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That Was Unexpected (FosterxCasper)

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    ~F O S T E R~

    Hmmm” Foster’s eyebrows furrowed as he thought over what Casper said, finding himself agreeing that there was definitely tension between Jumper and Mystic. He hesitated, his right paw scuffling the dirt before he spoke. “It makes me nervous to go somewhere with them. We don’t know who they are and although Mystic seems trustworthy, she doesn’t give much information out about what is exactly at the coast and why Jumper was with her in the first place.” Foster gazed across the grassy clearing towards the mountains that looked smaller from the distance, but still touched the sky with their reach. Wispy clouds hovered at the tops of them, blending in with the snow that never seemed to melt no matter how hot the sun was. He wondered how old the snow was, finding the magic of it fascinating. He had hoped Casper would have been more up to journeying the mountains with him, but he wasn’t nearly ready for the new dangers that would await them. Besides, his dream of climbing the rocky terrain would have to wait, because he couldn’t find himself separating from Casper for long. Foster blinked and turned back to his cream-colored friend, giving him a smile. I’ll try to find an opportunity to get Mystic alone tomorrow. Maybe I can get some more information out of her that would make me feel better about being around them. But for now” Foster quickly lifted his forepaw and lightly smacked the side of Casper’s face. “We should train some more.” 

    Foster made the training a little easier on Casper since they were supposed to get up early and start their trek. However, he was finding improvement in the young tom which made him smile the whole walk back to the barn. When they got there, Luna and Jumper were carrying mice between their jaws that Jumper had caught, and they feasted on the meat before falling asleep to get ready for the next day. Unusually, Foster was the first one up. It was still early morning, and the sun was just barely inching over the horizon, cascading a golden light through the cracks and crevices of the barn walls. It scattered over everyone’s pelts, and Foster found himself staring at Mystic a little longer than the rest. She wasn’t the most beautiful she-cat he had ever seen, but she caught his attention in ways only one other had before. It partially scared him to feel that way towards someone again, and he knew he needed to keep himself in check. Foster padded softly towards Casper’s nest, prodding him on the shoulder to wake. “Wakey, wakey,” he meowed before his jaws opened in a wide yawn. “Let’s go everyone, we have a big day ahead of us!”

    Luna’s eyes snapped open and it wasn’t long before Jumper’s did as well, but an annoyed groan escaped his lips. “Oh great, someone who loves mornings,” he grumbled sarcastically, shutting his eyes again. Luna giggled and nipped playfully at Jumper’s ear. “Come on, sweety. He’s right; we do have a big day ahead of us.” Jumper’s tail lashed at her, but he listened begrudgingly. “Fine, fine. I suppose you’re right.” Jumper smacked his lips together as he looked outside of the barn, his eyes squinting to block out most of the light. “Should we hunt and eat now or on the road?” He turned to Mystic for her to answer, ignoring the cheery Foster that still stood over Casper with excitement. 


    Casper ~ Rogue • Mystic ~ Rogue

    Casper was curled up against Foster, he had originally wanted to sleep with his sister and converse his excitement about the upcoming adventure, but something within his gut told him that would be a bad idea. Yesterday Foster had agreed that he too thought something was off with Jumper, not that he was surprised, however he was surprised that Foster had taken a liking to Mystic. But there was also something that drew him towards her, maybe it was because he was insecure and young and she felt like a solid tether, much like Foster. A small groan of protest slipped from his brown lips as Foster nudged at him to awaken, a soft sigh slipping from his lips as he slowly opened one blue eye and gazed up at his friend. “I don’t like you.” He whined, slowly lifting his head with a small sleepy groan. Casper was unaware that the others were beginning to rise as well, instead he hung his head with his eyes closed. He was awake, but just barely. Suddenly a gentle bump to his head caught his attention, causing him to open his eyes and gaze up at a black furred cat. Mystic. “Better wake up Donut, don’t want Scruffy in a bad mood, do we?” She mused, but he couldn’t help but smile. She had her moments when she was soft and kind, but they were treasured by the young tomcat.

    Mystic sighed as she heard Fosters voice, eyelids slowly opening but she kept her gaze on her paws. She was slightly splayed out, guessing from her position that she had a rather restless night. Slowly she shifted her weight to where she was now laying on her stomach, chin lowering as she licked the fur at her chest before someone caught her eye. Young Casper was sleeping in a sitting position, his head swaying this way and that. Foster’s been too kind to him. She thought with amusement, pushing herself into a standing position to where she lightly bumped his head with her shoulder blade. After that, Casper seemed to be more awake and even stood up to stretch. Jumper and Luna were speaking about catching mice and she wasn’t completely focused in on Foster as she released a soft hum. “You all do that. I’m going to go soak in the creek for a wee bit.” Mystic told no one in particular, her tall and slender body slipping out of the barn as she made her way down the incline. Casper gazed after Mystic in a curious fashion but his growling stomach was enough to pull him away from following the molly, instead he went to work with hunting the mice throughout the hay. Mystic on the other hand felt heavy and worn out, slowly lowering her body into the creek with a soft sigh of relief. The cold water seeping through her fur and attacking her skin with relent. “Ahhh..” She groaned softly, her head hanging. She would have to loosen up her muscles for this journey, despite being weak from hunger, she was getting stronger and stronger. With Foster and Casper at her side, she knew she wouldn’t starve.

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