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    A chilly wind brushed over the moors, sending little flurries of snow drifting in the air and landing on the cold ground. Wolfstar sat outside of the entrance to their new WindClan camp with his tail wrapped over his paws to keep himself warmer. Despite the sun shining directly above, it was still leafbare which made life harder for the Clans. At least we finally have a permanent home, he thought, narrowing his eyes to see if he could see through the gorse bushes and into the clearing that was their new camp. StarClan was on WindClan’s side this whole leafbare, and he was grateful for it.

    Today was Snowpaw’s assessment test on becoming a warrior. His heart was filled with happiness at the thought of making the white she-cat a warrior, knowing how much Goldenrose cared for her. To Goldenrose, Snowpaw became more than just an apprentice, and Wolfstar found himself feeling like she was one of his own as well. However, giving another apprentice an assessment also gave him grief. The last assessment he gave was for his former apprentice, Thistleheart. Wolfstar looked up at the sky, eyes blinking with sadness. Look down on Snowpaw today, Thistleheart, and give her your luck and strength. The brown tabby tom had been killed fighting off a hawk to save someone’s kit, leaving their Clan grief-stricken. Wolfstar had hoped Thistleheart could have been a leader one day…

    Shaking away thoughts of his deceased apprentice, Wolfstar looked to the entrance of the camp once more, waiting for Snowpaw to enter and start her test.


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