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    Thunderclans Peachy Princess 

    “Quick Plumpaw! You’re going to miss it!” The high pitch cut through the trees, soon a creamy She cat followed the voice her petit body doing its best to jump over roots and logs as they appeared in her eye line. Peachpaw had a secret, one that not even her dearest Honey knew about, a secret that she was about to share with her very best friend. He’s going to love this! A loud purr built up in the She Cats throat. 

    Her delicate paws slipping on the earth beneath her as she came to a sudden stop once she reached the edge of the tree line. The large ginger fluff of a tail swinging excitedly behind her, paws jittering in anticipation. As the warrior in training approached the feline quickly motioned for the tom to follow her as she crouched, a paw pointing to the clearing in front of them, “Watch closely Plumpaw, and be patient.” She ordered firmly.

    As if clock work the small flower buds began to slowly finish their bloom. Showing large bright white petals that almost seemed to shine in the moon light, “Softbelly showed me this my first night as her apprentice before she disappeared, most of the warriors are done patrolling this area before they bloom so it’s kind of become my special place.” Peachpaw bright blue eyes glossed over for a moment at the thought of her first mentor, “When I’m here I feel so much closer to her. She called them Moonflowers.”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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