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    mentor is darkwolf, roleplayed by Sol

    “Swoop” or “Goldie” is Tawny’s best friend and roleplayed by Howls

    I wouldn’t mind having Tawnypaw form a friendship with my OCs Morningpaw, Robinpaw, and/or Falconpaw;; HIS SIBLINGS ARE ALSO UP FOR ADOPTION

    the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others

    tawnyhope // tawnypaw // tawnykit

    9 moons • september 12

    male // he/him/his

    smells strongly of sage and chamomile

    tawny is average height with a fairly well built body, but greatly lacking in lean legs (a trademark of windclanners). he’s covered in thick, unruly fur that easy gets tangled and is usually cleaned three times a day just to keep it looking presentable. tawny has a brilliant yellow and green eye, right yellow and left green. 

    positive // gregarious, driven, selfless

    neutral // kind, perceptive, patient

    negative // withdrawn, impulsive, reckless

    tawny is a friendly tom with enough confidence to present himself well. however, he is a huge liar. he lies constantly. you can ask him if he’s okay and he will lie by smiling and saying “yes”, call it a personality quirk if you will. he’s withdrawn when it comes to talking about his own personal issues, being far more interested in others. tawny is selfless to the point of dangerous (for himself, anyway) and while he’s usually a perceptive and strategic tom that likes to plan things out, he will throw caution to the wind when it comes to those closest to him.



    (darkwolf) • (no apprentice)


    hunting // combat

    speed/agility // endurance

    swimming // climbing

    teamwork // leadership

    tawnykit was born four moons after his brother and sister, umberkit and poppykit. early on tawnykit’s mother, hickorycloud, made the decision to leave windclan and head back to her clan of origin, thunderclan. tawnykit’s father, emberwind, fought tooth and claw to keep tawnykit in windclan. after his siblings and mother left (he was three moons by then) tawnykit grew restless and lonely, bonding with an older kit, formerly known as goldenkit before his name was changed to swoopingkit. emberwind did his best to bond with tawnykit but his high standards and tendency to emotionally detach himself from others made tawnykit’s and his relationship awkward and stressed. tawnykit eventually earned his apprentice name, tawnypaw, and was assigned darkwolf as his mentor. when he became an apprentice emberwind came up to him, telling tawnypaw there was something important he needed to know. emberwind brought tawnypaw to the thunderclan border, introducing him to hickorycloud, umberpaw and poppypaw. while hickorycloud and emberwind often argue and occasionally threaten violence, the reason for their separation being their warring tempers, they both agreed it was important that the kits knew they had siblings in other clans. they may not always agree, but on this ember and hickory certainly did. tawnypaw has since been training to become what his clanmates need him to be, hitting road blocks along the way all while trying to ignore his feelings of apprehension, guilt, and exhaustion. perhaps some real friends who saw past his facade could help…

    bisexual • poly (he’ll settle for monogamous, too) • biromantic

    no mate 

    no kits

    –   •   ♥   •   –

    ~ sunshowers are his favorite

    ~ a huge goof but has moments of outstanding wisdom

    ~ originally wanted to be a medicine cat, but only because he fiercely wanted to be needed

    ~ calls swoop “goldie”

    love others so radically they wonder why

    • art lined, colored, designed by me – comic sans ms #993300
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