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the beauty in everything // storm + flurry

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    s t o r m h o w l
    riverclan deputy

    From the beautiful weather, it would seem that one would think all was well in the clans that were tucked peacefully beside the sea, though nothing is ever as it seems. The sun glittered brightly in the sky, but it didn’t disclose the absence of stars that normally took place in the night sky, nor did it give hints to the impending doom that awaited the cats below. It sat in silence, persisting on like an annoying mockingbird perched in the highest tree. 

    Of course, this worry wouldn’t interfere with Stormhowl’s newest apprentice’s first day. The kind young molly seemed a bit timid and shy at her apprentice ceremony, and he hoped he’d be able to get to know her and understand her strengths and weaknesses, just like Featherwing had done for him. The cinder colored tom dipped his head into the apprentice’s den, careful not to wake any snoozing apprentice’s other than his own. With a gentle nudge, he blinked his heterochromatic gaze, amber and blue soft in the darkness. “Flurrypaw, welcome to the life of a RiverClan apprentice,” he purred gently, retreating once he saw her stir.

    He backed up a few paces, settling down on his haunches as he awaited Swanpath’s kit. He recalled the ceremony and her absence, heart fluttering at the thought. Though he didn’t have a mate or kits of his own, he knew things must be difficult for her if she couldn’t watch an important milestone for her little ones. I vow to make you a great warrior, Flurrypaw, he thought determinedly, hoping he could get the struggles with her family off of her mind.


    Ω   F L U R R Y P A W — a p p r e n t i c e  Ω

    ×   i was quiet, but i was not blind   ×

    Mama hadn’t come to the ceremony, and Flurrypaw- well, he wasn’t sure what to make of that. So, he didn’t try to figure it out and instead let the excitement from the crowd of his clanmates flood his anxieties away. Now that the high had ebbed away, the pale grey and cream tom curled up in the tiniest ball he could manage, not hard for his slight frame. Pale green eyes cautiously began to reveal themselves as the youth stretched out each limb, every movement slow and purposeful. Immediately, the tom’s head tilted towards the cause for his waking up, having fallen into a light (if troubled) rest following a sleepless night. 

    “Good morning,” he responded sweetly, knowing his mother liked it when he greeted others politely. With a nod to acknowledge Stormhowl’s words, the new apprentice stood up, carefully balancing away from his denmates. Flurrypaw darted out of the den as quickly as he dared before making his way towards the deputy, beaming up at the tom. Stormhowl’s heterochromatic eyes reminded Flurry a lot of his mom, who also had eyes like that. Beyond that, their physical appearances differed. Unlike Stormhowl, Swanpath had a lean yet powerful figure, with cutting edges and sharp, vigilant eyes. Flurry took after his mother in that regard, with an equally slim figure- though his eyes were far rounder than hers. 

    “What are we doing today?” The apprentice inquired, making up for his shorter legs by walking at a brisk pace. “Can we look at the river? I’ve never seen it before,” because, obviously, he wouldn’t have been able to. “Mama says I was born near there when she went for a walk.” Flurrypaw felt a nebulous connection of sorts to the river after hearing that story, and he was eager to see the magnificent stretch of water. 

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    OOC NOTES: So- I’ll be 100% honest. I did not expect to keep Flurry, and I have not spent a lot of time RPing them. So- 2 things:

    1. Flurry was originally a tom, and I will still say he was born male, but I’m kinda rolling with the idea that they’re a feminine male who eventually is more demigender/fluid. Feel free to have Storm continue thinking Flurry’s a girl- makes for fun(ny) Plot Stuff
    2. I have forgotten most of Flurry’s original appearance, so- oops. However I describe them in this thread will be their Official Appearance From Now On. =)
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