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    The rainwaters had ebbed from RiverClan territory after the storm itself had passed and the grounds he knew as home were beginning to return to their lush, green livelihood. The reeds had regained their strength and the fish had come back to the river in full, giving RiverClan all the resources they would need to recover from the tragedy that the storm had done to them. Pantherstorm wasn’t in the same state of mind as the rest of his clanmates– they were all thrilled from the bottom of their hearts that they could safely return home and back to their own nests, the happiness seemed to radiate from camp from both the RiverClan cats and ShadowClan alike. Their temporary campmates were as of so far, not an issue to him. They minded their own business and stayed out of the way, so he didn’t mind their stay. For now, anyway.

    Things in his daily life were going well, too. Just received his warrior name, the young black tom felt something akin to a certain accomplishment at his new name. However, he felt like it was well deserved and that it was surely only a matter of time before his warrior name was given to him. He deserved it more than his siblings, that he was sure of. Yet, there was something else nagging him. Life was almost too quiet lately, too peaceful. Even with the addition of a second clan staying with them, Pantherstorm felt that reoccurring irritation inside of him at the silence of everyday life. His nightly meetings with the strange tom he had run into a few moons ago now were becoming a second nature to him, something he looked forward to after the day had finally ended. He had questioned Jetstream about this anxiousness of his, in which the ragged tom had simply told him, “So? Then do something about it.” Of course, he had offered no help whatsoever to aide in a solution, merely egging him on to find one for himself. It was irritating, yet he supposed it made sense. What point would there be to an answer if it was just given to him, after all?

    Then, a thought occurred to him. Last gathering had been quite the sight, so he had heard. He hadn’t been there personally, but he had definitely heard the gossip of his clanmates as they came back to camp. ThunderClan had appointed a rogue without a warrior name as deputy during the ceremony, and it had caused quite the commotion among the ranks present, so much so that even a small squabble had broken out during the gathering. His mother had returned to camp fuming, her deputy at her side quietly muttering to her, trying to calm her upset. Pantherstorm’s tail twitched as he paced. What if he were to take advantage of all of that? Could he? If he could, how would he do it? His pale yellow eyes narrowed as he thought. Kass, was it? Originally a rogue and evidently quite a brash personality, she didn’t appear to have much of a care for Clan traditions at all. Perhaps he could manipulate the tense agitation from the other four Clans at her sudden appointment of deputy.

    Having made up his mind, the black tom took a glance around the territory. It didn’t seem as though any of his clanmates were nearby. Spotting a bush of mushrooms nearby, he decided that he should perhaps mask his scent to be sure that nothing could come back and hinder him later. Holding his breath, he brushed his fur up against them, scowling at the disgusting smell they held as it stuck to him and covered the scent of RiverClan from his fur. Then, Pantherstorm approached the river, keeping low to be sure that he was out of sight, and quietly crossed the stepping stones near the end of the bank, entering the borders to ThunderClan territory. He kept on the precautious side of things, glancing around once more to make sure that there were no other ThunderClan cats patrolling the border. Satisfied that there weren’t, he returned his gaze to the river and quickly hooked a few fish from the water. He made sure to rip a few pieces from the fish with his claws and toss them each apart further across the ThunderClan side of the border. The black tom wasn’t sure how he would manage to get Kass’s scent in particular to replace his, but it seemed as though that luck was in his favor. There was a faint scent of the dilute calico’s lingering nearby– the benefit of being named deputy clearly meant that she would be more present in her territory than before. Perhaps she had patrolled here recently? He didn’t know, but he was grateful for the coincidence.

    There may be inconsistencies in the fresher fish and the traces of Kass’s scent, but he was hoping that in the heat of the moment, no one in RiverClan or ShadowClan would question such a thing due to the recent upset brought up when it came to ThunderClan’s new deputy. Feeling awfully pleased with himself, Pantherstorm, still keeping low to the forset floor and avoiding clear sight as much as possible, recrossed the river to his own territory and decided to return back home for the day.

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