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    Name: Smokewisp | Gender: Female | Age: 42 moons | Birthday: March 8th | Sexuality: Bisexual

    Allegiance: Shadowclan | Rank: Deputy | Mentor: Adderfang (NPC) | Apprentice: N/A

    Scent: Sweet Woodruff | Skills: Fighting & Observation| Personality: Strict, quiet, slow to befriend, and protective.

    Appearance: A mottled, lithe she-cat. Her coat is predominantly grey with wisps of black. Her fur lightens beneath her belly and in patches across her face. She has pale amber eyes, as well as a damaged leg which aches during the colder seasons.

    Parents: Mosswing & Nightstrike (NPCS) | Siblings: N/A | Mate: N/A | Kits: N/A

    Likes: Patrols, sparring, and staying awake late.

    Dislikes: Early mornings, disobedience, and AlbinoSeaTurtle

    || History ||

    Newleaf, the season of rebirth, arrived upon the clans. The Shadowclan nursery was bustling with new life, and Smokekit was among them. Her parents, Mosswing and Nightstrike, were stern warriors. Some said they had a loveless relationship, while others whispered that Smokekit was an unintended accident. Her mother, Mosswing, left the nursery early. She reviled the life of a queen, preferring hunting to mothering. Her father, Nightstrike, was a constant presence in her life. However, the dark tom demanded complete obedience, quelling her kit-ish outbursts.

    Smokepaw grew stern beneath her father’s manipulation. Adderfang, her mentor, had difficulty training her. She preferred her father’s methods, which would often lead to arguments. She was often mocked during her apprenticeship, being branded a “freak” by her denmates. Her unusual maturity and talent alienated her, and relished solitude. She excelled during her apprenticeship, her father guiding her pawstep by pawstep.

    Moons passed, and she eventually earned her warrior name. Smokewisp cherished her father’s teachings, remaining stoic and alone. However, knowledge would only carry the she-cat so far. Sometimes, Starclan had other plans.

    Dusk patrol was a regular routine. The group consisted of Smokewisp, Nightstrike, and a couple other clanmates. The cold leafbare wind chilled their paws as they padded along the border. Suddenly a deep musky scent filled their noses, and two starved dogs lunged from the shadows. Nightstrike was quickly overwhelmed. Smokewisp rushed to her father’s defense, but she was too late. Enraged, the grey she-cat lashed out. One dog caught her leg, fracturing the bone. They managed to chase them off, but not without a heavy loss. Nightstrike joined Starclan shortly after.

    The next season of Smokewisp’s life was challenging. Without her father’s manipulation she felt lost. Perhaps his teachings were wrong, but what if they weren’t? Slowly, with the help of some newfound friends, she began to grow bold. Her clanmates were her friends, not just an obligation. Of course, she still held her father’s memories and teachings close. After all, he wasn’t a bad warrior. However, perhaps there was more to life. Perhaps, it was okay to love.

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