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The measure of respect.

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    As the party who had been chosen to attend the night’s gathering entered the hollow, hushes fell over those who’d remained. Word spread swiftly of the tumultuous events that had transpired, and soon worried faces could be seen all around the RiverClan camp. The addressment from the ranks was brief, words about being strong and not letting the other Clans intimidate them. It seemed to soothe very few worries about what was to come.

    Rainysky himself was just heading to his own den when Wisteriastar called him into hers. His slender body froze up, as he remembered he was actually in trouble. So much else had happened that night, he’d almost managed to forget. But it was clear his Leader had not. Fear engulfed the Medicine Cat, as he forced his paws forward knowing full well that punishment could not be avoided. If he could run to escape it, he’d never stop.

    He stole one last glance up at the waning moon, wreathed with stars and a faint veil of clouds still draped over it’s impassive white face. Sending a small prayer up to his sister, he shouldered his way through the curtain of willows and into the Leader’s den to face what was to come.

    “Yes, Wisteriastar?”


    – W I S T E R I A S T A R –

    The RiverClan leader had made her stance very clear at their previous Clan meeting after the battle in ThunderClan camp. Cats that could not obey her orders were not to be welcome in RiverClan, and anyone that gave her a reason to doubt their loyalty to her or her Clan would surely be brought into question as to whether or not Wisteriastar would tolerate it. To say that it was a shock when Hollystar revealed in her announcements that her own medicine cat, Rainysky, had been involved in a fox chase on ThunderClan territory would be an understatement. She was livid. To think, that her own Clan healer would be involved in something that dangerous, putting his life at risk for another Clan in a perilous time, and then not to tell her about it himself? Unforgivable. The silver tom was going to get a piece of her mind tonight and she was not going to hold back on him, given that he had taken her abrasiveness head-on before without flinching. 

    When Rainysky’s slender figure appeared at the mouth of her den, Wisteriastar fixed him with cold amber eyes. “Sit down.” She told him, sparing him no formal greetings or inquires over his well-being or mental state. None of that was of concern of her right now. The calico feline waited but a heartbeat for him to settle himself on the cold stone, as she did not have any spare nests in her den, before she ripped into him. “So, when were you going to tell me that you, our sole Clan healer, put yourself in danger against an animal that you’ve had little to no experience in facing, for ThunderClan?” The RiverClan leader didn’t give him a spare moment to reply before she continued, “I realize that it’s within your instinct as a medicine cat to help those in trouble, but you do understand the current situation of the five Clans? Of our Clan? That your leader is pregnant and cannot suddenly be left unattended to, without a healer, because he died outside of his territory? What would have happened if Kass wasn’t there and you got wrapped up in that? You would have been seriously hurt if you had managed to leave alive, you understand that, right?”




    Please read with caution!


    Her stare penetrated him like ice. It was time.

    He drew a shaking breath, reminding himself that it would be over soon. His old comforts would await after he’d endured the punishment he had earned. He wondered vaguely if she’d feel it was necessary to subject him to physical restitution, he felt it was appropriate given the severity of his transgression. It wasn’t likely she’d attack him in her state, but she might refer him to someone else to do the job or choose to send him on a mission where he was likely to be hurt. It was also fair to remember that sometimes the best lessons were psychological. Yes, she was so smart and collected- she wouldn’t lower herself to harm his body, he hoped.

    He realized she’d asked him a question and his back tensed up. Quick, answer, it was time to respond accordingly to the input or…or..he did not want to think about it.


    “I wasn’t.” His voice was small, his eyes glassy as though the real Rainysky was buried behind layers of self-preservation. Yet the faint tremor in his paws indicated that he was still in there, somewhere. Struggling to maintain composure. 


    You understand, right?


    He was in the Apprentices den, Grayfang’s tall form blotted out the suns light darkening his features to the point where his father’s exact expression was indiscernible. 

    But his tone told him everything that Rainypaw needed to know.


    “You understand, right? I’m doing this for your own good.”


    “Yes father.”


    “Now tell me again, what were you telling Coralpaw? And no not lie. I will know.”

    The young tomcat bowed his head, the fresh bandages on his cheek drooping, threatening to come loose.


    “She just asked how I hurt my face. I said a fox attacked me, that we were together and we fought it off. I didn’t tell her that you ma- I attacked it.”

    The senior Warrior clicked his tongue dubiously, as Rainypaw qualed beneath his unseen gaze at his verbal slip-up just there.


    “It’s clear you don’t understand why I do what I do. This is to be expected, I am the parent, you are the child. But you won’t be a child forever, and it’s my job to impart the lessons needed for the rest of your life.”


    “Now, sit still.” He instructed, advancing on the younger tom now.


    “I don’t enjoy this, Rainypaw, but I can’t let you grow into a lazy Warrior, do you understand?” Grayfang murmured, sounding only mildly weighed down by her words as one large paw undid the cobweb poultice attached to his son’s cheek to inspect the place where the fox had scratched his face.


    “That should just about do it, I think this wound should leave a decent scar as a reminder.” Grunted his father, standing to his paws. “I’m sorry son, it’s my fault. If I’d been harder when you were younger…well, it’s always easy to see what you should have done. But you’ll be stronger for this.”


    “Rainysky? Rainysky?”


    He was back in the Leader’s den, Wisteriatar was looking at him with clear irritation. He felt panic flutter within his chest as he realized he must’ve zoned out quite rudely just there.


    “I-I’m sorry.” He choked. 

    And then he lost all composure, the shakes spread to all parts of his body as the pale tomcat fell before her onto his belly. Like he was trying to become so low that he buried himself. Tears, hot and salty leaked from his eyes squeezed shut, fearful to even meet her gaze. 


    “I-I-I’m sorry I’m so so sorry. It was wrong of me, I won’t, it won’t happen agai- I promise!” His voice went up and down as it was throttled by his constricting throat. “I’ll resign, I’ll do whatever you want me to.”


    “P-p-p-please j-just don’t…” He didn’t even know what he was begging for anymore, the healer was simply in full panic mode as though it were not his Leader before him but someone about to do him very real harm.

    Gone was the cat who had dared meet her gaze before. Well, perhaps not gone, but merely hampered at the moment. At that time he’d not been in trouble. This was different. He was in the wrong and knew that he had forsaken her.

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