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Slipping Through My Fingers: QuietEveDesert’s Kits Apprentice Ceremony [OPEN]

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    Leader of Windclan

             How were her kits already becoming apprentices? It felt like just the other day she’d given birth to them at the Ghostly Flats, their tiny helpless cries filling the night air. Now, they weren’t so tiny or helpless, and their eyes shone with an eagerness to become strong, respectable warriors of their clan. A part of her admittedly felt anxious at that. Of course, she knew this day would come, but it came all too soon. No longer would she be able to sweep her tail protectively around her kits, drawing them into the shelter of her golden dappled fur. Today they would take their first steps out into the territory and begin their training. ‘They’re going to be fine,’ she reminded herself, trying to keep in mind that growing up was a sign of a job well done.

             With a bittersweet smile, Desertstar leapt to the top of the nook, and in the orange glow of the afternoon light, her golden pelt shone like the sun. “Let all cats old enough to run the moor, gather beneath the nook for a clan meeting!” her voice rang out across camp, watching as her clan slowly gathered beneath her. “Today we will be holding an apprentice ceremony for my own kits. Sunkit, Desertkit, Dustkit, Tumblekit, Cactuskit, Rockykit, and Oasiskit— Will you please step forward,” she called the names of her children, eyes already glowing with pride as she found them amongst the crowd.


    🌩 Eveningstorm 🌩

    Warrior of WindClan

    He could not believe that he was in the process of grooming his kits, shining up their fur and chastising Cactuskit and Tumblekit as they attempted to play while waiting for their apprentice ceremony to begin. They really were growing, these past six moons had flown by that he had almost missed the fact his little howlers were ready to test the patience of their mentors. Standing up straight, he looked down at his shared litter with Quiethawk, seeing the similarities between the three parents that shone back at him with eager eyes. “Dustkit, Desertkit- hush. Your mother will be starting the ceremony soon.” Eveningstorm warned his kittens, looking down at his daughters and sons as they kept glancing out the den, waiting for their mother to speak. Is this what Startledcrow had felt when his own kittens became apprentices?

    He breathed out a small sigh, turning his chin as he watching the golden dappled pelt of his mate as she climbed on top of the nook, signaling the start of the ceremony. “Mind your manners and no pushing.” Eveningstorm warned Rockykit and Sunkit as they seemed eager to get out of the den. Large white paws fell against the ground as the dark chocolate tabby tomcat followed his kittens out of the den, lightly flicking his tail against Quiethawk’s pelt, whom’s gaze appeared bittersweet. “Try smiling.” He whispered with a wink before finally existing the den. Silently he made his way to stand among the rest of the clan, although his seat was right at the front as he smiled down at his kits. Desertstar looked so proud but he recognized the bittersweet light in her gaze, Quiethawk was rubbing off on her.

    🏔 Rockykit 🏔

    Kitten of WindClan

    Toes drummed against the dirt den floor as the young tomkit was anxiously awaiting for his mother to begin the ceremony. For moons he had been counting down the days for when he would finally be released from this suffocating den. To actually be able to contribute to his clan like all three of his parents, that excited him. Ears perked upright as his father spoke, chin tilting slightly. There was no question that Eveningstorm was perhaps his maternal father, but within his mind both Eveningstorm and Quiethawk were his fathers. Odd as it might be for others to understand, it wasn’t odd at all for him.  “Okay, da.” Rockykit nodded, his brown and grey tabby pelt had already been  groomed to perfection by his mother, he wasn’t in any hurry to be dragged into another bath.

    Yellow eyes kept peeking out of the den here and there before his mother’s voice signaling the ceremony caused the fur along his spine to stand upright in excitement. Finally! A small trill left his lips in anticipation as he got into line, whiskers twitching as he began to follow after his siblings. Although he might’ve gotten too excited and and pushed his chest into Cactuskit’s rump. “Oops.” He smiled sheepishly as Eveningstorm got onto him. Ears twitching as he walked out of the den, quickly following after sisters and brothers. As the sun beat down into his eyes, he blinked continuously to clear his vision before realizing that they were now standing before the nook, chin tilting back to gaze up at the golden pelt of his mother. Smiling to himself as she spoke his name, stepping forth eagerly.


    ~Oasiskit The Kit With Stars In Her Head~

    Oasiskit’s head whirled towards her mother’s beck and call for her and her siblings to step their paws forward. Her tongue was extended out, because she had been licking her paw, as though it were the tastiest thing in the entire forest.

    Her eyes pooled out, becoming as rounded as the sun and moon that took their places in the sky when their allotted time was present.

    Then her irises began to drift away in two different directions, leaving her with a wall-eyed gaze, her maw was stretched downwards though she was not displeased.

    Far from it, in fact- she was merely observing her siblings moving forward. Suddenly she snapped up to her paws, tail puffing out, eyes sparking eagerly as she bolted through the sea of felines. She ducked and weaved through everyone present for her and her siblings’ apprenticeship ceremony.

    Every nerve within her fired off with sparks of excitement, yet with a slight sliver of trepidation that seeped into her bones. Leaving her a jittery mess of eager and terrified at the same time.

    This was a combination for utter disaster as it turns out, because only moments later she tumbled, rather ironically, over her sibling Tumblekit. She flailed right over them and was sent spiraling forward in a graceless tumble. She was a rolling ball of fluff, spinning towards the direction of her mother.

    Finally her moment came to an abrupt halt when she slammed up against the wall below the nook. She squirmed around until she was splayed out in her back, staring wide and wall-eyed up at her mother.

    Colors were swirling around her and bleeding into one another, obscuring her vision. Her vision correct itself after her nose scrunched up and she let loose a pitiful sneeze.

    “Mom, the stars aren’t align for this tribute! Can’t do it. Not today.” She mewled softly, staring up at her while shaking her head.


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Forums WindClan WindClan Camp Slipping Through My Fingers: QuietEveDesert’s Kits Apprentice Ceremony [OPEN]