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The Mooncave Description

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    A small cave along the coast, roughly a day’s journey from the clans, hosts one of the most important places to these cats. The mouth of the cave is wide, and can only be accessed from above the cliffs, via walking down a small staircase-like structure. At high-tide, this cave floods and cats are unable to get in or out, making timing incredibly important.

    ▸ Down the tunnel leading into a smaller chamber, which fits roughly four to five cats, is the most sacred place of all. Years of weathering has creating a pool of water covering the entire floor of the cave. In the center is a massive rock, often called Stargazers Rock, which Medicine Cats climb to speak with StarClan. A huge opening in the ceiling lets in the light, and when the moon is high enough in the sky, the reflection across Stargazers Rock floods the whole chamber with moonlight, casting an ethereal glow.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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Forums Neutral Areas The Mooncave The Mooncave Description