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    In order to get to RiverClan’s camp, Wolfstar and Nettlenose had to cross two streams. One was stronger than the other, but Wolfstar had no problem wading through their currents. His daughter, however, never had the swim training he had, so he stayed by her side to make sure she didn’t get swept away. Once they were safely across each time, Wolfstar shook out his long coat and prayed to StarClan it would dry by the time they got to the enemy camp. He worried about Nettlenose’s strength towards the end of this journey since they would be crossing two more streams to get to SkyClan and ShadowClan. But his ginger daughter looked determined, her muscles showing strength despite the lack of warrior training. He smiled with pride and continued padding to RiverClan’s camp by her side.

    Surprisingly, they didn’t run into any patrols or straggler RiverClanners throughout the territory, so their trip to the camp was quite easy. As soon as they got to the entrance, Wolfstar flicked his tail and took a deep breath. His last encounter with Wisteriastar was at the Gathering, and they weren’t the closest of leaders. He had a feeling she was annoyed when Hollystar agreed to let his whole Clan stay during the storm while sending half of Wisteriastar’s cats away to be with ShadowClan. But he hoped she understood that had nothing to do with why they were here now.

    Wolfstar pressed forward through the entrance and found himself inside the RiverClan camp. A couple of warriors were sharing tongues in the middle of the clearing with their heads pressed close together. Two apprentices were practicing battle moves by a den he assumed was the apprentices den, and one cat was ripping meat from a trout beside a fresh kill pile. The whole place smelled of fish and water. He forced himself not to wrinkle his nose. Even though both of his parents were RiverClanners, he never felt close to his birth Clan or had hopes of joining them or becoming allies. They were as strange to him as ShadowClan.

    Turning towards the closest RiverClanner, he dipped his head in greeting, making sure his pelt wasn’t bristled. Inside an enemy camp, it was best to keep a calm composure. “I would like to speak with your leader, please,” he meowed, hoping they wouldn’t send them away without letting him explain why they were there.


    Nettlenose hadn’t been looking forward to this journey, for quite a few reasons. The stubby-legged she-cat was the opposite of a strong swimmer, and as soon as they reached the water’s shore she was reminded of the flooding. It took her a moment before she got the nerve to place her paws in the stream, chills shooting along her pelt as it lapped gently at her fur. Her father beside her was the only thing that was giving her the courage to cross the waters, her fluffy head help up above the water as determined as she could in order to cross. This was simply part of the journey, part of what it took to warn the other clans of the arising threat.

    The medicine cat was curious of how RiverClan would take their sudden appearance in their territory. They wouldn’t attack, of course, but she knew they weren’t on the greatest of terms. However, perhaps this was a chance to strengthen their bonds a bit. Surely Wisteriastar would appreciate the warning they had traveled to give…

    Are we to have Hickoryroot present as well when we tell Wisteriastar?” Nettlenose asked curiously in regards to Riverclan’s medicine cat. Perhaps the other could offer some insight, but she wanted to do what her father believed was the best course of action. “And Heronflight…?

    The molly could easily tell when they were approaching Riverclan’s camp. Their scent grew stronger, as did the smell of fish and all the many scents that came with the waters. She wasn’t overly fond of it, preferring the scents of dried leaves and tall grasses, but said nothing or showed no disgust. Instead, she looked quite curious, her eyes flickering over the cats in their clearing. The cream-striped she-cat stayed by Wolfstar’s side, her round emerald eyes rather calm for being in a different camp. They just had to convey their message.

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