior showed vulnerability, and especially now as leader she knew that she didn’t have room for something like that anymore. But having her son by her side certainly was something she needed now. She parted from him and surveyed the clearing, satisfied now that everyone was present. “We’re leaving to ThunderClan now!” Wisteriastar called to her Clan, moving to the head of the clustered cats, “Stay together and look after one another.” She told them, turning to look one last time at RiverClan territory, flooded and destroyed, before she moved on. Steadying herself, the RiverClan leader led her Clan on.



    A wave of relief flooded the tom when his sisters muzzle reached his checks, “oh Sorrelpaw, I was starting to get worried.” The apprentice allowed himself to push against the comfort of his sister pelt, his face buried deep in her shoulder, it had been a long time since he longed for the company of both his siblings, “No, I’m not okay but I will be.” He offered the mini-Wisteriastar a small comforting smile. “Are you okay? You know about dad…” Koipaws voice faded off at the mention of Brightfoot, he wasn’t fond of their father but he knew Sorrelpaw favored the tom over their mother. At the mention of their black dappled brother his eyes began searching the camp, “Not for some time now. Maybe we should look fo-“ The toms suggestion was interrupted by Sootstain, a warrior not too many moons older than the than three.

    Koipaw wasn’t always as clueless as he let on, knowing the toms question was more targeted to his sister, She will tell me in her own time, was the felines outlook on the warrior and apprentices awkward relationship. “I’m sure we will be okay, but yes perhaps we should go search for him thank you for the help Sootstain.” The ginger splotched tom offering his best ‘We will be okay smile’, shouldering his sister in the process.

    Before the three could take off the sudden appearance of the larger littermate caught the toms attention, “Panther-“ His words cut short by their brothers abrupt tone, the coldness of it sending shivers down his spine. Koipaw was use to Pantherpaw being rather well, distant from him but taking that time to Sorrelpaw was not okay. Koipaw spent most of his time hunched over, appearing smaller, more friendly, he had taken notice of his brothers growth, towering over the two. A small short growl forcing its way out as Koipaw straight himself upright, Koipaw was by no means small granted he wasn’t as tall as Pantherpaw. His eyes narrowing into slits, stepping in front of his sister, “Watch your tone with her Pantherpaw.” Koipaw wasn’t even aware his voice could go that low, shocking himself with his own words. “Everyone is scared and concerned right now, you’re the one making it worse by acting this way. Mother wouldn’t be pleased if she heard you taking that tone with us!”

    Realeasing the tension in his shoulders Koipaw fell back into his normal position, taking a breath to collect himself, “Come on bro he’s just trying to be helpful, like we all should be doing.” The mostly white feline finding himself trying to defend Sootstain.


    Sorrelpaw ~ RiverClan Apprentice

    She was surprised none the less when Koipaw pressed himself against her, being just a tad bit shorter than her Littermate, she felt a little overwhelmed with his weight and the fact he had pushed his face so deeply into the wet fur of her shoulder blade. But her heart ached at the sight of it.. the two siblings weren’t necessarily the closest but it was clear to her that her brother was hurting. Probably more so from loosing Fishtail, but she knew a bit could be accounted for loosing their father. “No need to worry, I’m right here..” She whispered softly, lowering her chin to gently rasp her tongue over his ears to reassure her gentle natured brother that she was indeed alright. Peering down curiously at him, she could see that Koipaw was trying to put on a brave and comforting smile, but he was being honest about not being okay with any of what was happening. However, when he asked her if she was alright… she didn’t know how to answer, ears lowering to flatten against her slim cranium at the mention of Brightfoot. Her heart twinged at the name and memory of her father but she quickly cleared her throat when Koipaw went on to speak about Pantherpaw, mentioning that he hadn’t seen the black dappled apprentice in a hot moment. Where could he have gotten off to? She thought silently. 

    Although, her thought process was interrupted when she caught a certain scent making its presence known through the downpour of the rain, her nostrils flaring slightly as she drank in the scent greedily before she allowed her chin to tilt in the direction of the tall and slender muscled grey tabby as he made his way towards them. The way his amber eyes looked at her causing her heart beat to quicken, although she tried to keep her posture from making her seem nervous.. she actually wasn’t nervous. With the distraught going on with her life, she needed an anchor. Ear twitching when Sootstain spoke, causing her to glance over his shoulder for a moment as she could see her mother peering at them with a stiffness she didn’t understand, before turning to Forestmask. Nodding slowly she looked back towards Sootstain, momentarily forgetting that Koipaw was there. Her throat tightened when he questioned her if she was okay, his expression seemed softer than usual along with the glint in his eyes. He had no idea how badly she wasn’t to press her face into his chest and just cry… but she couldn’t allow herself to be seen as weak infront of so many other cats. “Y-yeah.. I’m fine.” She nodded stiffly towards Sootstain, although her eyes trailed past his shoulder blade when a black speckled pelt caught her attention. Pantherpaw She sighed in relief. 

    “Hey, there you-“ Sorrelpaw was cut off from the sudden hostility of her brother as he snapped at both her and Koipaw for voicing their concerns for their Littermate. Tail fluffing despite the rain, she felt shock and anger course through her veins at the way he looked at them and then spit venom towards Sootstain. However, before she could get a word out with scolding Pantherpaw, white and ginger fur slightly hid her view of Pantherpaw as Koipaw stood up for her. Her. She couldn’t believe it, firey orange eyes watching the exchange as Koipaw straightened his posture and deepened his voice in order to be serious and taken seriously by Pantherpaw. 

    Slowly, she moved to where she was now standing beside of Koipaw, her pelt gently pressing into that of Sootstain as her calico pelt gently meshed with his grey tabby fur. “That’s okay, Koipaw.” She gently spoke to her brother, proud of the way he had stood up for not only himself, without knowing, but also for herself and Sootstain. Eyes flickering towards Pantherpaw with a sad but angry glint to her gaze, she had noticed her brothers drastic change in personality but he had been pushing her away with his hostility. “At least Sootstain cares enough to come find us and ask how we are. You don’t care at all about me or about Koipaw. So why don’t you try and go help someone you do care about.” She growled slightly, although her voice was broken with anger and emotion. It was clear this situation was taking a toll on Sorrelpaw emotionally, but she was trying to keep her wits. 

    Looking to Sootstain and then Koipaw, she sighed softly as she looked around the camps clearing. Arguing with Pantherpaw was not what they needed to be doing. “At least make yourself useful, I guess. Glad to know you didn’t drown.” She added to Pantherpaw, brushing past the black dappled Tom as she moved towards the gathering cats, her fur wet but ruffled from their encounter. She needed something to do.. something to distract her mind.

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