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    Night had fallen over the land, casting moonlight over the rocks and shrubs and reflecting in the ocean. Saplingskies and Harepaw were the first to arrive, and he figured the others would be joining them soon. “Due to all the rain we’ve had in the past moon, I’m going to go down there and check if its safe. Wait here and let the others know that I went ahead to check things out. If it’s too flooded, I’ll let everyone know.” Once he gave Harepaw the instructions, he proceeded down the path, praying that it would be safe tonight. He would be incredibly frustrated if he and Harepaw had come all this way for nothing.

    By the time Saplingskies returned, all the other medicine cats had gathered. He cleared his throat to get their attention before giving his report. “The mooncave is safe, our gathering will be going as planned. Come along everyone, it’s almost time.” He spoke clearly, gesturing up at the sky with his tail to enhance his point. It would be moonhigh soon. “Be careful on the path, it’s a bit slippery in some spots!” He warned, letting the others go ahead as he brought up the rear with Harepaw, Saffrongaze, and her little ward, Speckles. It was nice to see a new medicine cat apprentice, there hadn’t been a new one since his own.  He bent his head down to speak to the kit, a gentle smile gracing his muzzle. She had been awful quiet ever since she and Saffrongaze showed up. “You nervous?” He asked, tilting his head. “Your first medicine cat gathering can be pretty nerve-wracking, but don’t worry. It’s just us medicine cats, and the cats of StarClan are very nice. The meetings get easier every moon, and soon coming to the mooncave will be like returning to your den back at camp. It’s gonna be alright.” The little speech sounded almost exactly like the one he had given to Harepaw before her very first meeting. In fact, It’s the same speech Softshimmer had given him when he was just a young apprentice. He gave Speckle another smile, then turned his attention back to Harepaw as the group of cats slipped into the mooncave.

    “Excited? This is our first meeting in a while,” He mewed, affectionately bumping his apprentice with his shoulder. “You’ve grown so much since the night you became my apprentice.” The tom purred, a sentimental look twinkling in his eyes. “I’m so proud of you, Harepaw. I couldn’t have asked for a better apprentice.”

    Hareflight [Mel]

    It was their first meeting in quite a while, and Harepaw was excited. It was, perhaps, one of the few things to be excited for since the storm, and having to shelter with RiverClan. They had weathered the storm though, and helped a lot of cats, and Harepaw couldn’t help but feel proud of herself, and the other medicine cats that would soon be gathering with them. As Saplingskies spoke, the apprentice’s gaze flickered to him and she nodded her head. “I will. B-Be safe.Be safe. This had been something Harepaw had begun to tack onto her sentences when her and Saplingskies were to split up. The storm had given her a deeper sense of just how quickly something could go wrong, and with that, came this new habit of urging those she cared about to be safe, regardless of if it was something they could control or not.

    As instructed, as each cat arrived, Harepaw greeted them kindly, informing them that Saplingskies had gone to check if the mooncave was still flooded. Thankfully, he returned not too much later, to let them know it was safe, and Harepaw was relieved that their journey hadn’t been a waste. Excitement was growing in her now for their meeting, and she glanced at these cats who, despite Clan boundaries, she felt close with. With some, such as Peachpaw and Startledpaw, she felt like she had practically grown up with them, and she let out a soft sigh, a smile falling onto her lips.

    As they walked, Harepaw focused on each step she took, being careful not to slip, and as she did so, the calico molly listened to her mentor talk with Speckles – the kit who would soon be a new apprentice. Recognizing the speech, she glanced over, delight dancing in her gaze. “I promise it- it’s not as intimidating as it seems.” Harepaw assured her, offering a wide smile. “E-Everyone is really nice.

    Her attention fixed on Saplingskies as he bumped shoulders with her. She listened quietly to what he had to say, but his words filled her with pride and she smiled joyfully, leaning in to press her side against his affectionately, a purr growing in her throat. “I couldn’t h-have asked for a better mentor. I don’t think there would be one, if I did.” She purred jokingly before a soft look came onto her face. “Thank- Thank you for looking out for me, Saplingskies.” She let out a sigh of contentment, dual coloured eyes gazing at the path before them as she thought back on all they had been through. It had been a lot of hard times and a lot of good times, but more than anything, she was glad she had Saplingskies as her mentor.

    Harepaw had never thought she would amount to much of anything — she wasn’t good at hunting, dreaded the idea of fighting, and never even considered the thought of being chosen to be a medicine cat apprentice. But here she was now – she had succeeded. Through hard work, hard times, and the never wavering support of her mentor, she had succeeded.


    The previous weeks that had preceded the meeting tonight had been treacherous, with the loss of lives and many injuries throughout the clan cats that speckled the nearby lands. Yes, the rains had been violent in their downpour, and yet now…there was beauty. The rocks gleamed and shimmered with fading moisture from the last showers, the ground was soft underpaw and the grass that wasn’t torn and flattened shone with beads of dew under the moon’s soft light. Nettlenose, with her apprentice Startledpaw in tow, arrived to the place where they were all to meet, her expression one of peace but her emerald eyes anxious within their shallows.

    It had been a stressful time for them all, with the healing they had been continously doing, looking out for their clanmates and ensuring the wellness of their friends, yet they had come out strong. Now, Nettlenose was only looking forward to tonight. Finally she could speak to Starclan and hopefully ease her troubled mind, conflicts would fall to resolve…and most importantly, Startledpaw was sure to be recognized for his hard work. Glancing back at the sleek black tom, her heart gushed with a pang of admiration and love, she had so adored having the tom by her side the past many moons. Her den had once lay empty besides the company of sickly cats, but she now shared it with someone that she passed the knowledge of her practice down to, and nothing had given her more joy.

    I hope you’re looking forward to this meeting’s start.” The medicine cat said warmly to her apprentice, smiling at him gently. “I know that I sure am. I just wish you’d stop growing so much, you’re going to make me look so small standing beside me with those nimble legs!” Nettlenose chided, her tone playful. She briefly glanced to the others before letting her gaze settle on Saplingskies, who had been kind enough to check the condition of the mooncave before they all went down. Seeing as it was safe, she touched Startledpaw’s back with her tail for him to follow along with her, and trotted down on stubby legs to the mooncave, nodding with a friendly smile to Harepaw  and Speckles as she passed. The apprentices must be so excited, which made her all the more thrilled.


    Startledpaw ~ WindClan Medicine Cat Apprentice

    Tall and lean figure was slinking through the shadows casted from the clouds above as the moon held itself high in the inky black sky, stars twinkling brightly as the two felines trekked across the moorlands. Pupils wide for his night vision to take affect, the color was a little diluted but he could see the figurines of the other medicine cats and apprentices awaiting their arrival. The past few moons had been so chaotic that they hadn’t been able to truly accomplish one of these meetings in quite a long time. He was actually looking forward to one of these meetings now that he was older and could comprehend the telling of StarClan perhaps a bit easier.

    His left eye was completely blind, the pupil almost missing as the clouded pupil was close to a baby blue coloring, almost blending into the bright aqua blue of his iris’s. Unable to see his surroundings from the left side, he kept his chin tilted in such a way that he was able to walk comfortably alongside of Nettlenose. He surely was quite a bit taller than his mentor by now, almost being fully grown tomcat, his slim figure had filled out with lean muscle from his training sessions from his brother, Thistlepaw, to know how to defend himself. Ears twitching faintly for a moment when he caught the sound of Nettlenose voice as she spoke, briefly glancing towards her with a playful smirk finding its way onto his face. “I am excited. I’m looking forward to see if StarClan will speak with me.” He confirmed, nose giving a small twitch for a brief moment before he noted that Nettlenose was still speaking, causing him to grin when she mentioned his constant growing.  “Well at least I’m no longer a tiny fuzz ball.” Startledpaw teased as she shifted to bump his head affectionately against her shoulder blade as they walked, his dark grey striped pelt gently rubbing against her creamy fur.

    Face shifting for his blue eyes to land on Harepaw as they got closer, he knew the she-cat since they had practically started their apprenticeship together, she was a shy feline but he didn’t mind that. “Evening, Harepaw.” He smiled softly, appearing friendly for once as he glanced towards Saffrongaze and the kit she had brought along with her Speckles. He hadn’t spoken with Saffrongaze much before, but he certainly didn’t mind the quirky she-cat as long as she wasn’t bothering him. Harepaw was greeting Speckles and being friendly, although his whiskers twitched faintly for a moment as he looked down as the small fuzz ball. “Well, most of us are nice.” Startledpaw smirked, although he looked down at Speckles with a gentle gleam in his eyes.

    He noted that he hadn’t seen Peachpaw just yet, but that was just fine with him… he found that she-cat to be a little odd. Grunting faintly for a moment, he turned his head as he felt Nettlenose run her tail along his back, causing him to turn his head back towards his mentor as she watched Saplingskies return from the moonstone cave to let them know that it was safe to continue. “I’m right behind you.” Startledpaw meowed, letting his chin tilt to the right as he walked after his mentor, Nettlenose, dipping his head gently as he walked by Saplingskies


    Thunderclans Peachy Princess

    Okay Peachpaw you can do this, leaving the comfort of her home has recently became harder for the molly. With the injuries and trama the heavy winds and rain brought even leaving for one night spiked the bird anxiety. But no matter she wouldn’t let it show, she was Thunderclans proud medicine cat she would continue to hold her head high and join the others in their meeting with the stars. Peachpaws short legs strolled swiftly to the huddle of healers, her gaze immediately falling onto one of her closest friends outside of Thunderclan, Harepaw, bouncing up to the multi colored she cat, “Harepaw! It’s so nice to see you again” She wasn’t particularly close to the others but the other apprentice seemed to Peachpaws weak spot, planting herself at her side.

    It was odd being the only apprentice there without a mentor but then again she was only an apprentice by name. Seeing the others standing along their mentors, hearing the praise that came along with such a position did string the molly, she’d wish to share this moment with someone special like Cherrycloud or Softbelly. At least Harepaw and Startledpaw are here, while she wasn’t as close with the tom the three had started their journey around the same time feeling an odd sense of joy to have such felines here to receive her name. “Evening Saplingskies, Nettlenose, Saffrongaze” Her head dipping towards the three mentors before her, Offering the small kit accompanying Saffrongaze a friendly, yet cautious face.

    Peachpaw kept close to Harepaw on the journey to the cave, thinking maybe it’d help calm them both down, even if she wasn’t showing it Peachpaw had a constant anxiety building up in her paws. Trying to lighten her mood, she gave Harepaw a light bump, “Is it just me or has lil grumpy really grown up since the last meeting?” Commenting on the toms tall stature, a faint giggle following her words as she was sure Startledpaw heard.

    The entrance to the cave had always been intimidating to the stunted molly, even now more than ever. Taking a deep inhale, her eyes closed imagining Snarlingbadger encouraging the she cat to enter the cave as she was sure he’d done if he was allowed to attend with her. Letting out a long exhale the lass slowly opened her eyes, following the others into the cave.


    With all the chaos had been passed, the remnant of the storm had remained still but, the meetings of medicine cats had to continue forth. She and Speckles had shared that the young kitten had followed in the paw steps of previous Skyclanners. While Saffrongaze found Starclan a tad weird, she still respected and honored them. She wondered, even with her background, would they speak to her. She’d attended these meetings in the past but always felt fearful that Starclan would reject the outsider; but, in her defense, she’d been raised in the paws of Skyclan so while she wasn’t Clan-born, she was Clan-raised.

    She traveled alongside Saplingskies to the Mooncave, her head tilting as they arrived. It seemed unsafe and the peach Scottie hesitated when the small brown tom offered to go ahead. Her stature had returned to normal; she was her old blissful self again. Her tail stayed protectively around Speckles; she felt the need to protect her since Saffrongaze is the only family for her at the moment. The small kitten had accepted her new life so Saffron wanted to ensure that Speckles would enjoy her new life as Skyclan’s medicine cat if, Starclan forbid, anything happened to herself.

    Once Saplingskies resurfaced, Saffrongaze gave an assuring head lick to the kitten, letting Sapling and Hare reassure Speckles much better than she ever could. She watched through prideful eyes and a blessed smile. She nodded in agreement, swishing her tail. Her ears flicked and her azurite eyes turned toward the other meddies. “Nettlenose, Startledpaw, Peachpaw, blessings, welcome.” She purred, stepping aside a tad so they could join the group. She turned to the entrance of Mooncave. Slippery… craning her neck, she picked Speckles up by the scruff and began to climb down with extreme caution. Once she felt the kitten could take the rest, she placed her down on a less wet rock.

    Slip!  “Oh, Starclan-!” Though not a large fall, it was enough to send a thrill through Saffrongaze’s body, she had slipped and landed on her back, a laugh escaping her lips. “Oh dear me, that was fun!” She giggled, turning to her paws and shaking out her body. The fall didn’t hurt, just a small bump; her fur caught most of her fall. She looked up as her comrades.


    To say that Speckles was nervous was quite the understatement, she was absolutely distressed, there were so many cats here. All of them larger than herself, and the trip here had been downright dreadful. With all the debris from the storm that had raged through it made the journey very perilous. The storm is what brought her here, she could recall that much and that much alone.

    She only knew of her name, and the fact that the storm had spirited her away, into the life of Clanhood. With so many new sights, scents, and noises, it had overwhelmed her. She’d only recently just recovered from her ordeal, and now she was about to become a Medicine Cat Apprentice. It all happened so fast, she really hadn’t much time to process everything, so she was left in a tizzy.

     Just when she felt like she couldn’t take another pawstep forward, the other felines around her offered her words of comfort and encouragement, those words were more appreciated than she could ever hope to explain to them. She gave them a gracious nod, “T-Thank you.” She mewled, her voice barely short of a squeaky whisper. She followed alongside her mentor-to-be Saffrongaze. She felt the safest when she was next to her, she was warm and safe, and she also smelled of flowers and honey.

    Saffrongaze was just a soft and sweet she-cat, and Speckles was reminded of something she’d forgotten, though she didn’t realize it now, Speckles would soon come to equate this emotion with having a mother of sorts. For now though, she wasn’t even aware of who her own mother was, so how could she miss someone she didn’t even know? Being lost in thought, Speckles hadn’t even noticed Saffrongaze picked her up and was carrying her.

    She didn’t protest, she didn’t mind being carried, not at all. It was at that moment where they were was clear to her, she’d seen this place before, in a dream. She knew this place, and the same feelings she felt in her dream began stirring within her. Once Saffrongaze had made it down the incline, and placed Speckles down, she gazed off into the cavern, as if in a trance. Which was only broken when her mentor-to-be slipped and flopped down on her back.

    Speckles turned around and gazed at her in concern, however she seemed to be alright, which was a relief.

    “It’s… it’s going to be slippery in here, right? Everywhere you step is wet. Even this rock is wet.” Her gaze shifted to the mossy and damp covered rock she’d been placed upon. It would appear that she was slowly emerging from her shell, becoming more relaxed around the other Medicine Cats.



    Saplingskies purred, giving his apprentice an affectionate lick on the forehead. He lowered his voice a bit, speaking so only she could hear. “You’re like a daughter to me, you know. It’s been wonderful to watch you grow into such a confident, kind, and compassionate she-cat. I know our clan will be in good paws when it’s time for you to take my place as the sole medicine cat.” He touched his nose to her cheek and laid his tail across her back in a brief loving gesture before continuing on deeper into the cave.

    The brown tom made his way to the front of the group of medicine cats, beckoning for Harepaw to follow. Once Harepaw had joined him, he cleared his throat to get everybody’s attention. “Before we begin, there is something I would like to say. With all the hardships the clans have faced, I believe the apprentices deserve some recognition. I cannot speak about Startledpaw or Peachpaw, but I’m sure they’ve held their own very well during these hard times, just like my own apprentice, Harepaw. Due to her hard work these past moons, I have decided that she is more ready to receive her full name.” He paused briefly, shutting his eyes for a moment before continuing. “I, Saplingskies, medicine cat of ShadowClan , call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to learn the ways of a medicine cat, and with your help, she will serve her clan for many moons.” His eyes met Harepaw’s, his expression soft and full of pride. “Harepaw, do you promise to uphold the ways of a medicine cat, to stand apart from rivalry between Clan and Clan and to protect all cats equally, even at the cost of your life?” 

    Upon Harepaw’s agreement to the oath, Saplingskies dipped his head and finished the ceremony. “Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your true name as a medicine cat. Harepaw, from this moment you will be known as Hareflight. StarClan honors your intelligence and compassion, and we welcome you as a full medicine cat of ShadowClan.” With those words spoken, Saplingskies turned to Hareflight and rested his muzzle on her forehead. Once the other medicine cats had cheered Hareflight’s new name, he stepped aside, giving up the floor so the others could speak if they so desired.

    Hareflight [Mel]

    At Saplingskies’ words, Harepaw glanced over, pride filling her chest as he praised her. “Thank you, Saplingskies.” She said, leaning into him as he touched his nose to her cheek, and continued to walk. Despite her simple words, her eyes gleamed with proud tears, and she felt a comfort walking alongside her mentor tonight. One pale paw after another, the calico molly followed after Saplingskies, stepping to the front with him as he gestured to do so. Her dual coloured eyes fixed on him as he began to speak, and she smiled as a proud feeling increased in her chest. She knew what was going to happen here, and finally, after so long she felt as though she deserved it.

    Harepaw listened silently and politely as the brown tabby recited the ceremonial words, though her chest had puffed out in confidence, eyes sparking in excitement. Her gaze met Saplingskies’ as he paused and she listened to the oath, an enthusiastic grin splitting across her maw. I do.” She affirmed. As she was named Hareflight, she dipped her head, an embarrassed smile falling into place as the others cheered her name. Hareflight couldn’t help a purr that rumbled in her throat as Saplingskies rested his muzzle on her forehead. “Thank you,” She whispered, before making her way to sit back with the others, a sense of pride and satisfaction filling her. HareflightI’ve earned this name.


    Saffrongaze watched her friends follow behind her. Luckily they didn’t see that royal fail of a fall. She waited until Speckles joined her side before padding further into the Mooncave with a small nervous smile. Will the Skyclanners for of the Past accept her even after all this time; she’d been here with Cloverface when came here so she could receive her Medicine Cat Apprentice name and her full-fledged name. From Saffron to Saffronkit, Saffronpaw and finally, Saffrongaze. Her tail stayed behind Speckles the entire walk and then she instructed the kit to touch noses with the stone that stood tall before all the cats.

    Everyone had begun their ceremonies and now, it was time for Speckles to become Skyclan’s next Medicine Cat — when the time came. “Speckles,” She began, standing in front of the kitten, the reflective stone shining off Saffrongaze’s peach pelt. “Is it your wish to enter the mysteries of Starclan as a Medicine Cat?” She asked with a soft voice. Everything about the Scotties’ stance was calm, reassuring.

    { Once accepted with an “I do” }

    “Then come forward.”

    “Warriors of Starclan, I present you with this apprentice. They have chosen the path of a medicine cat. Grant them your wisdom and insight so that they may understand your ways and heal their Clan in accordance with your will.” Said Saffrongaze. She touched her peach nose to the stone and spiraled into the realm of Starclan. She hesitated before opening her azurite eyes opened before the starry plains. Her heart filled with glee as the many Skyclanners bounded forward with smiles on their faces to greet Saffrongaze, rubbing against and flying over before stepping aside.

    The Skyclanners sat, in a row of sorts, as a much respected Skyclan Medicine Cat of the past padded forward.

    [ Excluding the veil of course ]

    Her pelt was a beautiful silver with pure snow-white paws. A prideful smile on her maw. “Cloverface.” Saffrongaze gasped softly with tears of joy wielding in her eyes. “Saffrongaze, my pride, and joy of Skyclan. We’ve watched over you, we apologize for not foretelling the storm. But, with you and Saplingkies, even Harepaw, or well, I’ll let you figure out her full name. We welcome you back and accept Speckles as your apprentice.” She purred, swiping her tongue over Saffron’s head, much like how she’d been doing to Speckles. With a nod, the Skyclan cats cheered but briefly before gathering around the three medicine cats. Cloverface stood in front of the kitten. “Speckles, until the day comes where you receive your full name, you will be known as Speckledpaw.” The cats let out mews of delight and joy. Skyclan were more of the joyful clans, they were pacifists.


    Oh-!” Nettlenose exclaimed with a soft gasp as Saffrongaze went tumbling down with a light fall. She was ok though, so the medicine cat breathed a relieved sigh, hoping they would take care the rest of the way. Now though, she turned to Saplingskies, who voiced what she had been thinking of the entire journey over, and a grin was unable to keep itself from her lips. Finally, it was time to recognize the apprentices…and that meant she could recognize  hers.

    Nettlenose listened intently as Hareflight earned her name, and Speckledpaw joined their respected rank of healers, and she was joyous for them both. Their mentors looked so pleased, and she was just as amped to get her own show on the road, and let Startledpaw have his moment in the moonlight. She waited, patient but anxious, until finally she could speak.

    I too would like to recognize my apprentice…” The fluffy molly announced, stepping towards the sleek black tom with a warm and loving gaze. Momentarily, she pressed her forehead against the tom’s, inhaling his comforting scent before stepping back with a soft grin. “I, Nettlenose, medicine cat of WindClan , call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He has shown an astounding aptitude and desire to continue serving beneath your guidance for many moons to come.” She announced, her voice practically trembling with pride and excitement. 

    Startledpaw, do you promise to uphold the ways of a medicine cat, to stand apart from rivalry between clan and clan and to protect all cats equally, even at the cost of your life?” She questioned, though she was certain of the answer and was very pleased to hear his agreement. “Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your true name as a medicine cat. Startledpaw, from this moment forward you shall be known as Startledcrow. I welcome you so warmly as a full medicine cat of WindClan.”

    Nettlenose stepped forward again, her tail swishing anxiously as she licked his shoulder. “Oh..I’m just so proud of you! You’ve brought me so much joy just by sharing my den, I know you’ll serve WindClan well and with pride. Well done, Startledcrow.


    Startledcrow ~ WindClan Medicine Cat 

    Once they were in the moon cave, Startledpaw’s head was buzzing as it always did when he was close to this place. Soft whispers echoing about the walls as his sensitive hearing could detect the softest of sounds coming from their ancestors. This place was certainly holy, his eyes flickering towards his comrades as he searched their faces to see if they were experiencing the same thing he was, but as usual their expressions seemed calm and their focus was on one another. Clearing his throat in silent disappointment, the dark grey striped tabby had to push those soft whispers to the back of his mind as Saplingskies voice echoed within the cave, his bright aqua blue eyes flickering towards Harepaw as he felt a smile rising along his dark lips. Harepaw certainly deserved this moment in gaining her full name and becoming a full medicine cat of her clan. 

    Taking a seat beside of Nettlenose, he watched silently as SaplingSkies and Harepaw went through the ceremony, his expression soft but his attention almost else where. A tender voice kept whispering his name, as if the spirit was hovering over his shoulder blade, causing the fur along his spine to rise with the shear feeling. Licking his lips, his ears perked up when Harepaw received her name, grinning even when Hareflight accepted her name and the duties that came with it. “Hareflight!” Startledpaw called out with the others as they acknowledged the new ShadowClan Medicine Cat. Staying silent when Saffrongaze then stepped forth in order to welcome her new apprentice to the rank, his gaze sweeping over the pelt of Specklekit as the ceremony began, his head tilting as he noticed the soft shimmer around the two SkyClan cats as the naming ceremony came to an end. 

    “Welcome to the medicine cat rank, Specklepaw.” He dipped his head in the direction of the newest apprentice, his expression unreadable but his voice and his eyes were soft and kind. Startledpaw had been welcomed into the medicine cat rank just as friendly, even if he hadn’t been as friendly back. Shifting slightly, he honestly was waiting for the word for them to begin the walk to the actual moonstone, standing up from his sitting position. Although no one was moving and they were all patiently looking between Nettlenose and Startledpaw. Eyebrows furrowing for a moment in silent confusion, when Nettlenose finally spoke up, saying she wanted to recognize him as well. Me? He thought silently to himself, lowering himself back down into a sitting position as Nettlenose gently pressed her forehead against his own, his nostrils flaring slightly to breathe in her scent to keep himself grounded. This wasn’t a dream. 

    Ears stood straight up when Nettlenose took a step back and began to speak, he clung to every word that was spoke, his walls crumpling as he allowed excitement and nervousness to be been upon his face. Upon being questioned if he would perform the duties expected of him as a medicine cat, the tall feline gave a single, but firm nod of his chin. “I do.” Startledpaw confirmed, the tip of his tail twitching in the moment of excitement as he could see Nettlenose was more than pleased with his answer. He couldn’t help but smile when Nettlenose appointed him as Startledcrow, a true medicine cat of WindClan. Dipping his head in gratitude to Nettlenose and his fellow medicine cats before Nettlenose walked up to him and licked his shoulder blade. “Thank you.. Startledcrow..” He tested out his name in a curious and yet cautious manner, he clearly liked the sound of it and it rolled off of the tongue whenever Nettlenose said it. “I like it.” Startledcrow grinned, licking the top of Nettlenose’s head. He just couldn’t wait to tell Willowfur when they returned home. Turning his head, he looked towards his fellow medicine cat comrades and grinned. 

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