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the beginning of something great | mist x eel

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    The early morning mist clung to Eel’s fur after he entered the Mother Cave from the tunnel leading to the warrior’s den. It had been a few days since he was named as Mist from Rain of Gentle Storms’s mentor, and it was about time for him to hold a training session. The tide tended to be lowest in the early morning, and the lower the tides, the easier it was to hunt in the tide pools. The tall tom-cat turned into the tunnel leading to the to-be den and quietly treaded through it, being careful not to wake up any of the sleeping to-be’s. He approached a light gray sleeping lump and nudged her with his muzzle to wake her up. “Hey Mist, we’re going hunting this morning,” he murmured, glancing around to make sure he wasn’t waking anyone up. “Take a little while to prepare yourself and wake up and then meet me in the Mother Cave.” And with that, he turned around and headed back through the tunnel.

    Eel sat patiently close to the entrance to the camp and glanced outside the hole leading into the cave the Tribe called home. It didn’t take long for Mist to meet up with him, and he gestured at her to follow him. With a nod of acknowledgment to the Cave Guards that sat by the entrance, he led her down the narrow path towards the Tide Pools. When the duo reached the rocky hunting spot, Eel sat down in front of them and gave Mist a gentle smile. “So, I know it’s very early in the morning, but there’s a reason I wanted to train at this time. The tides are low in the very early morning and in the afternoon, and us Sand-Hunters hunt during those times, and we rest during high tides. Sand-Hunters usually choose the afternoon hunting time, but I personally prefer hunting in the early morning when no one is here to bother me,” Eel gave a quick look around to see if any other cats were out and about, but there was no one around. “Let’s test your knowledge before we start. Here’s a question for you, why do you think Sand-Hunters hunt during low tide?” He gave her a friendly look, hoping the tiny to-be wouldn’t feel intimidated by him putting her on the spot.


    Mist couldn’t keep the yawn trapped in her lungs, she ended up yawning loudly, rubbing at her eyes with her paws, before she drowsily padded after her mentor. As she walked, listened, looked, smelled and scented her surroundings, she began to perk right up, her bobbed tail giving somewhat of an eager wiggle.

    Once the drowsiness of sleep receded, she gained a bounce in her step. The flighty silver-gray molly nearly hopped after her mentor towards the Tide Pools. Upon arriving at the pools, where she could see the flickering movements of fish swimming below the surface, she settled down onto the sand and gazed at Eel with curious eyes.

    “Ohhh…” She mewled as Eel inquired her about her knowledge of why Sand-Hunters hunted during low tides. “It’s because high tides are very dangerous, right? Hunting during the high tides would be a foolish thing to do. Also during high tides, there isn’t much to hunt, because it’s been swept out there.”

    She flicked her ears towards the sea, “They get pulled into the sun drown place, and if we tried to hunt the prey, we’d get pulled in too. We could drown…” Her voice quivered slightly, recalling her sister Shell, and how she was found deceased in the low tides. But her smile never wavered, because she knew her sister was watching over her, she was certain of it.



    eel lurking in shallow pool.

    Eel smiled proudly when Mist answered his question correctly. “Good, that’s correct! Another reason why we hunt at low tide is that it makes it easier to reach all the creatures that are at the bottom of the tide pools. Less water means less effort to get to the bottom to grab your prey, especially if you have shorter legs. I’m fairly tall, so I can easily move through the water even when the tide is slightly higher, but you’ll probably have more trouble due to your smaller size.” His pride soon shifted to regret though as she began to recall the death of her sister, and his jade green eyes widened slightly in panic.  You idiot, how could you have forgotten that?! He thought, gritting his teeth slightly in frustration. “Yes, that… That too,” the tom stammered, gingerly touching his tail tip to the smaller she-cat’s shoulder comfortingly. His gaze quickly shifted to the pools, and his eyes locked in on a crab skittering about on the bottom of the closest pool.”Well, uh, if you’re okay to continue on, I’m going to demonstrate a technique on how to catch crabs that I find useful.”

    Eel carefully stepped into the water, being careful not to move too fast and scare anything away. Of course, his long legs made it easy to move without worrying about keeping his head above the water, so he waded effortlessly through the pool in the direction of his target. He stopped a few tail-lengths from the crab and stood completely still, waiting for it to stop moving and settle down in one place. The tom then pounced towards his prey and used his paws to hold the crab down as he reached his head below the water to finish it off. Eel then brought it back to the path and set it down in front of Mist. “When you’re hunting crabs, it’s fairly easy. Just wait for it to stay still, then quickly pounce onto it and finish it off with a bite or by slamming it down on a rock. The only danger is their claws, and those can hurt quite a bit.” He tilted one large ear towards her in order to show off a tiny nick on the side of it. “This is what happened to me my first time trying to catch a crab. Don’t worry about it though, as long at you’re paying attention you’ll be fine. I was being a minnow-brain and I completely forgot to actually finish off the crab before I tried to pick it up! That sure taught me to pay attention from then on.” He purred amusedly, hoping the anecdote would lighten up the mood. “So, are you ready to give it a shot? Or would you like me to demonstrate again?”

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