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    Sunnykit | Sunny (nickname)


    September 5th | 3 moons



    Rank: Kit

    Mentor: N/A

    Sunnykits skills are yet to be discovered, as she hasn’t started her apprenticeship yet. She has been known to sneak up on people very easily. She loves chasing leaves around the clearing, or almost any object that moves. She is also surprisingly fast.

    Sunnykit is  kind and helpful. She is fun to be around, though she can be a bit impatient. She loves helping other cats out, or just cheering them up. She’s usually calm, and thinks through problems with a clear head most of the time. She can become a bit cranky when she’s really tired, hungry, or both. her small size doesn’t bring down her large personality.

    Sunnykits fur is mostly light orange, with some darker orange spots. She has bright green eyes, a white tail, and white tipped ears. Her one white paw is on her left foreleg. She is a bit small for her age, and very fluffy. 

    Parents: Her father was a warrior from Thunderclan that died in battle, and she doesn’t know much about him because her mother never talks about him. Her mother is Pondflower, a ~once beautiful~ sickly queen.

    Siblings: Sunnykit has no known siblings.

    Mate: N/A

    Kits: N/A








    Sunnykit was born in the Riverclan camp, with only her mother Pondflower. She has no siblings, but she loves playing with the other kits of the clan. She has had an enjoyable first 3 moons of her life, and she is really exited to start training. She loves listening to the elders stories.

    Line art not by me. All coloring by Pheebs. Please do not use art.

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