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The Final Battle

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    – W I S T E R I A S T A R –

    She had reached the limit as to what she could tolerate from ThunderClan and WindClan, as well– particularly Wolfstar. To think that he had the gall to come into her camp, her home, and demand of her to act against her own son. He had humiliated her and brought into question the integrity of Pantherstorm as a warrior and her ability to be a proper mother to her children. It was an insult of the highest category and she would
    not allow anyone to slander her, especially not a leader from another Clan. Who did he think he was, all of a sudden? Wolfstar had been the most placid and laid-back of all the Clan leaders until recently, and now, here he was, feeling like he could demand another Clan leader how to act upon her own son? Fury radiated off of her in waves, as she was unable to contain herself at this point.

    Even if Forestmask had voiced to her that Pantherstorm was up to something terrible, and even though Wisteriastar had a bad feeling about her son since his birth, she was fighting an inner conflict with herself. Despite all the wrong he may have done, Pantherstorm was still her son. She would not be the kind of cruel, harsh parent to her children that hers were to her. She wanted to believe in him regardless of the accusations and have faith that there was still a chance he could change. 

    Because of this, Wisteriastar had decided to act directly against the chains of control that Wolfstar was trying to trap her into. After all, he had declared a war against her Clan for her refusal to punish her son. If that was what he wanted, then she was going to lead her Clan into an assault on WindClan directly. The thought of how badly the battle against ThunderClan had gone flashed in the back of her mind, but she knew that she could not avoid the confrontation. If she didn’t, she may very well have let WindClan control RiverClan and that would not happen as long as she had lives to give.

    It did not take much convincing to get ShadowClan to agree to help her– for as her mate, Hornetstar was more than willing to be there for her when she needed his help. That she was grateful for. He was a strong and prepared warrior and he would do anything for his Clan and for those he loved, this just reminded Wisteriastar all over again why she had been so drawn to him. Next, it was up to getting Firestar to agree to come with them– which, admittedly, was not that difficult, given that she and Hornetstar had already decided that this was their course of action. Given their alliance and that two out of three had already made up their mind, the SkyClan leader did not have many options left to choose from.

    Now, the three Clans were approaching the grounds near the end of the mountains, the end of ShadowClan territory and the beginning of WindClan territory. The perilous grounds of the mountains were not to be underestimated and she had to be very careful where she put her paws. Wisteriastar was not as used to the rocky grounds of the mountains as the ShadowClan cats were, as they moved their home here. She trusted in Hornetstar to give them the lead to get through these uneven grounds.

    Soon, very soon, Wolfstar would pay for his actions.



    Of course he had known war was coming, though whether it would be within the next few days or moons, had been anyone’s fair guess. After how the Gathering had ended with so much tension, lines of division very clearly being drawn between the Clans, even a newborn kit would have been able to smell the hostility in the air. So when Wisteriastar had finally come to him asking ShadowClan to join RiverClan in battle, he had agreed without surprise. What was surprising though, was why they were going to battle in the first place. Somewhere, deep inside that fluffy pelt of his, Wolfstar had finally found his manhood. Not only had he confronted the RiverClan leader about doing something about her child, but then he had the gall to declare war when Wisteriastar refused! And they called him drastic and hotheaded. Wolfstar should have known it wasn’t his place to tell Wisteriastar to run her Clan or handle her warriors.

    After requesting SkyClan’s support and putting their heads together with Firestar, they had come up with a plan of attack. That led to the current situation, a jumble of ShadowClan, RiverClan, and SkyClan warriors making their way through the base of the mountains. They weren’t very high up, nowhere near the most dangerous parts of this area, but they also had a good view of most of the wide open moor below. Up ahead, part of the mountain gently sloped down into the tall grasses, the perfect spot to slip into cover and sneak up upon the barely visible WindClan patrol below.

    Hornetstar found himself leading the large group through the mountains, trusting his other warriors behind him to help keep their allies on a safe path as he slunk around. The atmosphere was quiet, the air around the group heavy with silence, everyone well aware of what was about to happen. The fateful encounter drew nearer as he led the way down into the grass, crouching low so his golden pelt allowed him to easily blend in.


    Firestar ~Skyclan Leader

    War was upon them all. There was nothing he could do to stop the events that were soon to unfold before them. A stern and determined glare etch onto his sharp features as he silently follows behind the large groups of Shadowclan and Riverclan cats. Briefly looking behind his shoulder to watch his warriors follow swiftly and quietly behind him. Pride swells within his chest as he notices the readiness in his clans stances, their determination gleaming in their eyes. Skyclan was ready to fight. Firestar just wished that blood would not have to be spilt; he would never voice these thoughts out loud. He knew that many thought of him as reckless and maybe even borderline ruthless when he needs to be, but he also knew when fighting was needed. The battle of the five clans would commence sooner or later. 

    The Maine Coon could easily spot Wisteriastar as well as Hornetstar through the crowd. Eyeing them for a brief moment before turning his attention to his surroundings. He wasn’t familiar with the area, but trusted Hornetstar well enough to have him and his clan guide them on. Though his spectacular balance proved useful while traveling on uneven terrain. His class effortlessly gripping at stone, the pads of his feet spreading to maintain balance. Nostrils flaring as he takes in the scents around them, Windclan was near. Their stench easily noticeable with the breeze blowing in his direction. Shaking his mane as he still couldn’t understand why Wolfstar would call war upon Riverclan.  

    Yes, Wisteriastar had mentioned Wolf threatening her and her clan, but Firestar wasn’t fool enough to believe that’s all it truly was. But—Wolfstar made an alliance with Hollystar, that enough gave him reason to fight against Windclan. Frowning as he remembers when Wolfstar and Hollystar had approached him in regards to joining their alliance. A slight grimace appears at the thought of how awkward that encounter truly was. Snapping out of his thoughts as he senses a change in the environment. It was just a tiny shift to the air, but enough to alert the Skyclan leader that they were close to their target. 



    it is an unfortunate fact that we can secure peace only by preparing for war

    The air was heavy and thick with tension shared between clans, tension that had finally reached its apex. She didn’t want to fight, maybe a younger version of her might’ve been eager to get blood on her claws but moons of living and learning had softened her. Did it make her weak, her lack of bloodlust? Not at all, if anything Swanpath had matured to a point that she understood now when a fight was worth her attention. This one, unfortunately, was which was why she’d been quick to volunteer and join the patrol. Swanpath wasn’t ready to be overwhelmed by the all too familiar taste of metal in her mouth and wasn’t ready to see red all around her but she also wasn’t ready to walk away from a fight this important. She was a good warrior, at least she thought so, and a good warrior fought for the interests of her leader and most importantly her clan. The molly was ready to fight with all she had in her if it could promise peace for Riverclan, and if this battle was the best path to it then she wasn’t about to reject it.

    Heterochromatic eyes darted over to study sea green orbs before dashing back to the parade of cats in front of her. “Are you ready?” Swanpath murmured, the words cutting through the quiet buzz in the air. Swanpath knew her son was an able bodied tom and a fierce fighter, this knowledge alone kept the former queen from fussing over the tom. She didn’t need to worry about him, Sleekfeather would battle their enemies with all the fire he had, the question was more of an assurance for her. They were about to engage in a battle with two other very powerful clans, each clan strong in their own way, and Swan wasn’t looking forward to the losses they would very likely suffer. At least the kits and queens would be safe, they were the warrior’s first concern.

    Swanpath hummed, tilting her head skyward to the blanket of endless blue above them, beneath her rocks bit into her paws as they wove through the mountains, and although she could handle being a bit of discomfort it certainly didn’t help. Her own quiet anxiety washed out any complaints she had and left her near silent, and it wasn’t like she talked constantly but her prolonged silences were definitely an oddity. Deep in her own thoughts the white warrior stewed in her worries. Sleekfeather was capable but he wasn’t infallible, Wisteriastar was strong but Swanpath did have to worry about her decisions. It wasn’t that Swanpath questioned her leader’s ability to, well, lead… She was simply concerned that the decision to attack was a hasty one. Swanpath had seen and experienced enough pain that this fight just seemed like an excuse to add more. ‘What do you know? All you can do is put your faith in the leaders of this alliance and pray it all turns out well.’ One thing Swanpath didn’t need to feel apprehensive over was her apprentice. That at least was a reassurance to the warrior. Sharkpaw was safe at camp, hopefully not getting into trouble (hah! As if he’d do anything rebellious anyways). 

    “This is going to change things, isn’t it?” Swanpath swallowed hard, a crease forming between her eyes and the hints of a frown appearing at the edges of her lips. “We can’t bounce back from this battle and expect the stress between our leaders-between our clans-to simply be fixed.” These were pre-battle jitters, the warrior was familiar with them in her 46 moons of living, and they still managed to screw her over every time. Confidence would win out in the end, as was usually the case with the she-cat, but presently she was floundering. 


    – P A N T H E R S T O R M –

    The black tom crept along silently with his clanmates, his wide paws setting themselves down surely and confidently onto the stony grounds of the mountains that seemed to continue onward ahead of them for lifetimes. He had never strayed this far from his home in RiverClan before, but he enjoyed the thrill of journey and adventure that tingled up his spine. There were many grudges that the Clans seemed to hold for one another, beginning with the seeds of distrust the leaders had with ThunderClan upon the black leader’s decision to name a rogue her deputy. Many of the other leaders and deputies present at that gathering had spoken out against her choices, her only vocal ally being Wolfstar. If she had any other supporters, none of them jumped to verbally defend her as he had. This label of mistrust had brought upon accusations of the blue-furred calico molly stealing prey on RiverClan territory from the deputy himself. However, she strongly defended her innocence, in which Pantherstorm knew she was telling the truth. He was grateful that he was not brought along for that patrol, for he would have been unable to suppress himself from sneering at her for falling into his trap. And things had gone exactly as he had planned, all the way down to the last whisker, with ThunderClan and RiverClan at odds with each other. In fact, they still didn’t see eye-to-eye. To him, that was perfect.

    This sequence of events had brought ThunderClan and WindClan into an alliance after they had found out that RiverClan and ShadowClan were becoming close, also after they had found out that they were unable to talk Firestar into joining SkyClan into their midst, as he had already given his loyalties elsewhere. Why Wolfstar had suddenly spoken up and come into RiverClan to demand certain actions from his mother, Pantherstorm did not personally know, but he did know that in response to a refusal of his demands, the WindClan leader had declared a full-on war against their Clan. As he slipped along with his clanmates, the dark-furred tom curled his lips back maliciously, the thought of these circumstances filling him with mirth. To think that something as simple as an attitude expressed the wrong way from a rogue-deputy could go as far as to spread seeds of distrust and hatred so quickly among the Clans. It was almost too easy. They were doing all the work for him, if things went along as well as they had been for him, there wasn’t any need for his grandfather to get involved after all. 

    His inner monologue was abruptly interrupted at the muttering of a white warrior nearby. The scent of RiverClan clung to her, but he didn’t care. She was being a nuisance and she was annoying him. Panterstorm turned on her, baring his teeth at the scarred feline as he hissed sharply. “Be quiet. Don’t you know we’re on enemy territory? Now isn’t the time for stupid gossip.” He knew before he spoke that the she-cat wouldn’t challenge him. He was well aware of the privilege he held already as the Clan leader’s son, but he also knew that most of his Clanmates didn’t like him much as it is, and that made them all the more unlikely to talk back to him when he was behaving foul. So, aware of these facts, Pantherstorm didn’t await a response from the white warrior whose name he didn’t know, or bother to receive. Instead, he turned his back on her with a lash of his tail and continued forth with the patrol that contained RiverClan, ShadowClan and SkyClan alike.

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    Warrior of Riverclan

    Sleekfeather smiled reassuringly, a devilish grin taking place on his maw. It wasn’t the first time he’d had to answer this particular question, and he didn’t mind answering them when they arose. “Of course I am,” he glanced over to where Swanpath walked beside him, his eyes a deep sea of calm. His face no different than if he were taking a peaceful stroll through the territories. While he did worry for his beloved mother, he knew that Swanpath was a capable warrior. She could easily defend herself, and if things did happen to get hairy, he wouldn’t be far away.

    The snow may have passed but the air was uncomfortably chilly, and the jagged rocks created made the path difficult to travel. He sighed at her next line of questions. “No. It isn’t,” he said, not knowing what else to say to her in response— at least not with his leader so close by. He wanted to say that Wisteriastar and the other leaders were foolish. This war was meaningless and would accomplish nothing, and they were just dragging their warriors into their mess. If he didn’t wish to sink his teeth into his father, he would have been more reluctant to go.

    Sleekfeather sneered when Pantherstorm dared speak to Swanpath in such tones, and even though he was sorely tempted to push him down the rocky landscape and call it an accident, he rolled his eyes instead. Had he not been the leader’s son, he might have done so without much thought, but he wasn’t about to be exiled over some infuriating lump of fur. Swanpath was safer in Riverclan, and she needed him there with her. ‘Soon,’ he promised himself, knowing that he’d be able to find release in battle. His father would be accompanying Windclan, and that was the only certainty that stilled his mind.


    Smokewisp – Shadowclan Deputy

    I’m so tired …‘ Smokewisp thought, her muscles protesting as hauled herself onto a rock. She’d been laboring over the camp, preparing their defenses and making it a ‘home’. Perhaps it was all busy work to keep the oncoming war from her mind. Or perhaps she relished in the pain. But now, she felt sluggish and unsteady. She wasn’t ready for this. Perhaps no one was.

    A tumble of rocks caused the mottled molly to jump. ‘By Starclan,‘ she swore as she pushed forward, steadying an uneasy Skyclan warrior. “Watch it,” she growled softly as she nudged their flank. ‘Last thing we need is sprained paws and broken legs. We’ll be losing enough lives as it is …’ Her amber eyes glared ahead, resting on Hornetstar and Wisteriastar. A twinge of doubt churned her stomach, causing her to pause. ‘Is this really for the best? Is this a fight worth fighting?’ She personally felt little reason to attack Windclan. No Shadowclan blood had been spilled, yet. There were only hurt feelings and tension. She glanced over her shoulder, the clan cats’ pelts melting together in an ocean of fur. Soon, it’d turn to an ocean of blood. Smokewisp swallowed hard, pushing down her anxiety and resentment.

    Focus … Duty … Work …

    She needed to stay calm. She’d fight for her clan, and for her own life. This was surely the pinnacle of servitude, and surely what her father desired. She didn’t need to believe in the fight. She’d merely fight tooth and nail because it was the right thing. However, a small voice inside still cried out: ‘Run.

    Courtesy of Mairu Doggy, Deviant Art

    Wolfstar ~WindClan Leader~

    The morning dew danced on the tops of the moorland grasses as a gust of wind bellowed through, brushing against the pelts of the early dawn patrol Wolfstar lead. His gray and white coat was slicked back by the breeze, his toned muscles now visible. He stood tall and kept his ears swiveled forward as he bounded towards the mountains on the other side of their territory. The warriors behind him had grumbled with annoyance at being awake so early, but WindClan needed to be prepared for a war that he himself had declared.

    The WindClan leader didn’t take the declaration lightly. He had sat back and watched the squabble between the other Clans for long enough, and action needed to be taken. Wolfstar was tired of RiverClan and ShadowClan sneering at him for being “weak”. Just the thought caused the tom to scoff, his lips curling into a sneer. They will never see my Clan as weak again. Wanting peace and serenity was not weakness, it was courageous. It meant he was stronger than they ever would be because he was able to think through actions without letting situations get out of hand. But if the other Clan’s wanted to see their physical strength, then so be it. They would soon learn that WindClan cats had sharper claws than they expected.

    For now, he needed his Clan to be prepared for a battle. Thankfully, Hollystar was doing the same with ThunderClan, but both Clan’s needed to prepare even more. They both agreed to ask SkyClan for their alliance as well, wanting to be one step ahead of RiverClan and ShadowClan. I hope Firestar isn’t as idiotic as Hornetstar or Wisteriastar, he thought. If the SkyClan leader declined their alliance, then Wolfstar knew he would need to be even stricter with the combative training. He would be stupid to believe his swift-running cats would be an equal match against the muscular RiverClanners. WindClan cats were intelligent and quick, but they lacked the heftiness that would give them advantage on a one-on-one battle.

    Wolfstar’s tail lifted as he halted to slow down his patrol, and he turned to look at their faces. “Alright, when we get ac-“ He stopped. His pupils dilated as he heard a swishing in the grasses on the other side of the hill they were beneath. His ears swiveled towards it to catch the sound again, his eyes darting around the area. Whatever that was, it wasn’t small. Wolfstar glanced at his deputy, Desertrose,  who seemed just as alarmed as he, her muscles stiff. Someone in his patrol opened their mouth to start talking, but he quickly slapped his tail against their muzzle to quiet them. “Listen,” he silently demanded, waiting for the noises to start back up.


    – T I N Y F L A M E –

    Excitement buzzed in her paws as she left camp with the dawn patrol consisting of their Clan leader, Wolfstar and their deputy, Desertrose. Accompanying her was her apprentice, Breezepaw, and a fellow warrior, Darkwolf. She was looking forward to taking Breezepaw out of camp and giving the young tom a distraction away from his injured littermate and that drama of the Clans. He deserved to experience the beauties in life and the wonder of WindClan territory, instead of being cooped up in the medicine cat den with Startledcrow and Wildpaw all day and stressing about their circumstances. She knew that the young tom was likely just worried over his brother, and he had every right to be, but she also knew that Startledcrow had a lot to deal with on his own as well, with his mentor missing. Worry wormed its way back into her as she thought of the missing Nettlenose. Surely, Wolfstar and his new litter were worried about their missing kin, but they hadn’t any trace of her so far. It was concerning that their medicine cat was missing without a trace, but now, with war having been declared, WindClan missing one of their healers was a big blow to them and she knew this. 

    However, Tinyflame was aware of how high tensions were as they surveyed their borders and she worried that today would not be a day of peace for her young apprentice. Her fears shortly came to fruition as Wolfstar halted the patrol, his blue eyes fixed on the grass and hills ahead of them. She kept silent as their ranks alerted them to and she followed their gaze farther ahead, barely able to catch sight of shadows lurking in the dark, slowly approaching their patrol. The fur on the back of her neck rose in dread and she stepped protectively in front of Breezepaw, urging him backwards with a gentle shove of her shoulders. She knew that he had tendencies to be impulsive and to not think much before he acted, but she hadn’t gotten far along with his training just yet since he was only recently apprenticed a moon ago. Please, just listen and behave, she begged him silently.


    Breezepaw ~ WindClan Apprentice

    Finally! It seemed like weeks had gone by since he had actually been outside of the camps walls. Of course he had been grounded since he had been outside of the borders into the mountains where Wildpaw had been injured. Although, his mind had been clouded with worry now that his older sister was missing. Nettlenose usually didn’t leave the camp for more than a day in search for herbs, but it had been a week now that his sister had gone missing and Startledcrow had taken up the reins with some coaxing. From what he knew that his father was worried and his mother was in charge of gathering small patrols in search for Nettlenose while Wolfstar and Desertrose kept the Clan calm and under routine. Breezepaw, was normally glued to Wildpaw’s hip, trying to keep his grumpy brother in a good mood while always getting in the way of Startledcrow. That Tom was such a grouch! He had no idea how his older sister, Willowfur, dealt with the tomcat. But today would be different. He wouldn’t have to dwell too deeply upon all those thoughts, even though it was early in the day, he wasn’t complaining as much as he probably would have. He was grateful to just be out of camp. He was young, just about seven moons old, and he wasn’t exactly well informed on what was going on throughout all the clans.

    Small paws lightning hit against the ground as the young tomcat kept up with the rest of the patrol, his own father even leading the patrol. For days the whole clan had been practicing battle maneuvers and even though it was exciting, Breezepaw still wasn’t the best fighter on his own. Everyone except Tinyflame was taller than him, although he appeared to be a direct shadow of his father, except for his slightly slimmer figure. His dark grey and white fur was slicked back because of the morning dew, but it merely revealed a skinny and growing tomcat, muscle hadn’t taken time to settle in with his training. Grass green colored eyes flickered around curiously, even though his walk was careless, it was almost silent. Unlike Wildpaw and Wolfstar, he wasn’t carrying around as much weight and therefore his steps were much lighter. Both his parents were tall so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to either that he would end up being tall, he was already a swift runner, even at his young age. He wasn’t familiar with this part of the territory but he looked towards his father as the big tomcat was walking with a skip in his step, the chin was held high and the chest was out. He was such a proud tomcat, everyone wanted to be just like him.

    “Where are we going?” Breezepaw whispered softly to his mention, green eyes flashing towards the small ginger feline with such a curious gaze, keeping in step with her easily. He was tall for a seven moon old apprentice, but his fur still held that kitten fuzz, Breezepaw hadn’t quite grown out of that. Suddenly the patrol slowed its pace when Wolfstar silently signaled, his own little chin tilting slightly as he noticed the glances that Wolfstar and Desertrose were sharing. Eyebrows pulled together in confusion, he didn’t see or hear what they were. Slowly he stood up on his tip toes, attempting to see through the tall grass, but it was beyond his capabilities. “I don’t-“ He started to whisper to Tinyflame, but Wolfstar hastily called for silence, causing Breezepaw to snap his jaws together and his ears to turn backwards with shame. Be quiet. He told himself, looking between Tinyflame and Darkwolf, noticing just how tense and alert the warriors had become. Whats out there? He wondered with both fascinating and fear. Breezepaw was barely able to withstand snorting at his mentor when she tenderly used her shoulder to push him back, to the point where she was now standing in front of him. He could help! Right…? Breezepaw wasn’t even sure what awaited them, but he kept himself quiet and leaned forward on his toes with ears upright, straining to hear the barest sounds of paws pressing into the dry dirt and bending the tall blades of grass.


    – W I S T E R I A S T A R –

    The calico warrior realized that as they crept closer, they had less of a chance of a surprise– they were losing their advantage quickly. She knew that with as many cats as she had on her side that they would not be able to just sneak into WindClan territory unannounced and unseen. After all, the RiverClan feline had not only her own warriors on her side, but those of ShadowClan and SkyClan as well. Just being sneaky wasn’t going to be enough for them, not with their numbers. After all, their pawsteps disturbed the earth with every step they took and, with the pawsteps of so many, they could simply not be overlooked or hidden. 

    However, one thing was for certain. Even if he was wary of attack, Wolfstar would never be expecting the sheer amount of warriors his little patrol would have to handle now. Malice flashed in the fiery eyes of the RiverClan leader and she stood to her full height, shoulders back and chin high as she stared down with a challenge at the WindClan cats. It was too late for them to make preparations anymore. The grey and white leader had noticed their arrival far too late to be able to do anything about it.

    “RiverClan, attack!” Wisteriastar commanded her Clan, bracing herself by digging her claws into the soil below. She had to be ready for the amount of blood she would be responsible for spilling on it.



    For such a large group, they made it surprisingly close to the WindClan patrol before it was apparent Wolfstar obviously thought something was amiss. When Wisteriastar drew up alongside him, he was all too happy to let her call her Clan into action. But, though right now this fight was mostly between WindClan and RiverClan, he wouldn’t be sitting back himself. The loss of Russetstorm was still sharp in his mind, the need for vengeance bubbling right below the surface.

    Before embarking on this journey he had given Smokewisp and his warriors careful instructions. Only a pawful would be joining him in the initial attack, the rest to hang back under Smokewisp’s leadership, only to join the battle if the situation should turn dire. Crushing this patrol should be easy enough, but one could never be too prepared. “ShadowClan, on me,” he bellowed at last, jumping from the grass and heading right for Wolfstar. He would not be asking his warriors to fight in this war without leading the charge for them, after all.

    The Deputy of Windclan

    The world around her was quiet. Not even the birds made a sound, almost as if they themselves could sense the hostility in the air. Desertrose so dearly wished that the last few days had been nothing more than a bad dream, and rather than heading off to war, she’d be back in camp organizing a patrol; doing anything other than this. Despite how badly she wanted this to be, though, she knew it wasn’t going to happen. There was no turning back, especially not now. This battle was taking place whether she liked it or not, and as much as she didn’t like it, she was plenty prepared for it. If it was a war they wanted, then a war was exactly what they would get.

    A gust of wind made the deputy shiver. The wind had been picking up, but she expected as much being on higher ground. The deputy looked to Wolfstar as he spoke, but before he could finish his sentence, the sound of movement cut him off. Desertrose shared a look of concern with him before putting all of her focus on the noise and unsheathing her claws. The patrol fell silent as they listened, the suspense itself making her heart pound wildly. It dropped into her stomach when she heard the war cry of Wisteriastar signaling an attack.



    who kept the faith and fought the fight; the glory theirs, the duty ours

    A slim black molly marched on with confidence bleeding from each step, a fierce light in her eyes and a soft scowl resting on her lips. Certainly, she was a soldier, if the way she held herself didn’t indicate it then the proud tilt of her head surely did. Though she lacked a strong build, Roseshadow made up for it with long, curved claws, quick feet, and a diligent eye. This battle was long coming and she was prepared to fight for her clan, ruthless and unforgiving if need be. For her, fighting wasn’t just a way to earn respect and defend her clan, fighting was an act of aggression and a show of dominance. She refused to be the loser in this game.

    After traveling for some length of time the order to fight reached Rose’s ears and, in a flash, the molly leaped into action. All around her Skyclanners, Shadowclanners, and Riverclanners alike moved. Perhaps they weren’t a well oiled machine but they were a force of nature, a blurring of lines creating a mass of tooth and claw ready to tear into their opponents. The thought filled the sleek molly with power as she pumped her legs and darted through the crowd, eyes glued on the Windclanners they were barreling towards.


    there is no force more liberating than the knowledge that you are fighting for others

    Tawnypaw sighed, a sound that old seeming odd from a tom so young, and trodded along with the rest of the Windclan patrol. He wasn’t ready to fight, he was only 8 moons old, and the only reason he’d come was because the thought of staying behind while his mentor went on ahead left him restless. Quickly, the tawny patched apprentice sprinted over to Darkwolf, slowly stopping once he was beside his mentor. The air was heavy with tension and what words that passed between clanmates came out soft and hesitant, all those present afraid to crack the silence with noise. Tawnypaw once again felt that uncomfortable prickle in his fur, the prickle that spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E and warned the apprentice to stay on the alert.

    “What if I fail?” He hissed to his mentor, two toned eyes glued on their leader, Wolfstar. ‘What if I die?’ Went unsaid, the words heavy in his gut, a star in his brain ready to go supernova. Tawnypaw repressed the anxiety and almost laughed when he thought of what Goldie would have to say about him avoiding voicing his feelings. It was a recurring problem with the apprentice. When Wolfstar called for silence he quickly shut his mouth, ears straining to hear whatever Wolfstar seemed to be searching for. ‘Are they here?’ Tawnypaw shuddered, gaze finding the only other apprentice he could see, Breezepaw. ‘Are you scared as I am?’ He thought wordlessly, a timid smile twitching at the corner of his lips.


    Darkwolf – WindClan Warrior

    Darkwolf had hoped for an uneventful patrol. Who wouldn’t at a time like this, especially in the company of two young apprentices. Breezepaw was staying close, but Tawnypaw seemed to be lagging a bit, which typically wouldn’t worry the warrior, but these days he had been more cautious, always keeping the younger tom close, making sure the apprentice knew the important battle moves, the works. However, nothing could prepare him for what the little patrol was about to face. Everything was so tense. So quiet. And then, there was a sound. The patrol halted, and Darkwolf felt his pelt stand on end. As Tawnypaw came to his side, Darkwolf curled his tail around the apprentice, drawing him closer. “Tawnypaw, you listen to me-“ Such a tense, serious tone was almost frightening when it came from a tom who was typically so jovial and fun, but the lykoi warrior knew that the situation was dire.

    “-You are to stay close to me. I don’t want you out of my sight, and don’t even think about trying to take on any cat bigger than yourself, okay? You will not fail, not while I’m still walking this earth. If anything happens to me, or you lose me in the crowd, you run. You run back to camp and you don’t stop for anything until you’re home safe. You are still young, and there will be other battles. At this age, you have a choice. Do not throw the rest of your life away over this petty squabble. Don’t get yourself killed trying to be a hero, understand?” He gently pressed his nose into the younger tom’s forehead in an affectionate gesture, silently praying for Tawnypaw’s safety. ‘StarClan, if it comes down to it and one of us must die, please take me. I have seen many moons and already experienced so many things, Tawnypaw has not. Let this cat live.’ And with that, the lykoi pulled away and dropped into a defensive position, unsheathing his long, sharp claws as Wisteriastar called her clan to attack.

    Cats dove off the overhang like a waterfall, heading straight towards the WindClan patrol. It didn’t take him long to notice the ShadowClan cats, lead by Hornetstar, mixing in with the fish faces. How vile, sending a whole army after such a small group! He knew that RiverClan and ShadowClan were bullheaded, but he never expected them to be so downright malicious and cruel! ‘I bet the savages are planning to slaughter us all!’ The thought caused an intense burst of hate to flare up in Darkwolf’s chest. This wasn’t right! How was StarClan allowing this?! He let a lose a loud growl, and as soon as an enemy was close enough, the tom pounced, viciously clawing his opponent where ever he could make contact. He might not have been able to get his paws on Wisteriastar or Hornetstar, but he would make sure this one cat would never forget the day they met in battle. If RiverClan and ShadowClan thought they could just massacre cats whenever they felt like it, they had another thing coming!

    Darkwolf was not a violent cat. Not in any sense of the word. In fact, he hated fighting. However, there are three things that all wise cats fear; the sea in a storm, a night with no moon…

    And the anger of a gentle tom.

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