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the future of us — little + tiger

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    l i t t l e d o v e
    skyclan queen

    The nursery was cozy, Auroraskies had taken Frostburn’s kits out to the clearing to tussle and play, giving Littledove some well-needed rest. Her blue gaze fluttered open to the large form of Tigersnap, the brown tom gazing at her as their six kits curled snuggly against her belly, mewling and shuffling quietly. They were all perfect, a lovely combination of her and their father, though a small, white and gray tom was rather tiny, and Speckledmoss had taken special interest in him since their birth yesterday. He was weaker than his siblings, but the medicine cat had assured Littledove he would be fine.

    She reached forward and touched her nose to Tigersnaps, blinking her eyes softly as she watched him marvel at their creation. Not only were they parents, they had be given six beautiful children, and although the number had been a shock to the queen last night, she seemed content with the tiny bundles beside her, fluffy tail curled tightly around them as she nudged them close to her, keeping them warm. She let out a gentle purr, rasping her tongue across one of the she-kits’ heads. The tiny mews of protest she let out made Littledove smile, nosing her warmly. “I-I know we haven’t talked names much,” she began, feeling a bit awkward now. “But, these little kits need names so we can properly introduce them to the clan.” Her voice was tender, though it held an anxious note to it as well.



    He was a father. He was the father to six beautiful kits, all currently nestled into Littledove’s belly seeking warmth and milk. Littledove, the beautiful she-cat who had blessed him with such an opportunity in life. Littledove, the warrior who had weathered the pain and discomfort of carrying kits, and so many at that. When he looked at his, their kits, and then at her content face, everything in the world suddenly felt right. He felt invincible, like none of his previous problems even mattered anymore, and that he could move mountains and alter the course of rivers for his children or Littledove if any of them asked him. It was exhilarating. It was terrifying.

    Reaching out a large paw, shaking with how gentle he was attempting to be, he nudged a little she-kit back into the nest whose pelt most resembled his own. It was here that Littledove’s nose met his own in a display of affection, leaving him with a dopey smile on his lips as he pulled back and let her soothing voice wash over him. Though he had become very attuned to her emotions after spending so much time with her during her pregnancy, when hormones were running wild, and easily picked up on her anxiety. What exactly was so nerve-wracking about naming their kits?

    “Did you have any in mind? Surely you’d thought about it before, especially towards the end of your pregnancy when you were so large all you could manage to do was lay in your nest?” He teased, green eyes gleaming as his whiskers twitched. Whipping his tail around, he drew it across her flank in an attempt to soothe.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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