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    Base Credit: Snaildoki of DA

    Speckledpaw {{Future: Speckledfern}}








    Medicine Cat Apprentice


    Saffrongaze- A lovely peach, cream and orange she-cat with beautiful gray-blue eyes.


    Rain, Herbs and Flowers.

    The basics of herbs.
    Decent climber.
    Quick runner.
    Keen sense of scent and sight.

    Shy, reserved, socially awkward and anxious. These are words that can be used to describe Speckledpaw. Though Speckledpaw might have started off with a clean slate when coming to the clans, she can remember a select few things. Her old name, her curiosity of the forest, and her love of flowers and feathers. Speckledpaw is very much not a morning cat, she prefers to stay up at night, sleep during the morning, and rise in the afternoon. Though despite all of this, she disregards her own personal sleeping preferences, most of the time, to preform her Medicine Cat Apprentice duties

    Speckledpaw’s pattern has no rhyme or reason, hued light and dark hazel, as well as ginger and white. She also has several creamy-white splotches all over her coat, one white ear, the other ear is overlapped with ginger and white. She has white dipped paws and tail tip, a white muzzle and underbelly. Her fur is as soft as a nest full of feathers, and very fluffy. She has a peculiar patch of splotches upon her chest, and her eyes are a dazzling azure.



    Bella- Bella is a beautiful calico molly, with stunning blue eyes, she has long and fluffy fur. Her collar is blue and she has a silver bell, with her name, attached to it. {{Bella is the daughter of a Skyclan tom named Dustyskies and a kittypet molly named Jade.}} -Up For Adoption-


    Koda- Koda is a large brown, white and black Maine-coon with amber eyes. Has a red collar, on the collar he as a rag with his name on it, attached to it. -Up For Adoption-


    Skitters-A white, black and ginger tom, with amber eyes. Has a purple collar. -Up For Adoption-

    Jinglebell-A light ginger, brown and cream she-kit with blue eyes. She has a pink collar. -Up For Adoption-

    Brownie -A dark brown tom, with darker brown splotches, and blue eyes. He has a dark green collar. -Up For Adoption-

    Muffin- A light brown, ginger, and white she-kit, with amber eyes. She has a light orange collar. – Up For Adoption-

    Not Applicable/No Crush

    Not Applicable

    Speckledpaw has Skyclan blood, through her grandfather Dustyskies, on her mother’s side of the family tree.


    Speckledpaw, formerly Speckles – although unknown to her – came to the clans during the Hurricane.

    But before that, she once lived happily with her mother Bella, her father Koda, and her siblings Skitters, Jinglebell, Brownie and Muffin. For the first few months of her life, Speckles was always the odd kit out, although her siblings loved and cared for her, they found it difficult to get Speckles to engage in any play. Speckles, seemingly preferred to stare outside heir twolegs window, to gaze off into the distance at the forest. Ever since she was old enough to jump up and see outside, the forest seemed to be whispering her name, calling her.

    Several times a month, Speckles would have dreams about a large peaceful field that seemed to glow in an ethereal manner. Out in the distance, Speckles could see several cats that shimmered like the stars themselves. They beckoned her forward, and she would try to reach them. Only to be violently swept away by a cascade of water, where she’d sink down into darkness.

    Every time she woke from this dream, she woke up disorientated and confused. Not knowing what they were about, she tried to push them to the back of her mind, but the dream only occurred more often and became more intense. 

    Finally a day came where Speckles found her way outside, her Twoleg accidentally leaving a window open up just enough for her to slip out. Speckles could sense it in the air that it was going to storm, yet she disregarded it, because a powerful urge overcame her. She braced herself and headed off towards the forest.

    It had already begun to rain by the time Speckles entered the forest, it wasn’t long before she entered a clearing in the woods, and there she caught a glimpse of glittering lights. Though, before she could ponder on if it was her imagination running away with her, or if she’d actually seen the light, a wall of water slammed against her.

    The current of the water washed her deeper and deeper into the forest and towards the clans. During her frightening trip, her light blue collar snapped off, and she lost her kittypet scent.

    She would have drowned in the water, had it not been for the bravery of Saffrongaze, the Skyclan Medicine Cat, saving her from a watery grave. Upon saving her, no queen from any of clans came forward to claim her as their own kit.

    Thus Skyclan decided to take care of Speckles until she came too. Once awake, they asked her where she came from, but she couldn’t remember.

    The traumatic experience had left her without memories to call her own. Though she did recall her own name. Taking pity on the kit, Skyclan decided to take her in and raise her to be apart of their clan.

    This is how Speckledpaw came to live in Skyclan, and how she’d come to learn of her destiny.


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