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    It was getting late, and it was time for Saplingskies to give Hornetstar the daily report. He didn’t see much point in telling Hornetstar every single cat that had been in his den that day, but the leader had asked for daily updates, so the medicine cat had no choice but to oblige. The whole day had been nothing special. No dire emergencies. He had spent the morning training Harepaw, and spent the afternoon treating some cats with bellyaches due to a couple pieces of bad prey. He had the fresh-kill pile inspected, and any other pieces of off fresh-kill had been tossed out.

    He was right outside of Hornetstar’s den, when he noticed something strange. A smashed hornet’s nest. He quickly looked around, thinking that maybe some apprentices had been playing with the abandoned nest, but no one else was around, and there were no paw prints nearby. An ominous feeling began to loom over Saplingskies as he reached out to touch the destroyed nest with his paw.

    As soon as he made contact, a single hornet crawled out of the nest and onto Saplingskies’ paw. The medicine cat began to bristle, his eyes widening as his pupils narrowed into slits, and he simply stared at it . The hornet sat on his paw for a few moments before suddenly dropping dead, landing on the ground. Right as the insect hit the ground, Saplingskies felt a sharp pain in his throat. The pain was intense enough to take his breath away. As soon as the pain appeared, it faded, and Saplingskies was able to move. He quickly backed away from the dead hornet, a fearful hiss escaping him. Suddenly, his attention snapped to the leader’s den.

    “H-Hornetstar!” the medicine cat squawked, rushing inside to report what had just happened.


    It was that time of day where the sun was still stubbornly clinging to the horizon, the moon and stars trying to make an appearance of their own. The sky had an ethereal haze to it as the different skies, day and night time, clashed. It truly was beautiful, especially if the clouds ended up painted hues of oranges and pinks and reds, but instead of being out and enjoying it, Hornetstar instead chose to be cooped up in his den.

    This was usually when Saplingskies came to give his daily report, something the leader had chose to also impliment after the Tribe’s appearance. If he went wandering off now, the medicine cat might not find him and he wouldn’t know about any possible happenings until tomorrow. But when the brown tom’s voice rang out, a little stutter to it, the golden tom almost wished he wasn’t there to hear what had to be bad news.

    “Saplingskies, what is it?” He shot to his paws, eyes wide and fur slightly bristling. There should be no reason for this behavior, unless… Unless the medicine cat had had a vision!

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