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Stop Them Chirps (Small and Wasp)

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    Waspfrost made a face as Screech easily caught up to him, causing him to smirk slightly as his yellow eyes found the smug but handsome expression of Smallscreech. “Not true. Bear and Auroraskies have been pestering me about my stamina and how much I lack.” He rolled his eyes in annoyance but they weren’t wrong, with his numerous health issues it was hard on him to hold weight or muscle mass for that matter. “Bear called me a twig. Weak and thin. How dare he.” Waspfrost sniffed, although he knew it was true. He was weaker than a kit, but he had come to accept that a long while ago. He would never be as strong as these healthy males. “Plus, I don’t go to you everyday.” He argued, nose wrinkling slightly. “But if I hadn’t been paired with you today, I would’ve asked you to take my spot.” He smiled sweetly like a spoiled kit, Screech always took such good care of him.

    He snickered slightly as Screech agreed that they wouldn’t be catching anything else for the day, his own yellow eyes lifting to see the sun was high in the sky. “Of course, I’m right. You dumb deer.” He huffed in agreement, a skip to his step as he cleared his throat. “Oh well, at least I got to eat.” He chirped, chin tilting for a moment, “Or else you would dragging my butt back to camp for my daily dose.” Wasp found that amusing, laughing softly to himself at the thought of Screech having to drag his hind end back to camp. “Wait… does this mean we can go back to camp?” Wasp pleaded, he wanted out of this heat.



    SkyClan Warrior

    He knew they were Waspfrost’s friends, but he couldn’t help but feel a kernel of irritation grate in his heart. Undoubtedly the teasing was out of good faith. He held no resentment for Auroraskies or Bear, and yet that wave of protectiveness was like an itch he could not scratch. “You can’t help that,” he mewed warmly. His smirk fell into a slightly forced grin, a purr rumbling in his chest. Waspfrost’s insistence to keep going despite his imperfect health was admirable to Smallscreech. There have been warriors that were disabled, of course, it wasn’t anything unheard of; yet, he had a specific pride for Waspfrost. Screech was there to make sure he took his daily dose of cinnamon. He was there to ensure his stomach was full and he wasn’t pushing himself, because Waspfrost was surprisingly persistent for someone who adopted a lazy persona. “And you’re plenty strong.” He sniffed. You didn’t have to have a burly body to be strong! “I bet he couldn’t beat you in a race. You could call him slow and fat then.”

    As Waspfrost smiled like a misbehaving kitten, he felt his heart melt. It erased the sour note on the conversation and he rolled his eyes. “I wish I could say you’re the only one I do it for, but you’re not that special.” He smirked back and winked. The playful banter put a slight bounce in the tom’s step. “Yes, we can go back to camp,” he sighed in saccharine exasperation. “You can go back to your comfy spot and live out your days as a rock in the middle of camp. I’m quite certain there’s a crater there, now.” He bumped his shoulder against Waspfrost’s as he guided them in the direction of camp. “I won’t say I love leaf-bare, but I do miss the cooler weather. We weren’t made for this heat.”

    “Destiny isn't a path any cat follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks loudest. Listen to your heart, because that's where your true destiny lies.”
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Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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