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    Smokewisp – Shadowclan Deputy

    Oh, you’ve got to be joking,” Smokewisp growled angrily. She glared into the pit of wiry, prickly brambles. They needed to be removed as soon as possible, as they were in dangerously close proximity to their new nursery. “If only Hornetstar could’ve picked a new camp less prickly than himself,” she grumbled. It was a half-joke, and she clenched her teeth in frustration. She glanced quickly towards the dark warrior beside her. “Let’s get to it then,” she spoke to Ravenwatcher.

    She threw herself angrily into her work, her mind abuzz like a nest of bees. Her claws and toes dug deeply into the soil, seeking the roots. Occasionally she’d spare Ravenwatcher a quick glance. She’d been relying on him more, ever since the incident with Murktongue. She’d been shy to ask the other warriors for assistance. The tom’s biting words had been clinging to her ears for nearly a moon. In addition, Tawnypainter’s return and Hornetstar’s secrecy had further shaken the confidence she had left.

    She dug into the ground viciously, feeling the thorns prickle her fur. One snagged her cheek, sinking deeply into her flesh. With a yelp she pulled backwards, swiping a paw over the stinging scratch. “Oh come on,” she whined, feeling a single tear roll down her cheek. She hadn’t cried in moons, but it was all too much.


    Ravenwatcher ~Shadowclan Warrior

    Concern wells within the tall slender obsidian tom as he follows after Smokewisp. Frustration just oozes off of her as they make haste to the prickly brambles inching closer to the nursery. His periwinkle lavender gaze takes in the tension of her form, he knew that she battling something within. Her emotions seemed to be all over the place but he was no stranger to emotional demons. Raven wanted to say something, to offer her support as she had done for him a few moons ago, but withheld his words as he projects himself as silent support for the time being.

    Looking away from the beautiful dappled she-cat to finally take in the big brambles before him. Huffing in exasperation as he knew it would take the two of them some time. Joining next to Smokewisp, lowering his form as he carefully digs the roots up from the ground. Laughing at her snarky comment in regards to Hornetstar. Giving her an amused look before coughing every now and then as a dust cloud rises from the forest floor. Scrunching up his nose but doesn’t complain as he finally gets one bramble to weaken enough to pull it free. Grinning at the small success before seeing the grey dappled deputy flinch backwards and hearing a whine of pain from the thorns.

    Quickly ignoring the brambles before him to let his observant unique gaze worriedly flicker over her form. Slowly approaching her as he didn’t want to cause her to lash out at him for making a wrong move. “Smoke…” he softly calls to her. Not missing the single tear of pent up emotion finally escaping the tightly guarded she-cat. Frowning as he leans into her, providing her comfort as well as a grounding. Leaning his head downwards to whisper calming words into her ear. “You can’t keep holding everything in you know…it never ends well” his deep voice soothing to the ear.

    Hesitating for a moment before rasping his rough tongue against her forehead as he continues to provide comfort for Smokewisp, hoping he wasn’t making her feel uncomfortable or over stepping their friendship boundaries in doing so.

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