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    smudgekit-> smudgepaw -> smudgefeather

    smudge for the black smudge on her muzzle

    feather because people on discord said it was nice


    Gender | Pronouns | Birthday | Sexuality

    female | she/her | january 14th | ???

    Clan | Rank | Former Mentor | Apprentice

    Thunderclan | Warrior | NPC | Open


    Mother: Dappledsky (Thunderclan)

    Father: Jetfur (Formerly Thunderclan; current status unknown)

    Littermates: Fintail (Thunderclan), Breezepaw (Deceased), Monty (Kittypet)

    Siblings: Rosebloom (Thunderclan), Swifttail (Thunderclan), Nightflower (Thunderclan), Berrystep (Thunderclan)

    Kits: Litter of four; names and locations unknown



    Smudgefeather was born into a litter of four kits: herself, Finkit, Crowkit, and Breezekit. As the only girl in the litter, as well as being the smallest, she found that her brothers, particularly Finkit, would tease her quite frequently. This led to her learning how to stick up for herself at a very young age – she was not going to let anyone tease her for anything! Finkit couldn’t get away with it, and no one else was going to be able to either. 

    After they reached apprenticehood, Finpaw’s teasing of Smudgepaw evolved into a rivalry instead. Everything they did was a competition, often to the detriment of themselves. Crowpaw, who was already grumpy by nature, found it to be tiring, while Breezepaw would alternate between playing peacekeeper and being amused. In spite of the pair’s rivalry, it was Breezepaw that proved himself to be the best of them. He was a fast learner and a dedicated student, with a natural talent for hunting and climbing. It seemed that he was going to receive his warrior name before any of his littermates (particularly Crowpaw, who was rather lazy and uninterested in the whole thing).

    Everything came to a grinding halt when Breezepaw was killed. His injuries were extensive, appearing to have been obtained by a twoleg creation; a monster, perhaps? The strong-willed apprentice was able to drag himself almost all the way back to camp, but he succumbed to his injuries before he could find help. Instead, his body was found by the patrol the next morning, much to the clan’s horror. Breezepaw’s death had a huge affect on his family, leading to a reconciliation between Smudgepaw and Finpaw. It also horrified Crowpaw so much that in the moons that followed, he chose to leave the clan completely. 

    Jetfur had always been an absent father, but the loss of Breezepaw stunned him. Dappledsky was distraught at the loss of her son, and losing Crowpaw too was unbearable. Dappledsky and Jetfur’s relationship crumbled in the wake of Crowpaw’s departure, and one day Jetfur disappeared completely, leaving behind a still-grieving Dappledsky and her two confused, grieving kits, Smudgepaw and Finpaw. 

    As time went on, the family recovered and Smudgepaw slowly eased back into her old rivalry with Finpaw, though they both had gained a lot more respect and appreciation for each other after everything that had happened. Additionally, they and their mother would visit Crowpaw once a moon. He was a kittypet now, going by the name Monty; a lifestyle which suited his lazy nature much better than clan life did. Although Finpaw found a lot of humour in this, and Smudgepaw took a while to accept it, Dappledsky was simply happy that her son was alive and well. This was a sentiment that Smudgepaw came to share. 

    Smudgepaw enjoyed her visits to Monty, and this allowed her to meet one of the toms that lived in the area. He told her his name was Firestrike and that he was an exiled clan cat, to which Smudgepaw responded with laughter. ‘No, you reek of kittypet and carrion. You’ve never been part of a clan in your life,’ she had snickered. The tom was both amused and intrigued by her, and soon Smudgepaw found herself running into him every time she went to visit her brother. His name, she learned, was Flint; a name he had given himself shortly after his twolegs abandoned him in his youth. It didn’t take long before Smudgepaw, despite her fiery nature and her inability to tolerate nonsense, found herself believing everything the tom said.

    Shortly after earning her warrior name, Smudgefeather was horrified to discover that she was pregnant with Flint’s kits. In her panic, she confided in Monty and Fintail. Neither of them knew what to do but after they tracked down Flint and told him the news, the tom seemed unconcerned. He wanted nothing to do with any of it, and disappeared. 

    The months rolled past and despite endless questions from her mother and the other clan cats, Smudgefeather tried her best to keep her pregnancy a secret. When she was unsuccessful, she then refused to reveal the father’s identity. Then, when the fateful day came, Smudgefeather gave birth alone in the forest, far away from anybody that might have known her. Although she stayed with the kits a little while, she knew that ultimately she did not want to keep them. She was not emotionally or mentally prepared, and nor did she want to be reminded of their father. In the end, she gave her litter of four to a very frazzled Monty. ‘Find someone to care for them,’ she had told him, before returning to Thunderclan. 

    Her visits to her brother became less and less frequent after that. Things were rocky for a while, and she was sure that Dappledsky was angry with the decision regarding her kits, but Smudgefeather quickly developed a very thick skin. She also threw herself into her clan duties, doing all in her power to regain some of the respect that she had lost before. Never again would she break the warrior code. 

    Now, Smudgefeather is much older and much wiser. Despite being the runt of her litter, she is extremely efficient in both hunting and combat. Dappledsky took another mate and proceeded to give birth to another litter of kits, making Smudgefeather and Fintail the oldest of several siblings. Never forgetting what happened to Breezepaw, Smudgefeather served as a stern, yet understanding, guardian figure to her new half-siblings, despite having neglected to visit Monty for many, many moons. 



    Smudgefeather is a small, fluffy, black and white cat with green eyes. The distinctive black smudge on her muzzle is where she gets her name. Additionally, her fluffy tail is what earned her the name of ‘feather’. Although she is an older cat, she still retains the graceful movements of her youth. 


    As an older warrior, Smudgefeather has seen a lot of things in her life and, as such, she has a very low tolerance for bullshit. She is stern, strict, fiery, and yet not entirely uncompromising. When she loves, she loves with all her heart, and her loyalty to her siblings is proof of this. There is still a playfulness within her, giving her a dry wit that is often accompanied by a wry smile. Similar to a strict school teacher, Smudgefeather wants to see people succeed and she wants them to do their best, but that doesn’t mean she’ll provide all the answers or give out any free passes.

    In spite of her somewhat intimidating demeanor, she is not unkind. She forgives those that are sincere, just as much as she resents those that are not. She does not go out of her way to start arguments – petty conflict is something that she considers to be beneath her. However, if Smudgefeather witnesses an injustice or someone being cruel, she will waste no time in giving the wrong-doer a swift talking-to. Smudgefeather does not let anyone mistreat her, nor does she believe that anybody else should allow themselves to be mistreated either. 

    The warrior code is extremely important to Smudgefeather, and she cherishes her clan. That being said, Monty has removed any former prejudice that she once had against kittypets, and she has something of a soft spot for any cat whose blood is not strictly Thunderclan. 


    Smudgefeather carries a pleasant, earthy scent, like rainfall upon cherry trees.  


    Her brother became a kittypet following the trauma of losing a littermate. Smudge started visiting him, met a stray who turned out to be a douche, and then he got her pregnant very shortly after she got her warrior name. She chose her duty to the clan over her kits and basically abandoned them. She’s almost an old lady now and she does not take any nonsense, but her heart is good and she will probably cherish u (and will also verbally destroy anyone who is ever mean to u because she thinks u deserve better than that). Also she is a runt.

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