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The Lost Girls {Lost, Bright, & Milky} [Closed]

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    It was raining. The other cats of SkyClan seemed to be hiding from the poor weather, but not Lostpaw. The black and white outsider was laying in the clearing, silently examining a puddle forming nearby, watching as ripples formed on the surface whenever a raindrop landed within. She let out a heavy sigh and heaved herself to her paws, taking a moment to stretch out and look around. Darkbird wasn’t around, so there wasn’t much for her to do. She could go visit the kits… but they were probably asleep. Their mothers wouldn’t want them playing with a soaking wet cat anyway. The elders were also a no-go. They always made a spectacle of her disability, as if her disgusting name wasn’t embarrassing enough. The age gap made interacting with the other apprentices feel somewhat awkward to her. It was all so frustrating. She just didn’t fit in anywhere, all because of her stupid missing leg! She let out a frustrated growl and stomped the puddle, momentarily shattering her reflection. However, something caught her attention, quickly dissipating her burst of rage. She thought she saw movement by the medicine den, but there was nobody around.

    She stood there, whiskers twitching as she watched the medicine den. Then, she felt something pulling her towards the fresh-kill pile. She wasn’t very hungry, but before she could even think about it, she had picked up two birds and was making her way to the medicine den. It was strange, as if her actions were being influenced by some outside force. She poked her head inside, clearing her throat before speaking. “H-Hello?” she called around the birds, fully stepping inside. Saffrongaze and Speckledpaw weren’t in… but two patients were. These were two cats she had yet to meet. “Um, hi…” she began slowly, tail flicking nervously. “Um, I brought food if you two are hungry,” She limped closer, carefully placing the birds at each she-cat’s paws. “I’m…Lostpaw.” She’d been in SkyClan for almost a month, but the name still made her sick. She made no effort to hide her disdain for the awful thing. “I apologize if I disturbed you two. Nobody else seemed to want to be out in the rain,  so I thought I would drop in…”


    The unnamed visitor turned her head, mid-laugh at a story Milky had been telling her about her time spent with twolegs, housefolk, whatever they were called. The arrival of a stranger came as a small relief, as the conversation had lagged a bit due to it mostly being one sided. The orange tabby would’ve loved to contribute more, but her basket was empty.

    “Aren’t you a sweetpea?” She purred warmly, winking at the cute molly. “Cats just keep bringing us food and moss and such…a she-cat could get used to this, couldn’t they Milky?” Mrrowed the outsider.

    She did not seem phased at all by the fact that Lostpaw had three legs and not four. Maybe that was just something that happened- what did she know, after all? The fact that it might be deviation simply didn’t occur to her.

    “Shame about this rain hm? Would’ve been nice to lay outside and meet some new folks.” She observed, taking one of the pieces of prey and passing one to her nest-ridden kittypet denmate. “Though not everyone here’s friendly as you two cuties.” Laughed the tall she-cat, taking a bite of her meal. She sure did love prey- had she been an outdoor cat, like Lostpaw? Or a kittypet, like Milky? She felt a stab of envy, that both had such clear identities.


    “You wouldn’t believe the luxury of—“ her story coming to an end as a new contender entered the den, blue eyes studying the molly, trying to avoid staring at her leg or rather lack there of. Milky had heard of this new comer from Firestar, horrified at his ruthless way of naming her. Such a cruel fate, dusty tail almost moving on its own to cover up her own leg, feeling guilty for how weak she was with it while this molly was training with only three. 

    Eyes slapping towards her mysterious denmate, “Oh yes my friend! I’m glad Skyclan has some idea on how to treat a lady. Perhaps our new friend here could show a certain beast how to act.” A soft giggle following her words. Happily taking the feathered creature pushed her way, teeth sinking in before giving it a gentle tug, only taking a small bite as to not get her muzzle too dirty, she was a lady after all. “Please have a seat, wont you join us?” Her paws gesturing for the molly to have a seat. “What should we call you Deary?” 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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