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    “Cherrypaw is an apprentice under Rainysky now, can you believe that?” Eclipsepaw entered the den with authority only someone as young and proud as him could accomplish. His movements were sharp, each one a testament and a proclamation. Of what, no one could be sure. The defensive aura of animosity that wrapped around him spoke volumes.


    “Hi, Spottedfish.” The dark and white tabby smiled warmly. “I brought you a bird because the river froze over. I will catch you a fish, just like I said I would before my naming ceremony!” The young tom announced, a broad grin turning his adolescent features into something handsome. The stiff aggression that haunted his features was a vague memory in the face of his good humor and charitable smile. The difference between who he was out there and in here was drastic, but Eclipsepaw hardly seemed to notice. 


    “It’s not even a great catch,” he added sourly, dropping the prey at the elder’s feet. “The pile was devoid of any good prey- and I know for a fact a hunting patrol returned just a little while ago. I was on it, so of course, I would know.” The apprentice dropped onto his belly, settling in front of the elderly molly. “It’s disrespectful- the queens and elders should  get first pick.” There were numerous ways to contradict, but his determined face left no room for debate. Eclipsepaw adored the elders, and he was self-assured enough to admit it. As long as no one within the age of six to twelve moons was aware. Including his siblings.


    “But, uh,” he shuffled his paws, tugging at the edge of Spottedfish’s nest. Distractedly, he noted it required replacement and quickly added that to his list of “to-do’s”. “I wanted to ask about- About Sootstain.” Lime green eyes stared, wide and imploring, at the old she-cat. “I know Mamma tries to hide it. It’s kind of useless, because I know I’m not like my family. Duskpaw is amazing, Leapingpaw is charming, and Cherrypaw is- perfectly perfect. I know I’m not like Mam, either. I’ve heard others say that I look- and I even act like- like ‘him’. I want to know more, please.” I need to know more.


    S P O T T E D F I S H 

    The peace and quiet that came with a long, well-lived life was something that the calico elder had become quite accompanied with. She had seen her fair of action in her days, her life had been busy and not a day went by that was boring or lackluster. But now, Spottedfish enjoyed resting with the elders of her Clan. She had earned it, after all. 


    Not every day was quiet, as a young one had seemed to take a liking to visiting his elders. Unlike most apprentices his age, he didn’t appear disgruntled to be sent to the elder’s den to tend to the old cats that lived here. Eclipsepaw truly was one of a kind, she hadn’t often seen young cats that genuinely wanted to be in the company of rambling, old coots like herself. 

    The black and white tabby tom was entering the den as he always did, head held high, his chin in the air, with his usual kingliness. “Oh, I’ve heard,” the old cat purred, her voice a rasp of what it once was, but her golden eyes were as bright and lively as ever as she gratefully took the offering of a bird he had brought to her, “young Cherrypaw has moved to a different path in life, hmm?” Eclipsepaw continued on, seeming disgruntled that his catch wasn’t the brightest from the pile. “Oh, hush now,” she scolded him softly, flicking his ear with her tail, “An old bag like me doesn’t need much,” she chuckled, “This is more than enough.” 

    But it seemed that the young tom had something else on his mind. He had come in search of questions of his father, Sootstain, whom had died before his birth. Spottedfish’s heart panged in sympathy for the boy– he deserved to know of his father, as she felt, but she also knew that his mother was not keen on talking about the tom. A soft exhale exited her nose as she settled down into a comfortable crouch. “You know, your mother is an awfully stubborn young cat,” she began, amusement light in her voice, “but I think she’s that way because she’s trying to protect herself, and you, her son, from being hurt by the memories. Are you sure you want to go down that path?”

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