The Most Unsophisticated of Meetings{Milky/Fire}

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    Firebird ~Skyclan Deputy 

    “Good cause I wasn’t asking” he drawled back with a smirk painted on his black rubbery hued lips. He easily toned her out when she snarked back to him about her insufferable chattering. Firebird was more focused on getting into camp and finding Saffrongaze to finally relieve himself of the kittypet. His form straightening up slightly as he makes his way closer to the entrance to camp. Bracing himself for the peculiar looks he would receive as well as the mocking from his brother.

    Tilting his head briefly to the side as he looks up at Milky. “Now just remain quiet and no starting conversations along the way” he warned sternly before carefully maneuvering through the branches. Quietly informing her to stay low to avoid snagging on any of the low branches. Grunting lightly as he felt a sharp branch stab into his side, but easily pushed through, ignoring anymore discomfort. Firebird couldn’t be as graceful as usual with another feline resting upon his back.

    Finally after what felt like hours but had only been an hour, he returned to his home; just not alone. Firebird doesn’t even wait as he continues his way through, his piercing ember eyes flickering over lazily at the other felines within the clearing. A small nod is all he gave to those who greeted him with questioning looks. ‘Now to find Saffrongaze’ he thought, though that would be an easy task as she was for the majority of the time, in the medicine den. His sensitive ears twitching as her warm breath caressed them as she spoke softly in his ear. Rolling his eyes but he couldn’t hide the amusement within his gaze as he listened to the wonder and surprise in her voice.

    His paws subconsciously lead him to where he needed to go. As he knew the layout of Skyclan Camp like the back of his paw, many within camp knew the routine and what each den stood for, not just by the looks but the smell. Firebird could easily differentiate between the dens due to the scents that mingled within. Now, the strong scent of herbs filled his nostrils as he moved closer to the den residing in a hollowed out tree. Ducking as he enters, being surprisingly careful not to knock Milky against the archway. “Saffrongaze?” He called out, looking around for the peach Scottie medicine cat. “I told you…welcome to Skyclan he mutters before searching for a place to lay the wounded she-cat.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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