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The Gathering ((NOV, 19))

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    Her muscles ached, they were undeniably sore from all the journeying the Clans had done over the past moon and they screamed at her with every step she pulled herself forward. Not only had her Clan had to flee their own territory due to the excessive flooding that occurred, but once they had arrived near ThunderClan, they had been sent back partially, and she had had to drag her tired Clanmates once more to the mountains to shelter with ShadowClan and SkyClan. The calico warrior gave a huff as she thought about it, and while she didn’t blame Hollystar for being unable to shelter both WindClan and the whole of her Clan, she was still irritable that she had to split her Clan in half in order to shelter them both properly.

    However, once she spared a glance to her flank and saw her deputy, Heronflight, loyally by her side, all of her previous negative emotions melted. RiverClan was whole again and stronger than ever. That was all that mattered to her at the end of the day. Though, in looking back, she saw more than just her own Clan present with her. Mingled in closely with RiverClan was ShadowClan, who had been staying with them in their camp since their return from the flood. Hornetstar, ShadowClan’s leader, had sent out a few warriors to scope out the territories and check on their camp after the rain had stopped and found shockingly enough that their camp, the underground tunnels, had still been swollen with rainwater. This was of no real surprise to her, but she saw the mixture of shock and fear on the faces of the ShadowClan cats once they learned that their home was demolished and she knew that she couldn’t just leave them be. Not just as a Clan leader morally, but after all that their medicine cat, Saplingskies, had done for her, she genuinely wanted to help them.

    So, Wisteriastar had approached the knowingly bad-tempered ShadowClan leader and offered her home to them until the waters had fully receded from their camp. Hornetstar had begrudgingly accepted her offer, and for the past moonrise or so, they had been sharing RiverClan’s camp. It did of course rub her pelt the wrong way in which the honey-colored tom had behaved but she shrugged it off the best that she could. Perhaps it had to do more with his pride or his self-worth in asking for the help of another Clan that egged his irritable nature more than usual and she would have to deal with working on understanding Hornetstar more if the two of them were going to be living in the same space for a while to come.

    Despite this, there were good things that came from the disaster of the rising waters. A positive feeling of hope swelled within her as Wisteriastar took another glance backwards to the mass of cats that were following her and Hornetstar as they lead the two mingled Clans to the ghostly flats. Near the back, she spotted Hickoryroot, a SkyClan tom that she had recruited into joining her Clan as her new medicine cat. While Fishtail’s loss was not forgotten, the calico warrior was thrilled to have a new healer to tend to her Clan in times of need. Per Saplingskies’s suggestion, they had asked Blazestar to allow them to take Hickoryroot with them, should he be willing to part with his birth Clan, and she was both satisfied and a bit bothered by the SkyClan leader’s response. The ginger she-cat had allowed them to rehome the silver tom, but she had appeared thoroughly exhausted during their conversation. Wisteriastar made a mental note that she would have to check on her again later during the gathering.

    Soon enough, the fierce winds that protected the flatland whipped her muzzle and flattened her whiskers against her face. The RiverClan leader blinked her eyes against the cold sting and carried herself up against the sheer face of the rocks that lead to the gathering-place. Upon reaching their destined location, Wisteriastar found that they had been the first to arrive. “We might as well go ahead and get ready, then,” She said as she turned to glance at Hornetstar, giving her tail a wisp to motion in the direction of the large rocks that jutted out above the dip in the ground ahead where they would be sitting later as they addressed all five Clans directly. Wisteriastar paused, however, and gave a flick of her tattered ears to indicate that Hornetstar could go first, figuring that perhaps being more polite to the other leader would leave them on better terms, and then she followed the ShadowClan leader to the jagged stones and hopped up an appropriate tail-length from him atop the stones. Now all they had to do was await the arrival of the other three Clans.



    It was on tired paws and with aching muscles that he walked alongside Wisteriastar to the Gathering spot, ready to get this night over so he could focus on more important things. ShadowClan needed to work on finding a new camp, and getting out of RiverClan. He was thankful for the place to shelter, that wasn’t the cold mountains, but it obviously rubbed him the wrong way to have his Clan dependent on others so much. Of course he wasn’t going to screw the situation up for his Clanmates though, and was doing a rather commendable job of keeping his attitude under control. He could have been much more prickly than he currently was, to put it in simple terms. Having to defer to another leader while making decisions for his Clan was irksome, though their hosts had been rather accommodating and understanding so far. For that he should be grateful as well, he supposed.

    He padded alongside Wisteriastar silently, eyes straight ahead as he prepared himself for this get together tonight. He understood the importance of Gatherings and the meaning they had to more friendly Clan cats, but didn’t really care for them himself. Truthfully, he would be perfectly content to live his life in ShadowClan territory and ignore everything else going on outside of it. But he was leader now, had been for a while, and he had duties to uphold.

    The golden tom slowed as they approached the Gathering spot, obviously expecting the RiverClan leader to take point and lead the way up to where the leaders spoke from. He was surprised, but in a pleasant way, when she silently offered to let him go first. With a nearly imperceptible dip of his head, he gracefully made his way up the rock formation to take his usual spot. Hornetstar could be adaptable when need be, but he liked routine and familiarity when offered the chance to take it. “Hopefully this ends better than last time, and faster,” he commented, watching his Clanmates below. StarClan knew he wished he could do more for them at the moment, than make them shack up with the fish-eaters miles from their homeland.


    Each pawstep was exhuasting for Wolfstar as he lead his Clan up the steep slope. His whiskers were pressed back and his blue eyes narrowed to shield them from the harsh winds as he audibly huffed with annoyance. Despite WindClan being the closest Clan to the Gathering Place, all of his Clanmates had been tirelessly building a temporary camp and searching for a permanent home in the meantime. The abandoned Twoleg den they used to reside in was completely battered. All the wood panels were slivered and torn from the walls, crushing the makeshift dens they used for shelter. The WindClan territories here were a lot windier than the last territories they lived in since they were so close to the cliffs. He thought the Twoleg den was the perfect camp, but StarClan obviously had different plans. 

    Wolfstar swiveled his head around to check on his Clanmates. They all looked as tired as he, but determined to get to the top. Owlbelly was directly beside him, Nettlenose and Startledpaw behind them, then the rest of his cats following. He was proud of how resilient his Clanmates were, grateful for their strength and determination. Not having a home was disheartening, but no one complained too much and everyone had helped with the building process. Tomorrow, I will make a patrol to find a more permanent home. He knew it needed to be done sooner than later, but he had wanted to give them somewhat of a rest before moving everyone again. 

    The large tom almost smiled with relief as they padded up to the top of the cliff and made their way to the dip in the ground where the gathering was held. Before he even saw them, he smelled RiverClan and ShadowClan, surprised ShadowClan made it before they did. How did ShadowClan get passed our territory without me knowing? The thought unnerved him and his eyes stayed narrowed as they entered. Sudden realization hit Wolfstar as he saw RiverClan and ShadowClan cats were entwined with each other, and Wisteriastar and Hornetstar were already at the top. Wolfstar mumbled to Owlbelly, “It seems ShadowClan is staying with RiverClan. Their territories must still be a disaster.” Despite losing their camp, the WindClan leader was grateful they didn’t lose their territories too. He thanked StarClan in a silent prayer before heading towards the Smooth Boulder to join the other leader’s. 

    Good evening,” he meowed, his voice low and warm. He could tell Hornetstar was a little tense, and Wisteriastar didn’t seem to have much of a reaction. The last time he spoke with her was in front of Hollystar as he begged for the ThunderClan leader to let them stay with her. Wolfstar tried not to feel embarrassed about it, knowing she would have done the same thing if she were in his position. Several of his cats almost had greencough and three were injured to the point where they wouldn’t have been able to make it very far if forced to leave. What else could he have done? 

    His muscles rippled with strength as he pounced on the boulder, sitting beside Wisteriastar who was to his left now. Clearing his throat, he blinked as he stared down at the three Clans. “It seems everyone is worn out from the storm. Thank StarClan it’s behind us now.” As he said that, however, he looked up at the sky which was still filled with gray clouds that hovered over them like a threat. His chest tightened anxiously, and he searched the crowd of cats for Goldenrose, his mate, the sight of her helping him calm his nerves. Considering her belly was now obviously swollen from carrying his kits, he figured this would be the last Gathering she attended until their kits were apprentices.



    Heronflight – RiverClan Deputy
    Heronflight had taken much better to having ShadowClan living in their camp than he had with managing half of his own clan while living in the forrest with ThunderClan. Indescribably pleased that that, at least, was long over and only a fading memory, the grey tom followed the two leaders lithely, sticking close to Wisteriastar. She was somewhat tense, though no more than usual, but from his familiarity with her he could tell that she was in a much better mood than she had been at the start of the moon. For good reason, of course. And being fed after so long certainly helped.

    Settling himself at the foot of the rock for the first time was, he would admit, exciting, but he mentally checked himself– he was here because other clanmates were no longer with them. Green eyes searching the cats around him, he could name most of the faces he picked out now regardless of what clan they were in.

    Foxspice – RiverClan Warrior
    Unusually silent, the ginger she-cat padded along with her siblings as RiverClan made their way to the Ghostly Flats for the gathering. ShadowClan had been staying with them, and her unease around the dark warriors from the other clan had yet to dissipate. Sure, the two groups had been living together for the better part of a moon, but they still felt incredibly different to her. They were scary, even if it wasn’t to the same extent as she’d heard in stories as a kit.

    Their deputy and leader were especially intimidating, and in the case of the later Foxspice felt as if there was some kind of storm brewing in him that was only barely under control. She’d been reminded that he was probably just frustrated with how things had been going, but that didn’t reassure her very much even if it was probably true.


    Sleepysky – Riverclan Warrior

    Sleepysky wasn’t one for crowds. The small she-cat hobbled over toward the gathering area, glancing over at her leader carefully. For a while, Shadowclan had been living alongside them due to the storm, and it was strange having more cats in the camp than usual. Sleepysky shrugged it off for the time being. Sooner or later, they’ll leave. They strolled over to a comfortable spot and sat down, sighing deeply.

    Raccoonpaw – Shadowclan Apprentice

    Raccoonpaw brushed his pelt against his siblings, looking a bit nervous as he followed Shadowclan into the clearing. He would take quick glances over toward Riverclan, the clan that happened to be sheltering Shadowclan at this time. He sighed, grateful that the clan had survived the storm, but also hoping to get back home to a comfortable nest. It had been uncomfortable sharing with cats he didn’t know. But sticking with Harepaw and Badgerpaw was the only thing he could do right now.

    Raccoonpaw sat down next to Badgerpaw, unsure if Harepaw was going to sit with them or with the medicine cats.

    Ravenpaw – Windclan Apprentice

    It had been an exhausting few sunrises. The apprentice dragged their paws as they followed Wolfstar and the rest of the clan, feeling restless from everything that has happened. Our camp is goneThey thought over and over, saddened by the destruction of the twoleg nest. However, they were thankful for Thunderclan’s service during the storm. Plus, helping the Windclan elders back to their territory was much easier than leaving their old home. Hopefully, Ravenpaw’s efforts meant something to Windclan.

    Ravenpaw paused as they glanced around the area. The last time they came to the Gathering was their first time. And their first Gathering was a very interesting one. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again. Ravenpaw thought before finding a comfortable place to sit. 


    StartledCrow ~ WindClan Medicine Cat

    Whiskers twitched slightly as the tall and slightly muscular tomcat enjoyed the light of the full moon, his dark grey striped pelt appearing almost black in the dark hues of the night. Pupil narrowing faintly as he could see through the faint haze of fog, spotting the figurines of cats as they walked throughout the clearing in order to get closer to the jagged stones on which the leaders would stand upon to give their speeches. Bright aqua blue eyes shifted towards the dark grey and white form of Wolfstar, the tip of his tail twitching in slightly anxiety. Only about two weeks had gone by since he had found out that Willowfur was expecting kits. Medicine cats were allowed to have kits as long as they had a fully trained apprentice, but he still felt anxiety claw at his chest every time he was near Wolfstar

    Grunting faintly to himself, his eyes flickered towards that of Owlbelly as the two toned male walked because of Wolfstar, both conversing quietly to one another, although he could barely just hear their conversation. Briefly his gaze landed on Wisteriastar and HornetStar, the two clans had appeared to arrive with one another but that was simply because ShadowClan’s camp and tunnels were still under water. Hopefully that clears soon. He thought to himself, stepping carefully over the hollowed ground. Memory of being a young apprentice and stumbling all over the place because of his lack of sight on his left side, however with a lot of practice, Startledcrow was just as graceful as a cat with full eyesight. Stepping around a RiverClan apprentice, he side glanced towards Nettlenose. She had been rather quiet towards him the past few days, he knew she was worried but she showed it too much on her face. Side stepping he gently bumped his head affectionately against her shoulder blade, having to lower his head and shoulders to do so. “Cheer up a bit and smile… it’s the gathering.” His deepened voice was smooth and quiet, although his eyes sparked alive with mischief. 

    Following his mentor to the jagged stones, which the medicine cats usually sat underneath, he noticed that Hickoryroot was nearby, dipping his chin down towards the SkyClan Warrior, well.. former. He had seen the Warrior here and there, and honestly he got a good first impression of Hickoryroot. Turning his head, he spotted the brown tabby and white marked pelt of SaplingSkies, although what really marked the tomcat as different was his large and feathery tail. “Hello, SaplingSkies.” He meowed politely, but his voice was emotionless. Spotting the stumpy tailed calico near her mentor, Startledcrow couldn’t help but give the she-cat a smile. They had started their training around the same time, so he was rather familiar with the she-cat. “Hello, Hareflight… no Peachy yet, hm?” He questioned, his eyes absentmindedly looking for the creamy striped pelt of the ThunderClan Medicine Cat. She was an odd one that, she seemed sweet but he could sense a darkness to her. Regardless of that fact, this would be their first gathering as fully trained medicine cats and with their full names no less. 

    Goldenrose ~ WindClan Queen

    After the terrible storm, Goldenrose had been placed under strict orders to be nest ridden, her health and the health of her kits were too important. Startledcrow had been hesitant about her attending the gathering since her stomach was beginning to swell with the little ones growing within her. She could understand why the medicine cat was hesitant but she also knew that Wolfstar was a bit more anxious than usual for this gathering, and for some reason he seemed to keep his temper and worries under control when she was near. She walked a few paces behind Startledcrow and Nettlenose, walking with a few other warriors of her clan while she looked around. RiverClan and ShadowClan were already here and the cats seemed to be mingling but looking forward to speak with cats of other clans to see how they were fairing after the storm. Bright green eyes flickered towards Wolfstar as he walked, his head was held high and his chest was puffed out as he walked with pride, although his dark blue eyes seemed troubled from what she could see. Startledcrow and Nettlenose split off from the group in order to speak with their medicine cat comrades, while Wolfstar and Owlbelly made their way towards the jagged stone. 

    Goldenrose followed the two toms for a wee while, her long tail swaying gracefully behind her as she reached Wolfstar before he joined the other leaders. “You’ll do fine. Just breathe and let it come naturally. You’re good at that.” She teased her mate in a quiet voice, rubbing her cheek tenderly against his own before giving him a playful wink. His nerves were unsettled but she knew once he started talking he would calm down. Watching him make his way up the jagged stone, she gave a small smile to Owlbelly and tilted her head. “Don’t push yourself too hard. Wolfstar is only strong enough to carry one of us.” She teased the tomcat, giving him a small smile before she started to weave her way carefully through the growing crowd of cats. Her white and rose gold patched pelt rather distinctive against the darker pelts of the other clans. Goldenrose moved to lay down upon a small flat stone, her rounding belly not seeming as large with her laying down. Gazing up at the jagged stone she caught Wolfstar’s eye as he searched the crowd, his expression seeming to soften when he caught sight of her. Smiling she lifted her nose at him and gave a soft purr, the tip of her tail twitching in contempt as she watched her mate quietly. 

    Hareflight [Mel]

    Hareflight – ShadowClan Medicine Cat

    So many things had happened since the last gathering, it made Harelight’s head spin. Everyone was exhausted – especially ShadowClan who didn’t even get the luxury of their own camp – and yet, the molly couldn’t help but feel excited. It would be her – and some of her peers’ – first gathering as full medicine cats, and the excitement this caused sent bolts of energy into her paws as she walked, urging her forward. Having spoken to Saplingskies earlier, she had promised to meet up with him at the gathering, wanting now to walk with her siblings. Still, she couldn’t keep her dual-coloured gaze from scanning the crowd to find his brown tabby pelt, a smile falling onto her lips.

    As Raccoonpaw leaned in, Hareflight glanced over. Despite the fact she was the first of the three to receive her full name, she was still on the smaller side, and she had to lean to swipe her tongue over her brother’s shoulder. “It’ll be o-okay, Raccoonpaw. We’ll be home soon.” Her words came out a purr, and she offered her brothers a grin as they entered the clearing. She spared a quick glance towards her mentor as Raccoonpaw and Badgerpaw sat down, and she looked back at them, her head tilting. “I-I have to go meet up wi-with everyone else. I’ll check in with you guys later!” Her eyes gleamed and she leaned in to nudge her nose against each of her brothers’ pelts before turning and darting off to catch up with Saplingskies.

    The calico molly slowed her walk as she caught up with both Hickoryroot and Saplingskies, offering them both a smile. “A-Are you excited for tonight?” Asked Hareflight, head tilting as she gazed at Hickoryroot. Although it wasn’t quite the same circumstances, she couldn’t help reflect on her own first gathering and the excitement she had felt. At the deep voice of Startledcrow, Hareflight glanced over, her eyes lighting up as she caught sight of the dark tabby. “Startledcr-crow!” She grinned, her stumped tail wagging, “I guess not, but I-I’m sure she’ll be here soon.” With a soft smile, Hareflight sat back on her haunches beside Saplingskies, brushing her fur against his lightly.

    Scarletflood – ShadowClan Warrior

    Scarletflood didn’t exactly enjoy gatherings – she was like her brother in that respect – but with the smell of fish clinging to her pelt and filling her senses, she needed to get out of RiverClan’s camp for a night. Even so, now that she had actually entered the clearing, she hesitated, thick pelt fluffing as she looking over the cats mingling. She didn’t really feel like talking with any RiverClanners, or any other Clan when they arrived, for that matter. With a sigh, her golden eyes scanned lazily over the cats, before settling on a clanmate she recognized as Ivorychest, who looked just as separate from everyone as she felt. With a small snort, Scarletflood ambled towards the she-cat, her fluffy russet fur almost glowing under the moonlight. As she approached, she swayed her feathery tail to get the others’ attention, and sat back on her haunches delicately, eyes flicking to Ivorychest. “You look about as awkward as I feel.” The tabby commented, offering a teasing smile. “Mind if I sit here?” This might have been a polite question, had Scarletflood not already been sitting beside the other feline. Still, it was the best Scarletflood could manage at the moment, and she let out a sigh, her golden gaze fixing on her brother, Hornetstar, who was already up in his usual spot upon the rock.


    Having made the journey mostly veiled in silence, Nettlenose approached the gathering with her clan, her emerald eyes set forward with a focused look. Though she stared at the path ahead of her, it seemed clear that her mind was elsewhere despite her fixed look, as if she wasn’t thinking of path but on something else, intently so. She broke away from her clanmates, off to where the medicine cats would pool together to greet one another and observe the meeting.

    Saplingskies, Hareflight.” The medicine cat greeted, her tone gentle as she seemed to clear her mind of whatever she had been thinking of, mainly due to the nudge from her apprentice. She glanced the tom over from head to toe before releasing a sigh and giving him an affectionate swat of her tail. So much pride and so much anxiety over the sleek apprentice of hers, who had both become a father and earned his full name in a matter of moons. She was proud of him, yet also worried, which seemed to be clear by the way he had nudged her.

    Embarrassed for having been so easily read and not wanting to cause concern, she shuffled her paws, reminding herself that Startledcrow was right, this was indeed a gathering and she should for sure be excited about it. Walking forth on her short legs, she dipped her head in a cordial manner towards Hickoryroot, a friendly gleam in her eyes as she looked the other over. “Hickoryroot, it’s a pleasure to have you joining us.” Nettlenose hummed. As the leaders began to move and gather, she turned her attention towards Wolfstar, her mind beginning to wander again. What could her father be thinking right now…? 


    Skunkpaw-Shadowclan Apprentice

    Skunkpaws large frame separated itself from the sleuth of Shadowclanner, leaving his mentor, Smokewisp, with a quickly muttered “Good luck” knowing she’d have to be joining the other deputies at the base of the boulder. His yellow eyes locking onto the newly named Hareflight, ever since she got her name he noticed a boost in confidence in the young feline. He was happy for her truly but jealousy also pulled at his heart as he felt her slipping away from him with every new friend she made. Feeling the hair on his neck raise the apprentice took a deep inhale to call himself, strutting over to the medicine cat, brushing past her giving her a small flick with his tail, not being able to find the words to say to her but offering her mentor and his dear friend a small greeting, “Here’s to a peaceful meeting, Saplingskies Even being a part of the same clan there were times when it felt like it’d be forever since he spoke to them.

    Leaving his clans healers the hefty black and white tom found himself a corner to watch the gathering from uninterrupted. A lot had changed his Skunkpaws illness and he had a strange feeling even more would change soon.

    Koipaw- Riverclan Apprentice

    Koipaws white and ginger splotched fur was easily noticeable when pressed against the grey fur of his mentor Heronflight. Since the loss of both Rainstar, Brightfoot, and Fishtail, the argument between with Pantherpaw, and the fiery relationship with his sister and Sootstain, Koipaw found himself growing rather fond Heronflight. The deputy never pushed Koipaw to talk about his feelings after the death of cats so important to him or the notable distant growing between his littermates, he simply there for Koipaw when he needed him. His blue eyes looked up at the grey tom, “I’m sure you’ll do great.” Offering his mentor an encouraging smile before departing.

    He was hesitant to leave Heronflight as the tom had become some what of a anchor for Koipaws random flurry of emotions. In the time it took for Koipaw to gather himself he noticed his older brother, Forestmask out of the corner of his. Might as well Koipaw wasn’t particularly close with any of his older siblings but they seemed to be the best option to sit with. Slowly approaching his half brother, sitting beside him without a word, hoping they wouldn’t mind too much. 


    Smokewisp – Shadowclan Deputy

    The wind whistled past Smokewisp’s ears as they approached the gathering. She looked over her shoulder, observing the clan as they padded along. After some rest and food within Riverclan’s camp everyone was in good shape. Even her apprentice Skunkpaw had recovered remarkably quickly. Though, she still silently blamed herself for his illness. ‘I should’ve been paying more attention,’ she sighed. The young tom had a tendency to push himself too hard. She imagined it’d be a characteristic he’d carry into adulthood. She blinked, seeing him in a different light. He’d grown large, strong, and talented over the past several moons. `It’s probably about time,’ she thought. Her lips curled with a smile. ‘He’s done so well. I’ll have to speak with Hornetstar later.

    Her amber eyes fixed on Hornetstar, who lead the way before her. He’d been acting somewhat strange. But, she couldn’t tell if it was due to their circumstances or something deeper. Sharing space with Riverclan had been chaotic, and she hadn’t had the opportunity to speak with him alone.

    The clans slowed as they reached the gathering place. She swallowed, her paws tingling with tension. Before her loomed the great rock where generations of leaders had stood. Now, as Shadowclan deputy, she’d be standing beneath it. Her tail twitched with nervous anticipation. She dipped her head to Skunkpaw as he left to join the crowd. ‘Times are changing. Things last gathering were so different … We’ve all lost so much.’ She stepped up beneath the shadow of the boulder and took her place.

    Courtesy of Mairu Doggy, Deviant Art
    mahon [owl]

    owlbelly [windclan deputy]

    Owl By Akaiitori Dd8yrhx-150 by voluntcruor

    The large tom walked silently beside Wolfstar, deep in thought. Fortunately while at Thunderclan, Owlbelly managed to shake off the greencough. Unfortunately, while sharing space with Thunderclan and Riverclan he had reconnected with one of his daughters, Minknose, who had given him terrible news. The flooding had taken the life of one of his daughters. To make matters even worse, the two-toned tom noticed the distance his children kept with him. The voice of his leader snapped him out of his thoughts and he nodded along after staring at Shadowclan and Riverclan for a moment. “I hope they haven’t suffered too greatly.” Owlbelly murmured a response, keeping his eyes on the two clans. With a deep sigh, the tom prepared himself to interact with many others. You have to be strong. Following Wolfstar to the boulder, Owlbelly settled down at the base of it. 

    “If I don’t push myself then Tinyflame will have to, and I don’t think I want her wrath upon me.” The tom joked the best he could back to Goldenrose, watching as the queen slipped away to join the rest of their clan. He was grateful for her concern though, as the tom realized he must have gained the reputation of someone that pushed themself too hard.

    Glancing at the other deputy’s Owlbelly tried his best to diffuse the tension starting with Heronflight. “We didn’t have much of a chance to speak while at Thunderclan.” The fluffy warrior started, his tone amiable. “I think Wisteriastar made a wise choice when she named you as deputy. I hope we get along well.” Owlbelly hoped Heronflight wasn’t too nervous, trying to talk his way into familiarity always seemed to help a bit. His amber eyes turned to Smokewisp as he offered her a friendly smile. “How are you doing, Smokewisp? I hope your clan is well. The flood has been… difficult to say the least.” He murmured, smile faltering. 

    sootstain [riverclan warrior]

    Flesh Begin To Crawl By Ghrobi-dakca4v by voluntcruor

    The tall grey tabby followed riverclan and shadowclan with a sense of unease. He stuck close with Sorrelpaw, especially since he heard that she almost drowned. Sootstain also wanted to spite Wisteriastar a little bit since she separated the two when Riverclan split in half. He wasn’t sure if she had done it on purpose, but once the two halves reunited he barely left Sorrelpaw’s side. Though he greatly respected the riverclan leader, the tom wanted to know if his theory was correct.

    “How much longer do you think we’ll have to stick with shadowclan? I think their stench is rubbing off on us.” The grey tabby mumbled under his breath to Sorrelpaw, only half-joking. He wasn’t particularly fond of the other clans but knew that their situation was dire. A tired sigh escaped his lips as the tomcat realized that they had arrived at the gathering place. His narrowed amber eyes followed the leaders and deputies of the two clans move towards the boulder. “Are you okay with sitting here?” Sootstain asked gently. He had been making an effort to be kinder, but only around the pretty apprentice. The young warrior still didn’t really like anyone else in the clan that much, but he would be willing to make an exception. 

    Watching as Windclan joined the rest of the clans, he watched as the leader and deputy moved towards the boulders. “They don’t look like Windclanners. Their fur is so much longer and they practically tower over the rest of their clan.” He noticed softly, glancing down at Sorrelpaw with a gaze that immediately softened. “How are you doing?”

    minknose [riverclan warrior]

    Untitled Drawing By Voluntcruor-dacdz1d by voluntcruorMinknose couldn’t help but frown as she followed the clan towards the gathering. It had been a difficult time, but she tried to stay optimistic. Oh, Poppyheart, why did you have to go? Trying to shake negative thoughts from her mind, the pretty she-cat looked around at the rest of her clanmates, hoping to find a distraction. Her blue eyes zeroed in on another riverclanner, Foxspice, who seemed to be deep in anxious thoughts. “Hey, you nervous?” Minknose asked while she approached the she-cat. “I understand. It’s a bit nerve-wracking, everything that’s been going on. Mind if I stick with you during the gathering?” Offering her a friendly smile, she was temporarily distracted by the arrival of Windclan, causing her smile to shake. The she-cat had always had a conflicted relationship with her father, who just so happened to be the windclan deputy. But now that she had to tell him about the loss in their family, Minknose felt an even stronger divide.


    Hickoryroot – RiverClan

    Padding along by the back of the mix of RiverClan and ShadowClan cats, Hickoryroot had to confess he still felt a bit out of place. When he’d been asked to join RiverClan as their medicine cat, he’d been surprised and admittedly thrilled by the opportunity. His interest in herbs and healing had not once dwindled since it first began in his days as an apprentice, though his place in SkyClan— his birth clan— had been as a warrior, hunting and fighting alongside his clanmates. Hickoryroot didn’t regret his choice to follow RiverClan. He was determined to live up to their expectations, determined to prove himself. But he still had much to learn. RiverClan and SkyClan had different herbs, and whilst he had heard of them, it would take time to memorise and get used to each herb, and even aside from that there was much he didn’t know. Saplingskies had been teaching him during the time ShadowClan and RiverClan were spending together, and Hickoryroot would be eternally grateful for the brown tom’s help.

    Nervousness crept up his paws. This was his first gathering as a medicine cat, as a RiverClan cat, and everything felt unfamiliar to the tom. Returning Hareflight’s smile as she bounded over, Hickoryroot shuffled his paws. “Definitely,” the tom responded, “But I’m still so nervous. It’s like being an apprentice all over again,” Hickoryroot laughed, feeling himself starting to relax.

    Before long, WindClan was padding up to join the other two clans. Startledcrow, a WindClan medicine cat, dipped his head in greeting and Hickoryroot returned the gesture in kind. Moments later, he was joined by Nettlenose. “Thank you, Nettlenose,” he replied with a smile, dipping his head to the she-cat respectfully. “It’s good to be here.” A wave of relief flooded over him at how welcoming the other medicine cats were being, and he exhaled deeply. In time, he’d grow used to this.

    Lifting his head, Hickoryroot couldn’t help but peer around looking for SkyClan. Though he hadn’t really forged strong bonds in his birth clan, it felt strange to not be surrounded by their presence. He hoped they were faring well. Hickoryroot would always be grateful to Blazestar for allowing him to follow this path he had chosen to walk.



    Willowfur was grateful to pad into the dip where the Clans held their gathering, away from the harsh wind and strange noises. The Ghostly Flats were always a bit creepy to the ginger she-cat. The wind sifting through the rock crevices and cliff-side sounded like cats whispering all around them, trying to say something but unable to speak loud enough. She wondered if that was what it sounded like to medicine cat’s when StarClan spoke to them through their visions and dreams. Willowfur’s green eyes looked up to find Startledcrow. Did StarClan talk with him often? Did her mother ever speak to the handsome tom? Her eyes finally found the medicine cat who was whispering something in Nettlenose’s ear, comforting her with a friendly head bump to her shoulder. For a moment, she almost felt jealous of her sister who was able to be with Startledcrow all day and night, comforting each other, swapping stories, and sharing tongues.

    You’re being ridiculous, she reprimanded herself. Willowfur was never the jealous type, blaming her crazy thoughts on the kits she carried inside her belly. Sudden warmth spread through her as she imagined several little kittens with ginger and gray fur running around the WindClan camp, calling her “mother” and Startledcrow “father”. She prayed to StarClan their Clanmates would get over the shock of the pairing by then, wanting their kits to have a normal life and not be treated differently because of their parents’ mistakes. Shaking her head, Willowfur focused on the gathering around her, realizing she had been too into her head.

    Padding around to get to her apprentice, Ravenpaw, Willowfur shuffled away from the WindClan group. After finding the dark-colored tom, she leaned her head close to his to mutter something in his ear. “Make sure you converse with the other apprentices. You can learn a lot at these gatherings. Don’t be afraid to socialize.” She gave the top of his head a friendly lick before moving away, hoping he listened to her. Ravenpaw was a quiet tomcat and she knew it was harder for him to make friends due to his subdued manner. Willowfur looked towards the jagged rock where Startledcrow was conversing with the other medicine cat’s, her heart tugging and wanting to pad over to socialize with him. But, she knew her place was not by his side during these things due to his importance and high rank. 

    At the sight of Foxspice, a RiverClan warrior, Willowfur made her way towards the she-cat and gave her a friendly greeting by dipping her head. “Good evening, Foxspice. How is everything in RiverClan?” It was apparent that RiverClan and ShadowClan were living together for the moment, and Willowfur felt a little sympathy towards the swimming cats who most likely suffered from the short-tempered ones. 


    Startledcrow ~ WindClan Medicine Cat

    He almost couldn’t keep the grin off of his face when Hareflight’s face instantly brightened when she recognized him, her eyes shimmering with recognition and her stumpy tail wagged with simple joy at seeing a face she knew. Her stutter might have seemed strange to others who didn’t know her well enough, but he had gotten to the point to where he could overlook the stuttering and not realize it was even happening. “Well that’s good then. Means I get the best seat before she can take it.” He smirked, lowering himself into a sitting position of Hareflight, one that Peachy usually took for herself at such gatherings. His long tail swaying behind him as he glanced towards Nettlenose as his mentor was conversing with SaplingSkies and Hickoryroot, his chin tilting for a moment as he muttered quietly to Hareflight. “It must be a bit nerve wracking for Hickoryroot.” He muttered softly for a moment, looking down at the she-cat.

    Glancing around the clearing, he spotted the familiar ginger tabby pelt that made his heart soar. Ears instantly perking upright as he watched the cats part in order to give him a clear line of sight of the beauty that walked among them. Chin tilting his right eye glanced towards Wolfstar that was perched upon the jagged rock, his eyes seemed glued onto his mate for now. Deciding to take a chance, his claws itched for movement as he kept his eyes on Willowfur. “I’ll be right back, do not let Peachy take my seat.” Startledcrow said to Hareflight, his long tail flicking the she-cats shoulder blade before he stood up and walked with a slow pace towards Willowfur, not exactly wanting to be a dead give away to Wolfstar’s line of sight.. then again he didn’t care. Walking slowly and carefully, he weaved his way through the growing crowd of cats before he gently pressed his flank against Willowfur, his lips gently grazing her ear. “Have I told you yet that you look quite stunning under a full moon?” His deep voice whispered into her ear, his tail gently bumping against her own long tail before he then ran his tongue against her cheek. Startledcrow purred quietly at being so close to the she-cat, he was usually known for being gruff and rather rough around the edges but the molly brought out his much softer side. Taking a step back to give her some space, he made sure to stay close to her to where his fur was still mingling with her own, nostrils flaring every now and then as he drank in her scent. His calming potion.

    Sorrelpaw ~ RiverClan Apprentice

    To say she was relieved to be by Sootstain’s side was an understatement. Sorrelpaw knew that she developed feelings for the tomcat, despite everything they had been through, but she never imagined that she could have possibly missed him as much as she had. Walking with the group of RiverClan cats into the gathering clearing, her side was gently pressed against Sootstain for then crowd of cats that made personal space a bit of a challenge. “Sorry, Sootstain.” She whispered gently, last time she had been this close to him he had nearly thrown a fit about boundaries. Defined orange eyes flickered towards the ShadowClan group of cats that had traveled with them, her chin tilting slightly as she watched them quietly before giving a small snicker to what Sootstain had said. “Too bad you kind of stank before ShadowClan started staying with us.” She teased in a light hearted manner, giving his shoulder blade a flick with her tail.

    Sorrelpaw had noticed that Sootstain’s behavior had changed around her, his actions and his words seemed to be softer when directed at her. Although this was a good thing, it was also an adjustment, but one that made her heart melt just as much to see the effort he was putting into changing.. but she loved him the way he was. Gruff and all. She had been so deep in thought that she hadn’t even noticed that he had led her towards a more secluded spot near the edge of the clearing, a soft grateful sigh leaving her lips as she sat down. “This is perfect.” She meowed, watching as he sat down beside of her, his yellow eyes scanning the clearing as he silently observed everyone. Honestly she probably should have been doing the same thing, but her gaze was still focused on Sootstain. The way his pupils narrowed when he wasn’t sure about a certain cat character, or how his jaw tightened and loosened when he was deep in thought. Blinking out of her haze, she found herself looking towards the windclanners when he softly muttered his thoughts outloud, her eyes running over the tall and broad tomcats, making a small grunt of approval. “I never noticed that before. Makes them stand out though and they are kind of good looking.” She supposed, looking back at Sootstain as he looked down at her with a softness to his gaze that would melt any Molly’s heart. “I’m fine, Sootstain.” She reassured the tomcat, he had been constantly worried about her fall in the flood water ever since he found out and honestly her shoulder was feeling a bit better. “How’re you? I know you aren’t too fond of large crowds.” She meowed softly, her shoulder gently leaning against his shoulder as she silently tested their boundaries




    Being home, back in RiverClan territory, had never felt so relieving before. But being home, back in RiverClan territory, with his whole family together again? The relief he had felt at his family being reunited had made him light-headed, almost dizzy. Of course he had heard of his mother losing a life and done the customary fretting one would expect of him, but he felt whole once again. And feeling whole once again, he could be seen prancing about with a smile as bright as the sun plastered upon his lips. Even going to the Gathering tonight, still bone tired from the action of the hurricane drama, he was smiling.

    He was towards the rear of the RiverClan and ShadowClan group, making sure everyone was going to make it to the Gathering okay after all the action of the previous moon. Of course only the ones expected to make it to the Gathering tonight had been brought along, but that wouldn’t stop him from worrying. If StarClan had shown them anything, it was that freak accidents were prone to happening. Luckily everyone made it to the Gathering just fine though, helping ease his worries.

    The brown tom wove his way through the gathering crowd as more Clans arrived, taking a seat almost right in the center of the action. Forestmask lived for socializing, honestly, and loved mingling with those he didn’t know. Eyeing a nearby SkyClan warrior, it was obvious he was thinking of how to strike up a conversation, when an approaching orange and white pelt caught his attention. Instantly he was glancing in Koipaw’s direction, watching his younger brother approach with a bright, loving smile. “Koipaw, my man! Glad to see ya made the trek,” he purred, always happy to see one of his family members. “Haven’t gotten to really talk since ya made it back from ShadowClan. How were the mountains? You do anything cool? See anything cool?”

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