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soft words at moonhigh (MoonFall Family RP)

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    Moonberry sighed, sitting outside and basking in the cool night air and letting the moon light bathe her in its glow. The gathering was probably already starting if it hadn’t already and it felt like ages since Moonberry had last gone to a gathering. However this wasn’t what was bothering the queen, she was more concerned about how her friend would handle his first gathering as deputy.

    ‘Foolish,’ Moonberry thought, ‘Rookfall can handle himself just fine. He’ll spill any drama once e gets back.’ Ah, and that was just it. Another worry of the molly’s was a fight breaking out. Her children couldn’t afford the heartbreak of losing their father, not after she and Rook had gone to great lengths to spare them from ever realizing they didn’t have a father in the first place.

    Moonberry was chubby and kittypet-like in appearance, she didn’t mind, but as an apprentice it had never ceased to bother her. Bullied and jeered at for being a “kittypet pretending to be a wild cat” had been the least of her problems but they certainly didn’t help. If it hadn’t been for a few friends, Rookfall in particular, Moon very well might’ve left and never looked back. When she made the decision to stay it had been simple yet pivotal. It made sense for Moonberry to ask Rook to be there for the moment of her kits birth, knowing she didn’t have a father, mother, or mate to be with her. What she hadn’t expected was Rookfall offering to play the father for her young when she admitted her anxieties about raising kits father-less. If it seemed weird to the clan that their deputy and Moonberry only started acting like mates after “Rookfall’s” kits were born, few questioned it. Moon regretted dragging her friend into her life, afraid that he’d become irritated with it all, but she needn’t worry about that now, because for now Rook has been playing the best father role perfectly. That’s what mattered. Moonberry’s kits were happy, innocence, and ignorant.


    SkyClan Deputy

    The Gathering was somehow just as horrid as the last one. Rookfall was starting to wonder when anything would look up – when ThunderClan would clean up their act, when medicine cats would go back to being medicine cats, and when all of this clique nonsense would clear up so everything could go back to normal. As Firestar led them back to camp, he felt a ball of anxiety within his chest that just refused to leave. He wanted to swallow it down or spit it out, but it lodged itself within him and drained him of his patience and his energy. By the time they reached their hollow, the SkyClan deputy’s paws felt like they were made out of lead and his blue-green eyes were dark with exhaustion. However, the sight of Moonberry and their little ones eased his emotions and allowed for peace to seep in. 

    Rookfall padded up to his ‘mate’ and his kits, a small smile touching the edges of his lips. He brushed his patched pelt against Moonberry’s, a low purr rumbling in his throat.  “Couldn’t sleep?” The tuxedo tom turned his affectionate gaze unto her. It was an easy act. Although their relationship was saccharine, he truly loved them. Moonberry was his best friend, and the kits were the light of his lives. He felt as long as he had them, he would never be lost or lonely. The night of their births, he had been there only to offer his support to his friend, but his heart felt so much more. A single look at three little scraps of fur had filled him to the brim with such love and purpose that he felt he had no choice but to stay there with them forever.

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    “Destiny isn't a path any cat follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks loudest. Listen to your heart, because that's where your true destiny lies.”
    - Leafpool


    Moonberry smiled warmly, round little ears perking at the sound of her best friend’s familiar voice. “Oh, no, I definitely could’ve gone to sleep. These last couple of moons I’ve been needing some sleep!” In fact, the only “break” she’d gotten in a long time had come from going on a walk with a warrior named Waspfrost. He was a bit prickly but became an easy companion after awhile speaking to each other. Other than that the chubby van cat had been spending every waking hour (which had become quite a large amount of hours) doting on, caring for, and loving her kits. Crowkit was troublesome if only for his recklessness and undiminishing curiosity, Silentkit was worrisome because he never made a sound (it nearly killed Moon with anxiety when he didn’t make a sound at birth), and Emberkit… Well, she was definitely somewhere in between. 

    “I could’ve gone to sleep, but just because I’m an exhausted queen doesn’t mean I’m going to simply forget what a big day this is for you.” The queen grinned, expression proud. In fact, ever since Rookfall’s becoming deputy she’d been bursting with pride for her friend, her clanmates assuming it to be the usual pride a mate would have if their partner had been promoted, and had wasted no time before being the first to congratulate her friend. His achievements meant just as much to her as her own, and Moonberry made sure to remind him as often as he reminded her of his love for their kits. Mate or no, Moonberry couldn’t ask for another cat to be at her side. “Well…? You look.. Tired. What happened?” Her excitement bubbled down quickly after a quick examination of the bicolored tom’s face revealed exhaustion. A lot of it. 


    Round green eyes peered up at Rookfall as he returned to camp, a certain light of wonder shining within them. She was old enough now to understand that he went to a gathering, though not quite old enough to really know what a gathering was. It’d been explained to her but she hadn’t paid attention the moon before when it had come up. This time her dad was going as deputy though! She knew her mama was excited for that, and that made her excited too. She couldn’t understand why he looked so tired and grumpy coming back from something that was supposed to be fun; did he not have a good time? She blinked as she listened to her parents talk, not bothering to hide the fact she was paying such close attention.

    “One of the apprentices said there might be a fight at the gathering,” she piped up finally, “Did you fight anyone, Rookfall?” Of course her dad was the biggest, strongest tom in the whole forest. If he had fought anyone, he won. There wasn’t a doubt in her mind.

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