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    swanpaw ⚘ swanpath ⚘ swankit
    july 06 ⚘ 46 moons
    female ⚘ she/her/hers
    homo-sex ⚘ homo-rom
    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡
    riverclan warrior ▹ queen, apprentice, kit
    mentor —

    art by me and i’d appreciate it if you don’t claim or use the piece

    ⚘ surprisingly slim for a riverclanner with short, smooth fur | eyes are a deep green with spots that are pure gold in color (caked heterochromia, it’s lovely) | soft, creamy white fur | has two small scars at the corner of her left eye and a scar across her nose. Swan has deep scars at her throats which very well could’ve been fatal, has multiple deep gashes and cuts on the back of her head, long scar crossing from one shoulder across her back to the other shoulder ⚘ 

    + selfless, protective, loyal, confident, clever +
    * has a can do, won’t take shit sort of attitude. Also: she will power walk right over you if she has to so really, don’t get in her way •
    – stubborn, impulsive, sharp tongued, blunt –
    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡
    offense | ●●●●● | ●●●○○ | defense
    tracking | ●●○○ | ●●●●○ | hunting
    speed/agility | ●●●●● | ●●●●○ | endurance
    leadership | ●●●●○ | ●●●●● | sociability
    intelligence | ●●●●○ | ●●●●○ | teamwork
    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡
    parents npc ▹ bio mom (deceased) | egretstrike ▹ bio father (open)
    siblings n/a
    mate/crush open ▹ flinthawk (npc)
    kits sleekfeather (adoptive son)
    other relatives n/a
    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡
    Swankit was born into the world alone, her mother a mystery to her as she soon died a mere two weeks after her birth. Swankit’s father spent little to no time with her, too busy carrying out warrior duties and focusing on anything but the kit that looked like a carbon copy of himself. Swankit grew up lonely and without parental guidance was foolish and reckless. It was a miracle she survived to become a warrior. One day she woke up and realized everyone around her seemed to be in love or wanting to find love, or they had kits already. Swanpath felt as though it were her duty as a Riverclanner and a loyal warrior to find a suitable mate and bear kits. Too bad her father never cared enough to warn her that some toms weren’t going to be sweet smiles and romantic gestures.


    TW – ABUSE
    Flinthawk was volatile and angry but Swanpath paid no mind to the warning signs, too busy preparing for her first litter. She didn’t love him, didn’t know what to do in the relationship, but tried her best. Flinthawk always looked down on her as she felt the pressure of not being good enough. Swanpath spent moons repressing “bad traits” for the sake of her mate, often receiving strikes to the back of her head for every mistake and failure to do as told. When Swanpath was pregnant she was certain it would fix all the issues she and Flinthawk had, but fate had different ideas. Swanpath took after her mother and didn’t kit easily, her kits dying in a miscarriage and leaving both Flint and Swan in pain. To say Flint was angry was an understatement, he nearly killed her in his rage. It was only because of her father, Egretstrike, that she didn’t die at Flinthawk’s claws.


    Rainstar banished Flint for his violent temper, but the damage had been done. A few sunrises later Sleekkit arrived and Swan, desperate for comfort and a kit to love, took him and raised him.

    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡
    – Wary of toms (especially angry ones)
    – Reminds Sleekfeater often that she never would’ve changed a thing in her or his life because it brought him to her
    – She still gets nervous around angry toms that are larger than her, but she’s no longer terrified of them
    – Swan will legitimately beat our a** if you bully her son
    – She hates cuddling but won’t hesitate to cuddle her son or loved ones if they need it
    – Egretstrik and Swanpath are slowly beginning to bond, making up for lost time. She’s still bitter tho and wouldn’t trust Egretstrike around her son


    UPDATE  swan has a new scar from tinyflame from her left jaw going up past her eye and nearly touching her forehead; she’s partially blind as a result, sensitive to light in her left eye and everything seems like blurs of color without definition. swan can still see from the corners of her vision in her left eye but anything in directly in front of her will be blurry.

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