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The Future Holds … [Junco & Smoke]

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     Smokestar – Shadowclan Leader 

    Smokestar padded down the well-trodden path, navigating towards the less frequented woods near the stream. They’d left camp to do some hunting. The morning’s party hadn’t captured enough fresh-kill, so Smokestar had taken it upon herself to help replenish the pile. It also provided the perfect opportunity to discuss deputyship.

    Her amber eyes darted back, peering curiously at the tom behind her. Juncoberry was a warm soul, beloved by Shadowclan. Admittedly, he had his flaws. The tom was easily distracted and lacked experience that an older clanmate could bring to the position of deputy. But, she needed someone to counterbalance her own traits. Someone warm, diplomatic and heart-strong was exactly what Shadowclan’s ranks needed. Despite his inexperience, she was confident Juncoberry could grow into a great leader if given the time.

    Guess I’ll get right to the point,‘ she thought, tail twitching nervously. Juncoberry was her first choice. There were other candidates capable of the role, but no one else brought such a balanced contrast to her leadership.

    So, Juncoberry,” Smokestart blurted, her voice laced with intensity. The loudness of her own voice against the frosted pines and ice made her jump. “I know we’re supposed to be hunting, but I wanted to discuss something with you,” she continued more softly. “Would you become my deputy? You know, I’ve never been the charismatic type. In fact, I believe I still haven’t really ‘won’ Shadowclan’s heart. But, you have talent where I do not. You balance me, as well as the clan, Juncoberry.” She turned her head, gazing intently at the young tom.

    Courtesy of Mairu Doggy, Deviant Art

    It wasn’t every day that Smokestar picked a sole random tom to accompany her on a hunting trip, and Juncoberry had pieced together that she had some plan for their outing before she’d even finished her request. He couldn’t, however, for the life of him figure out just what her plan might be. He had followed her, racking his brain to try and figure out something, anything, that she could need from him. Maybe he’d said something stupid to some-cat? Made an unwelcome joke, or perhaps gotten a little too friendly with some-cat who held a grudge? In deep thought, he was startled as the leader suddenly turned to him and blurted his name.

    He didn’t have time to compose himself before she went into her little speech, sending Juncoberry into a fit of laughter. He shouldn’t laugh— he really shouldn’t laugh. “StarClan’s kits, Smokestar,” he began, “Are you sure?” It was hard to speak through giggles, but he managed to calm himself enough to assure her, “I mean, yes, of course; but are you really sure?” Why under StarClan’s skies would she choose him? “I’m— I’m Juncoberry, y’know, like that Juncoberry,” he reasoned.

    “Please, keep complimenting me,” he urged, beginning to giggle once more. This was a mess. She just had to bring him out here and sound so sure of her decision— a great decision at that— and sound so tense and almost nervous perhaps? He couldn’t help himself. The look on her face was priceless; he was going to be in trouble, he was sure. He’d been expecting something, but definitely not this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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