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    S  M  O  K  E
    Smoke that Rises at Dawn
    ⇢ Devon

    44 moons ⇢ August

    male ⇢ he/him/his
    heterosexual(but is he?) ⇢ heteromantic(is he really?)

    The greatest oak
    was once a little nut
    who held its ground

    ⬧ tribe of rising tides
    ⬧ cave-guard
    ⬧ —
    ⬧ open

    ☾ smells of rain, cave water, and the sea breeze
    ☾ leadership (8/10), observant, powerful legs/body, endurable ⇢ diplomatic (2/10), cave hunting (3/10), more tba

    Smoke is a typically quiet tom, though he holds a certain powerful aura about him, and not just because he’s a towering tom weighted down with muscle. He’s very patient, but unrelenting and fierce and isn’t above pushing you to your limits. Smoke is a strong believer in loyalty to your family above all else, and for him, the Tribe is his family. Resilient and clear-headed, this feline is rarely weighed down by petty problems and emotions as he puts logic before everything. Though, Smoke could stand to let up on the seriousness and learn to acknowledge his emotions. Smoke is also not the best with his words, and definitely not the most diplomatic cat. However, he does his best to be sympathetic and sweet with those who come to him for help, because deep down Smoke just wants to be there for others and return in full the love and care he was given by the Tribe as a young kit. Smoke isn’t the most poetic tom, and often stutters when made nervous or caught off guard (though this is rare), and also struggles with clearly expressing his emotions towards others. Even if he was better at voicing his feelings, Smoke rarely would, as he’s opened his heart to one other cat (his sister) and that turned sour rather fast.

    fire in the heart
    sends smoke
    into the head

    ♡ Andra (bio mother/deceased) and Xavier (bio father/deceased??)
    ♡ Flame that Burns at Twilight (bio [litter] sister), Star that Glitters Above (adopt sister), Hawk that Circles in Groups (adopt brother)
    ♡ no current mate ⇢ Clarisse (former mate?? maybe? || open for RP)
    ♡ no kits

    bottled up inside are
    the words I never said,
    the feelings that I hide,
    the lines you’ve never read

    ⇢ there’s still a rift between him and Flame
    ⇢ has a soft spot for elders, kits, and those in need of care
    ⇢ treats everything gently, as he’s a very large tom and everything seems breakable
    ⇢ more tba


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