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    Saplingskies had been quiet, thoughts preoccupied by the message StarClan had sent him during the medicine cat meeting. He had been polite to his fellow medicine cats, but he wasn’t feeling very conversational. He was only half listening as the leaders rattled off their announcements. It was just a run of the mill gathering, until Hollystar spoke.

    The brown tom’s jaw dropped as Hollystar named her new deputy at the gathering. Normally there would be nothing wrong with that besides it being odd, but to deputize a cat that hadn’t even taken a proper name?! “This is inconceivable…” he whispered to the other medicine cats, tail fluffing up anxiously. The yowls of outrage were getting louder, and Kass was practically begging for a fight with the way she spoke, mocking StarClan and calling the forest cats weak. Was this what StarClan had warned him about? Was ThunderClan going to fall victim to a violent, traitorous leader that cared nothing for the code? Would the other clans be next?

    He was then shaken from his thoughts by Firebird leaping at Kass. His eyes widened to practically the size of the moon, and his jaw hit the ground again. He didn’t move, but he couldn’t help the cry that escaped him. “Not at the gathering! Think of the code, you’re better than this, Firebird!” The medicine cat bristled as the altercation continued, and he instinctively stepped in front of Hareflight, ready to defend her if things got worse. Why couldn’t they just have a normal gathering?

    “Both of you cease at once! This is highly inappropriate and downright insulting to our ancestors and to your leaders!” Saplingskies was a small tom, but he had a big voice, especially when he was displeased with something, and this gathering was going downhill fast. He took a step forward, but as soon as he moved, the wind began to blow. The medicine cat froze, eyes slowly turning up to the sky as clouds floated to cover the moon. “Oh no…” He whispered, eyes narrowing in fright. He opened his mouth to call out again, hoping to get through to the two deputies, but thunder suddenly roared overhead, seemingly louder than any sound he had ever heard before, silencing him instantly. He crouched in fear, eyes anxiously moving back and forth from the fighting cats to the angry sky above him.


    It was evident that tempers were rising high and that matters were escalating far quicker than they should have, Wisteriastar knew that this would happen and she knew that Kass’s challenging mannerisms and her taunting of the present Clan deputies and leaders certainly wasn’t helping calm the situation in the slightest, but she certainly did not expect to see the newly named ThunderClan deputy hop up with them on the stones to challenge Wolfstar directly. The RiverClan leader narrowed her eyes at the dilute calico but she did not open her mouth to address the situation directly herself, for it appeared that several other of those with the authority to do so here had done so already. Wolfstar, his deputy, Owlbelly, Peachblossom, Blazestar, her deputy, Firebird, and Wisteriastar’s own deputy, Heronflight, all appeared to be ruffled beyond belief at what had transacted here tonight. The tip of the calico warrior’s tail twitched in agitation. All of this was going far too fast.

    She parted her jaws to say something, to cut off the arguing before actions were taken that could not be as easily resolved, but she found herself interrupted by Kass’s tangent. That was when it appeared that the SkyClan deputy’s temper had snapped, and he had launched himself at the rogue feline before them. Appalled, Wisteriastar’s thick fur rose from her hackles and she stood to her paws immediately, watching the fight wordlessly for a few heartbeats. However, it seemed as though she didn’t need to say much as it was, for Saplingskies’s outcry had snapped her to attention and in the same moment, she became fully aware of the roaring sky above them and the clouds that loomed threateningly over the moon that had granted them peace.

    “That’s enough!” The RiverClan leader snapped, her voice thick with command as she took a wide leap from the stones and landed herself directly between the scuffling cats. Firebird may have been a burly and heavy tom, but Wisteriastar did not appear to struggle what-so-ever in giving him a vigorous shove aside. “You’re lucky that you’re not my deputy, or you would have lost half your pelt just now!” She snapped at him, fury thicker than honey in her tone of voice. She spared him not even a second glance as she then turned immediately on Kass, “And you,” She continued, her voice now changing to an eerie and icy quiet that held a certain level of her previous rage hardly contained in a thin veil reflected in the curl of her lip as she shoved her face straight into the dilute calico’s, “You’re the sorriest excuse of a rogue I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Your ego is so suffocating I feel like I could choke on it. Get over yourself! You’re nothing here. Where you came from means nothing to us and if you think for a second that you’re so important and relevant that you have the right to strut in here with your head high, and truly believe that you have the right to command anyone, then think again.” Wisteriastar lifted her chin and stared down at Kass, the spotty moonlight barely catching the glint in her orange eyes that appeared to spark like fire.

    Part of the reason why she was so frustrated with her wasn’t even anywhere close to the same level in which her fellow clan cats were. It was beyond her comprehension why a cat with as much potential to thrive in their settings as Kass was acting like the most immature of kits, if not even less than that. She certainly didn’t have the patience for it and she wasn’t about to sit here and baby her or bow to her or walk around her like the rest of them. “You’ve got a lot of learning to do.” The RiverClan leader scoffed, promptly turning away from the ThunderClan deputy, not even giving her the option to respond– quite frankly she didn’t care. She’d lost interest in the whole dispute by now.

    “RiverClan! We’re leaving!” Wisteriastar gave but one notice to her Clan, omitting ShadowClan from her addressal. She wasn’t about to speak for Hornetstar and order them to leave as well, but seeing as they were currently sharing RiverClan’s camp then that meant if RiverClan were leaving, they surely would be following suit as well. It may have been a bit bossy, but she didn’t think twice about it. Instead, she left the Ghostly Flats, her clanmates in tow.


    Heronflight – RiverClan Deputy

    Satisfaction edged the increasing horror he felt as Firebird and Kass tumbled off the leader’s rock. Smokewisp hurried over to them, seeming full to the brim with disdain as she ignored Kass in favour of talking sense into SkyClan’s deputy. Heronflight had been well out of the way from their fall, and he was content to sit back and watch in silent offense– not that he himself would bother to step in. Hopefully the molly had hit her head and whatever blasphemous ideas she harbored from this ‘old life’ of hers had been knocked loose.

    Sapplingskie’s objection in particular caught Heronflight’s ear, followed swiftly by a peal of thunder that had the RiverClan deputy freezing in place. He’d been expecting as much, but anxiety gripped him all the same. It was time to leave. Looking away from the tussle to Wisteriastar and the other leaders– he certainly thought less of some of them after this fiasco– he stood ready to follow whatever orders were surely to be given.


    Firebird~ Skyclan Deputy

    He remained hovering over Kass, his gaze locked with her bicolored eyes, his brows furrowed as he tried to understand her. But, there was nothing to really understand at this time, the diluted multicolored she-cat has already revealed her true thoughts on the clan life. The only thing nagging at him was why would Starclan let this go any further? His reactions during this gathering was unacceptable according to the warrior code and Starclan itself. And yet, silence was all he heard. No sign that Starclan was displeased, just the sound of his and Kass’s breathing. Keeping his grip on her as he awaited for her response, he had a sinking feeling that this outcome will only become worse with each tense silence that ticked by. He knew he was going too far, that he was bringing some sort of dishonor to Skyclan. Could no one see his reasoning? Could no one tell why he had so called recklessly made a move on kass? The new ‘deputy’ was still and would ever be a rogue, her past history was too interwoven into her that she would most likely never be able to fully take to the warrior code. Firebird believed that the feline below him knew her implications would not sway to her favor. That by declaring them as weaklings that weren’t worth her time, she had lost whatever future support as a deputy. Even if she did not care now, what would happen when she was in a dire need with her clan? When herself and Hollystar required help? Would any clan respond? Windclan, he supposed would be the one to cave and help out; he knew that Wolfstar and Hollystar were close enough.

    His tuft sandstone ginger ears perk up at the sound of his name being called towards his left. Turning his cranium ever so slightly, letting the unknown figure come into his peripheral vision. Smokewhisp. Now this surprised him greatly, though he would never show it. Why was the Shadowclan deputy stepping in and trying to reason with him? For the time he resided with Shadowclan, he had learned quickly that she did not like to worry herself with things that concerned others. Of course anything that affected Shadowclan was another story. It would seem that whatever he would do that he would come out as the bad guy, he was believed to be the one to blame for this whole gathering whirling into chaos. He knew better, Firebird knew that he was not the only one to blame, Kass had equal parts in this as he did, it just was that he was the one that had the guts to do something about it that made others uneasy. All he heard was that he was the one that needed to get a hold of himself, that he should be the one to back away. Why was no one; especially the leaders saying or doing anything toward Kass? Were they contempt to let her belittle their faith, to get in leader’s faces, to proclaim ‘I’m strong, you’re weak, I’m big, and your small. And there’s nothing you can do about it’ attitude? It did not sit well with him, he was showing Kass that not everyone will crumble to their knees for her. That if she truly wanted to reform the clans, especially Skyclan, she would have to get rid of him first.

    He had learned long ago that submission is just the cowards way out. Giving in would not make the situation better, it would just cloud Kass’s mind even more into believing that she had control. Fire was tired, equally as physical as mental. The sharp thud against his shoulder jolted him out of the deepest part of his mind. Blinking as he slowly registers Smokewhisp’s words. ‘She’s right…’ he couldn’t help, but think. ‘It’s not my place to fight for the clans, Thunderclan is not my responsibility. If they want to harbor this she-cat as their deputy….then let them fall’ with hesitance he slowly removes his claws that were embedded into her shoulders. Slight trickle of blood dripped from the wounds. “Hmm. You’re right. I’ve wasted enough time here” Firebird muttered towards Smokewhisp. His heart continued to race as adrenaline pumped through his body, his anger ebbing away as his senses came back to him. The only reason he had taken a defensive approach against Kass was because he could sense where her actions were going. Better him take the brunt of it than let her continue to talk down to the leaders. Yes, there would be repercussions for his actions, but he would take whatever was thrown at him in stride.

    Glancing toward Kass once more before finally getting off of her, his eyes held guilt as he felt ashamed of his actions. He had let himself stoop to her level, he had let her words and actions bait him into playing into her hand. He had a feeling that this was some part of her plan, to cause a scene and altercations during a gathering. He could not be sure, all he knew was that he fell right into the trap. His instincts to protect his clan overruled his senses of right and wrong, now he would have to pay the price. Clenching his jaw, a huff of air escaping his nostrils as he takes a deep breath. Steeling his emotions for what was to come, his ears pinning backwards slightly as he heard a high pitched voice that belonged to Specklepaw, newly acquired medicine cat apprentice. A slight frown adorning his lips as he sensed her fear, and knew he was partly the cause. The sudden loudness of the thunder startled him as the faint shout of Saplingskies voice touched his ears. Again, he was to blame, not once had he heard for Kass to stop with the way she was acting or with her ‘glorious’ speech. Brushing it off before suddenly being pushed back by Wisteriastar. Now one of them intervene? If he weren’t already in deep shit, he would have snorted.

    Firebird barely paid any attention to the leader, she was not his, he could give a damn about what she had to say to him. It was nothing that he did not know already. The large Maine Coon was already padding away. Ignoring the stinging on his chest, droplets of blood trickling down, staining his pelt. The wound wasn’t deep as it had only occurred when Kass kicked him in the chest, it would heal. His gaze hard yet if you looked close enough, guilt and self-hatred could be seen. Sparing his leader once last glance, hoping to convey how sorry he was before heading toward his brother; Honeysplash. Ready to head home and finally be done with this wonderful experience.


    Rainyskys legs trembled as he rose and follow his Clan, and the ShadowClanners with whom they currently lived. The silver tom could scarce believe any of what he’d seen, a rogue cat as a Deputy with no Warrior name, who openly besmirched clan life? A fight between Clan heads? His pale eyes went upwards to the moon, but the pale orb had no answers for him. All that he could do was fall in line, thankful and hopeful for the fact that his own government had remained civil.



    Bearheart shook her broad head with a throaty chuckle.

    “Never a dull night, eh?”Meowed the stumpy WindClanner as she shook out her old limbs, giving one more hoot-like laugh before dashing off to join her brethren. I bet Fawnspring is turning in her grave! Thought the old Warrior wryly. Still….she did not care for that young upstart Hollystar had selected, but she lost no sleep over it herself. A cat foolish enough to drag the name of all five sovereign Clans through the mud couldn’t pose much of a threat, right? Still, she flexed her black claws. Kittypets indeed! Let her come and test that little theory.



    Waspstrike stood very slowly, her enormous blue eyes glancing about as the excitement seemed to have pretty much wrapped up. The tiny ink-black Warrior wore a smirk on her face, what a Gathering! She’d been to many, but never one so lively. That Kass, something about the calico was oddly familiar, but she could not place her. Still, what a spitfire. Hollystar’s got good taste.

    Nor did she really grasp why everyone was in such uproarious protest, had they not really listened to her? She was going to do good for her Clan, who the hell cared how that happened? How was it their business anyhow? No. Thought Waspstrike, her lip curling. They just looked and saw a rogue, they always do.

    The undersized she-cat followed her Leader out, feeling a prick of pride that her Clanmates had not dirtied their paws. She thought the truce was a silly rule that begged itself to be violated, but in this case brutality achieved nothing and left all involved looking like kits.



    Hawkpaw jumped up, his blood had been boiling his chest aching from having shouted during the fight. Would that he could to have helped, but Kass clearly had it handled. Ha! He’d never been more proud. She hadn’t let those silly Clanners talk to her how they wanted, she’d dictated her own terms. Of course they’d been spoil-sports about it.

    “Yeah! Run back! You’ll all be begging ThunderClan for help before you know it!”

    However..something about the whole exchange refused to sit right with him. He was at a loss to parse just what it was, yet…

    I know she hates the Clans too, but what’s her plan now?

    Somehow he had a bad feeling she wouldn’t be sharing that with him.

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    Sleepysky – Riverclan Warrior

    This got too intense too fast. The tension between the clans and Kass was starting to overwhelm her. It was not only a wave of relief, but also a cold breeze and lightning, that Wisteriastar finally shut the damn rogue up and ordered Riverclan to leave. Thank Starclan… Sleepysky sighed deeply. The three-legged she-cat got up and started padding along with her clanmates, glancing over at the rest of the cats before hobbling along. Starclan must be really angry about this. She gazed at the sky, seeing the clouds covering the moon swiftly.

    Hopefully that damn rogue gets a scolding for that stunt she pulled.


    Honeysplash – Skyclan Warrior

    Honeysplash watched everything with his mouth somewhat agape, amazed that his brother had the guts to attack Thunderclan’s new deputy before multiple clans. Of course, she was being a total ball of foxdung. But, openly attacking her might’ve gone a little far. ‘Wouldn’t mind clawing her ears myself,’ he thought wryly. Thankfully, Wisteriastar called things to a close before the situation could escalate further.

    He jumped up as the clans began to depart. “Firebird, look! Firebird!” he called out excitedly, gesturing towards the strange ginger tom among the Thunderclan crowd. “He looks just like you! Don’t tell me you’ve had any illicit kits without informing your favorite brother!” He playfully flicked his flank with the tip of his tail. “Seriously though, it was freaking me out. Shame that we probably won’t have any time to investigate,” he murmured quietly. The clans were departing quickly, hasty to leave the high strung gathering behind.

    Smokewisp – Shadowclan Deputy

    Smokewisp sighed in relief, silently thanking Firebird for heeding her words. She turned, leaping into the crowd as he helped her clan prepare to leave. There was a good deal of murmuring and anxiety. ‘Reasonable,’ she thought with a dry expression. ‘This was absolute chaos and the last thing we needed. Hopefully no ill will comes out of Thunderclan from all this.’ She glanced up at the boulder, where Hollystar and Kass remained. ‘I doubt either of them will forget this, it was insulting to everyone involved.’


    Wolfstar’s eyes widened when Kass pushed Firebird off of the boulder, only to be dragged along to the ground below. Unsheathing his claws, he leaned over the side of the boulder and watched with horror. What were they doing? Why would they want to anger StarClan like this?! He bunched his muscles to prepare to end the fight, but Wisteriastar beat them all to it and separated them. While Wisteriastar was speaking angrily to the deputies, Wolfstar looked at Hollystar. “For your sake, I pray you made the right decision. Because it’s not looking so good now, is it?” He snapped the last words at her, not thinking clearly because of his anger. How dare Kass jump on the boulder and get in his face!

    At Wisteriastar’s call, the gathering was now over. “WindClan is leaving as well. Let’s go!” Thankfully, their temporary camp was not far from the Ghostly Flats. Jumping down to the ground below, Wolfstar bumped his shoulder against Kass’, giving her a hard glare before making his way towards his Clanmates, his tail flicking sharply to have them follow him out.

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